A Little More Organizing

Round We Go, sewing room

Still not much accomplished in the quilting area while I am waiting for the thread to arrive for Murrieta Stars.  I should start marking it in some way but I kind of want to wait for my needles and thread so I can play with it a little and see how it quilts – tough or easy – tough = less quilting!

So yesterday I did do a little more on my Round We Go but I have been moving really slow and taking my time.  Only two more pieces to put in so I imagine I finished it last night after I wrote this.  I’m having a hard time finding something to watch on Netflix – sometimes I look through the titles one after another and see nothing that sounds interesting – any suggestions?  I have watched a lot over the last couple years so chances are whatever you say I have seen!


I got the big bin out for Handful of Scraps and reorganized the fabric into two smaller boxes.  I well get back to work on this quilt pretty soon – I want to finish the round we go pattern 2 first – 4 blocks for it and almost 3 done now.  I’m trying to do sets of 4 each month.


Then I brought them to the shelves and remembered I had 3 tin boxes full of hexies to add to it so I put them all in the big box – so all of Handful of Scraps fits in the big box and the little boxes on top have the half inch hexies – Granny’s Gone Crazy.


Then every thing went back on the shelf neatly – lot’s of boxes here but I know what is in what so that is good!  I try to remember to add a label to each box so I can clearly see it and not have to open things searching.


The top of the dresser is looking much better!!  Still have some plastic shoe boxes left over and I think I can get the wool folded and fit into about 2 or 3 of these and fit them on the fabric shelf behind the 2 bins that hold thread.  The smaller plastic box has scraps left over from the last couple projects and I really need to get the accuquilt out and cut these pieces up and add the to the scrap boxes and start on another scrap quilt one of these days – something that will take a long time because I sure do not need another top done quickly – there are too many waiting in line to be quilted right now LOL


I have barely even begun to play with the new sewing machine while I wait for the new table top to come and get it varnished and ready to attach the legs.  The babylock doesn’t fit in the Sew Ezi table at all right now and I don’t want it to take up half of the other table so I’m just not doing much of anything with it right now until I get the new table for it.  I was asked wasn’t it easier to just get the new insert for the SewEzi table – the table “shelf” sits up too high for the Presto2 and it would need to be lowered which involves 4 new “legs” for it totaled up a new insert and those pieces is only slightly cheaper than another wood table top to match the other one.  So overall I think it will look a lot better and only about $15 more.





Round We Go, Stitchery

I don’t have a lot to blog about today – I’ve been reading a bit trying to get three library books finished before they are due.  All on my kindle – the way it works is if they do not have a book you put it on hold – when it becomes available they let you know – well of course I had 3 on hold and they all became available within 3 days!  So for the last 5 days I have been reading to get them all done as I didn’t – not  – want to accept because then who knows how far down on the list I would go right – so now I am on the last book that I have from the library and I thought that was a good way to spend my time while waiting for my thread that I ordered on Saturday for the quilt.

I did get a little stitching done on the Round We Go circle star – not done but half way – and little else other than cleaning the house.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts , Jo’s Country Junction , and Susan at Midweek Makers #94  and My Quilt Infatuation .


Seeing as I had nothing else I thought I would share this stitchery that Melanie gave me a year or two ago – she did the stitching I turned it into a fabric box – I have had numerous things in it during that time and it always collapsed and didn’t hold it’s shape then all of a sudden one night recently while reaching for a tissue a light bulb went off in my head and I got up and got the pretty red stitchery and – wouldn’t you know a small tissue box fits in it perfectly.

Here is one side:


Here is the other side – two beautiful pieces in one – just turn it whenever you want and you have a different design.  I remember when she was making it that either she or I had seen a stitchery made into a box so when she was doing the piece she made it in such a way that I could then do the sewing and turn it into a box.  It is lined with a Princess Mirah Batik fabric that I had left over from the second Dear Jane quilt that had made.


Maybe I will have more to blog tomorrow?








