Wool Applique Eggs

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Wool Eggs

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt40_jpgI’m not really sure why I ever got this pattern of wool eggs last year – something about it called out to me.  I am not an expert at embroidery though by a long shot and sometimes I think I should just stick to quilting – but I like to try my hand at other crafts and hope that I can do something else fairly good just for variety.  Oh well the eggs are half way decent I guess but I can’t figure out the fancy stitching that goes up the sides of them so I will do X’s instead.   I am pleased with the little flowers though  – All are stuffed and ready for the final stitches then they go in a bowl or on the tree – they are larger than I thought they would be so I think I need to find a holiday bowl that they can go in for the season.  Here they are just lined up for a photo – the play-doh needs to get wrapped up and put under the tree for Aniya to open when she comes over on Saturday with Melanie to make Xmas cookies.  What is your favorite cookie that you make at Christmas if you do?  I used to make many different kinds but over the years have it narrowed down to about 4-8 different kinds – a lot get sent home with Melanie!   I cut the recipes down a bit so it doesn’t make as many – when the kids were small they loved making cookies too and we made so many varieties it was crazy.

IMG_4011 (2)

They are a lopsided and not as neatly made as they should have been but I tried LOL

IMG_4012 (2)

A little more on Murrieta Stars – I forgot to spritz out the blue lines but will do it when I get done with this next section.  Thanks for all the encouragement on the new quilt to start next year.  I will show the applique quilt and fabric that I have for the other challenging quilt that I want to start.    No I haven’t forgotten the Round We Go circle stars or the tiny hexies that will be a table runner or the birds or the wool applique wall hanging – I will continue to work on all of those too – I am crazy I know working on so many – but I know many of you have 15 or more projects in the works so I don’t feel badly that I start and work on about 4-7 at a time LOL.  I am linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.

IMG_4013 (2)

And a big thank you to Gabriele from Germany who has sent me a pair of hand knitted wool socks again this year.  Gabriele has made me 4 pair of wool socks over the years and I absolutely love them – they keep my feet toasty in the winter – I get very cold feet in the winter – they also protect my feet well in hiking boots when we go to the mountains traveling.  The very first pair that I got from her about 5 years ago is still being worn today – the knitting and wool has stood up to wear so well.  Thank you Gabriele!!  This is such a beautiful color isn’t it.



Are You Ready For a New Project

Handful of Scraps, Hertfordshire Quilt, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

ACHR0836I know I am ready for a new project – I’m getting kind of tired of the same old things!  The hexie quilt Handful of Scraps will be finished soon and I will be ready then for a new quilt to work on this coming year.  It will be a challenging quilt and I will need to make sure to stick with it but it will take a year or more to make this new quilt.  I mentioned it last year when I got the book that the pattern is in – but I had too much going on then to even start looking at fabric.  My new project will be the historic Hertfordshire Quilt – not to be confused with Mrs. Billings – the two quilts are very similar and I wrote a blog post about it last year.


The fabric from the kit I ordered last week from the Green Fairy is the main fabric that will be used in it and I got it yesterday.  I measured and refolded every piece and it came out to 11.25 yards – minus the cost of the ruler included, with my $15 gift card and the discounted price on the kit the fabric cost $30!!  that comes down to less than $3 a yard.  A very, very good find.  All the folded fabric came in the kit, and the other fabric is from the stash.  I don’t know if the stripe fabric will be in this quilt – it might go for something else – I will wait and see as I make it and decide as I go.


The jelly roll on it’s side so you can see the fabric better – it also was from a sale.  I have more cream colors in the stash and other fabric that can be mixed in as needed.


Here is a flat photo of the quilt so you can see the whole thing.  Why did I decide on this instead of Mrs. Billings? mainly the price – Hertfordshire is by Carolyn Konig and she has all the templates and pattern in her book “Creating Heirlooms – One Stitch at a Time” where as Mrs. Billings has paper templates, acrylic templates and pattern in a kit basically for several hundred dollars which might be what some of you want but I know I will be taking my time so it is just as easy for me to make copies on freezer paper from my printer from the book and cut the templates out with the rotary cutter a little at a time.  Besides the price I guess I just want to be different!  A lot of people over the last 5 years or so have been on the Mrs. Billings craze – I don’t know which pattern came out first and they are very similar – I just thought I would do this one.  You can do a combination of machine and EPP or hand piece – I am not sure what I will do – combination or one method we will see.  I know some of you will think I am crazy for taking on this quilt and others might just order the book and join in on the fun – if you decide to make this quilt too or have already done so let me know – I would love to see your quilt or the progress you make on it if you join me in this quilt.

Hertfordshire Quilt

I will have one more challenging quilt to make next year – an applique quilt and I will share that another time – a different type than the above for sure –  yes two because I need to take a break from one thing and do something else – I always do it that way I can not work on one project at a time – even if this quilt ends up taking me 2 or 3 years to make – I remind myself that both of my Dear Jane quilts took me over 4 years to make each one.

There will be other quilts to make to by machine and they won’t be challenging like Hertfordshire but they will be fun to make too and using up the stash is a must!  I am linking today to Esther’s Quilt BlogJo’s Country Junction Midweek MakersSew Fresh Quilts

Handful of Scraps – you can see the side I am working on – it needs one and a half rows and it will be done.  I think I will probably just square up the sides straight and not do anything fancy with the edges.  This will be a nice quilt for over the edge of the couch or on a wall.  I have been working on it well over a year now I believe – I have it written down but not handy

Handful of Scraps

Murrieta Stars from  Monday night.

Murrieta Stars

The outside of the is now decorated too – all decorating is done – let the Christmas Cookie Baking begin!

IMG_4004 (2)


More Quilting

Life in General, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Wool Eggs

ACHR1013Considering I was gone for half the day with a trip to Little Rock for my quarterly check up it is not surprising I didn’t get much if any sewing done.  While in Little Rock we went out for lunch of course and then over to Sam’s before we headed home.  Mike was going to work on getting the outside Christmas lights up and got it almost done and I decorated the tree and did get it done and the boxes cleared out of the living room – mark one thing off the list – well two one was the doctor visit.  That was just routine – I see my rheumatologist every 3-4 months and have blood drawn for checks on levels because of medication – same old stuff for almost 30 years now!!

The tree.


Mike working on lights – 66 degrees at the time – 20 degrees lower today!  I’ll show outside lights when he gets down – Aniya will be passing the house last night on the way home from from her Great Granny’s house with her mom and will check them out.  She and Melanie will be over on Saturday to make Christmas cookies and to get her Christmas present because I probably won’t see her again before Christmas.  I think sometime next week Melanie and I will have a Christmas shopping day – right before the rush but there you go she won’t have time before then and said she didn’t have time to make gifts this year.


One wool applique egg done other than the decorative stitches – doesn’t really look Christmassy in my opinion other than the sides being red and green.  Three more to go – applique is already done – not to self – in the future stick with Christmas colors (this was done Sunday afternoon)  I think these might be saved for next year at this rate and will I ever get some made for Easter?


Quilting from Sunday night

IMG_3992 (2)

I rolled down the frame and sat down to work last night on the quilt about 7 PM and will sit and work on this for about 1-2 hours depending on my hands are.  I put my hand braces out and have to get used to using them – I don’t find them comfortable but the joints at the base of the thumbs (close by the wrist) are bothering me more and several other finger joints and Doc says get used to them and called in a prescription of Voltrane Gel (I’m not sure on the spelling I will pick it up later today) and anti-inflammatory ointment –  Anyone use this ointment and have luck with it?  (I actually find it harder to open jars and hold a cup of coffee then put thimbles on my finger tips and quilt!!)

Murrieta Stars on frame

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Thank you to all that order through my links I do appreciate it


Working on Decorating

Life in General, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

img-thingI must admit I am not really all that much into Christmas this year – I don’t know why – usually I am raring to go to get the house decorated and this year my feet are dragging.  We got started yesterday, ran out of lights – misplaced? used too many to start – I don’t know but Mike didn’t have enough for the tree so we went to Wal-Mart to get more lights – and yes it was crowded – but I did get one present and had an arm load of stuff – hadn’t thought to get a cart when we first walked in – mistake because I never walk back out of the store with the one item I went to get – do you?  I saw an empty cart as we were getting close to a finish – there was a lady near it I asked if it was hers or anyone near by and she said no so I dumped my stuff in it and so did Mike and we went to the plant area to pay as it wasn’t near so crowded and got out of there.

So anyhow the tree has lights but all the decorations are still waiting to be put on the tree – I will get to it later today.   (at night it looks good as is)  Those are mainly empty boxes under the tree – they belong to my mom and she loved the boxes so I kept them and put them under the tree as they are pretty – they all had things in them that I had given to her for presents and she kept the boxes too.

IMG_3978 (2)

My mother’s wreath that I made her years ago hanging on the sewing room door – a nice memory of her fun hanging it on her door every year first at her apartment in the senior complex and then at the assisted living center where she lived for 2 years before she died.


Some of the yearly decorations here


and the few that I put in the dining room – an old wall hanging over the chair for now while I think of where to put it – made years ago and one end is crooked – I keep thinking maybe I need to cut off the outer border of it and redo it seeing as I don’t like the unevenness and it bothers me.


Two paper whites growing in water on the windowsill and a little bit of Christmas dishes out – mainly it is the Xmas tree that I need to get decorated and then all the boxes back out to the workshop


A clutter of stuff by the fireplace – I need to get the little trees put someplace and have too many things on the fireplace and the floor – still need to do the clean up!


Oh well – I will get to it all sometime today!

A little quilting from yesterday I had just spritzed some blue lines out so that is why it looks darker – it will dry.  I am linking to Small Quilts/Doll QuiltsMCM #99 — Em’s Scrapbag — and Love Laugh Quilt.


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A Cold Weekend

Handful of Scraps, Life in General, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

ACHR10181We didn’t get the snow that people in the deep south and the eastern coastline did but it has been cold here recently which does make it feel more like winter and the holiday season for sure – but I have been extremely slow this year putting out my decorations – I hope that we get the tree up today.

Mike finished up the lights in the kitchen and everything was put back up on the walls where they belong and with all that done I would say I am ready for the decorations. And the baking, my fruit cake (with dried fruit) well not be sitting long but it will still be good (mine is kind of like date bread with extra dried fruit and nuts in it).  I have not kept up at all with adding recipes to the blog and I hope to get back to that project in January – I just won’t say I will do it before that.  That is another project for next year.

Here are a couple photos of the kitchen – some of the lightbulbs are “daylights” and some aren’t we intend to change them all over to daylights in the next week.  The walls & ceiling had been a light green – now they are ivory – and the light fixtures were totally different and really defused the light so that it was not good light for a kitchen

IMG_3973 (2)

The track lighting is much brighter – in fact too bright at times but Mike will be putting in dimmer switches as well so I don’t have to have it really, really light if it isn’t needed.


A little more work was done on Murrieta Stars – and I worked on it last night as well.


I didn’t work on the wool eggs and I really should have done some on it but I will try to get one finished today (I hope)  I did get a little more stitching on the hexies but didn’t really lay it out to show  – and I do think this will not be growing more after I complete the 3 rows on the side that I am working on.  Both of the projects mentioned will be worked on today for Slow Sunday Stitching.  I’m also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework .


The Christmas quilt is on the wall – I washed it and dried to get all the creases out of it and freshen it up some, it has always been a little long for this wall the bottom border is always tucked behind the couch so I decided to wash it in warm water and dry on high and see if I could get it to shrink a little more and it did – I never used to see any of the bottom border and now you can see a hint of it – maybe I need to wash it in hot water and try again – no not this year.  I have the wreath on the front door and some bells hung in that “window” area of the kitchen that divides if from the living room, on the first photo of the kitchen you can barely make them out.


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Handful of Scraps

Handful of Scraps, Wool Eggs

I am seriously thinking of not making Handful of Scraps any larger – I am working on the 2nd of 3 rows on this area as you can see and then all the sides will be the same – I’m really not sure if I will go larger – right now it will measure 57 x 61 and that is an ok size – I keep telling myself I should make it at least a little larger and go with one more border but I am really feeling ready to call it quits on this one – there are more quilts that I want to make and I don’t want to have to keep tying myself down to making a quilt larger when I am getting tired of it.  Maybe I should just finish this side and put it away for awhile – there are at least 3 or 4 quilts ahead of it waiting in line to be quilted anyhow – it isn’t like it would get quilted next week if I say I am done with it.  I think if I remember the quilt in the book is about this size before the applique border was added to it.  This is a good size for on the wall or for a child, a small couch size?  Sometimes you just tire of a quilt.  I have 3 quilts that I want to make in the new year (at least) and still find time to finish the others that are in progress.  Two of the quilts I want to make will be time consuming – and then of course easy quilts will be tossed in the mix as well for faster sewing machine work.  One new quilt is a historical pattern with EPP and another is all applique.  I expect both will take me over a year to make because I know I will take breaks from them and be working on hand quilting as well.

Handful of Scraps

I did work on the wool eggs yesterday as well – at this point I am not sure what they will be used for – maybe put loops on one end and hang them on the tree?  All of them are not partially put together.


This one is stuffed and ready to hand stitch the last side seam and try to do the fancy stitches on the seams for decorations.  Mine are no where as fancy and pretty as the ones in the pattern are – but this is not my talent!

IMG_3970 (2)

I left this little part open from where I stuffed it at and it will take just a little hand stitching.  All of the seams are doing on the sewing machine so it will go fast, it is easy to stuff – it is the decorative stitching that will take awhile.

IMG_3971 (2)

I left a hole this size to stuff.


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