Leaves and Circle Stars

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Round We Go

The Round We Go combination that I chose Sunday just didn’t cut it when I looked at it again Monday and I trashed it LOL I picked out a totally different color combination and liked it so much better!

So here is the 3rd circle for the pattern #2 of Round We Go – I’m much happier with it.  I’m still not the best with fussy cutting but it is ok with me.


The first border of leaves on Fall Harvest and the second border has been started.


The brown leaf turns the corner and border 2 is started.


I didn’t get much outside work done yesterday but I did get a start dismantling some of the wire fencing that I had around part of the garden – I had it around the sweet potatoes which I dug up the other day and there is enough for 3 or 4 meals – lets say it is a good thing this is a hobby garden and not something that needs to feed us all year round LOL.  For one thing the garden isn’t big enough for that and for another the area just isn’t in full sun all day long so it is not the best area to grow but better then trying to cut down a couple of trees and clear out an area that would be in full sun.  It gives me a little bit to play with and make tomato sauce and dry herbs but that is about it.  In fact next year if I have a garden it will be only herbs and tomatoes – and flowers!

Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.

Thank you to all that ordered from the last Craftsy sale using my links – I do appreciate it.




It Was a Slow Sunday

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Round We Go

We woke up to a cold front coming through on Sunday – we expected it – we both happened to wake up early at 5:30 and it was 72 degrees out – by 8 AM it was down to 66 and before you know it down to 58 then back up gradually to 68.  I think it will be in the mid 40’s at night all week and barely 70?  It will be nice for a change.

I spent a good part of the day reading a book – Melanie had recommended an series to me by an author I had never heard of and now I am on #4  (there are 7 right now) and have been thoroughly enjoying this set.  The books are by Susan Elia MacNeal and are the Maggie Hope mysteries.  They take place in the WWII era in England and parts of Europe (these are rather new books the first written in 2012) .  I had never heard of the author and was glad to  have a different author than I normally read – very easy going – more in the style of books from the late 60’s to 70’s – not the graphic stuff that is out now that I know some of you do not like.  I have been able to get these all from the local library on line.

Some applique did get done on Fall Harvest and one side of the border is coming along nicely – I think 3 leaves left on the first side to do? something like that.  I just got started on the large orangey color one on the left.  Linking to Love, Laugh, Quilt:Monday Making  and  Em’s Scrapbag: Moving it Forward and Small Quilts & Doll Quilts and MCM#92 .


Also got one more Round We Go circle star cut out and it is ready for EPP.  I’m not sure I like these colors but I said that on another one too and it is up on the wall – there are plenty of them to mix together in the end so maybe the ones I don’t care for as much now will end up blending nicely.  They always look better once sewn right!


These are the ones done right now – it is the green/blue in the upper right that I don’t know if I will like in the end.


I have to start the fall outside chores soon and I always end up being so slow at it.  I have bulbs to plant and one bed that I wanted to dig up and divide plants – I kind of wonder if I will have the energy to do it though – outside work can be so hard can’t it when you get to be 65!!









Change In Quilt Plans

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Murrieta Stars – Flannel

Some of you will understand and some won’t but the quilting I showed you on Murrieta Stars yesterday has been ripped out!  That’s right all the stitches are out and I’m starting over again when my new thread arrives.  I just wasn’t happy with the thread – it sunk into the flannel too much and it wasn’t giving me the look I wanted.  So before it went any further I decided to take the stitches out – spritz out the blue lines and have a do over.  I have ordered some Aurifil #12 thread that is more like embroidery thread.  I ordered in a  dark blue and a dark green so I decide which I want to use when it gets here.  I used that thread for the Postage Stamp quilt late last year and I was very happy with it – it is much thicker than regular thread and will give me more of the look I want.  Also I’m not sure if I want all those chain stencils – it is a lot of work and with the way my hands are feeling right now I might go with more of a grid instead – straight lines are easier on hands then curvy things.  So back to a clean top.


I did get all my rulers hung (most that is), some do not have holes in them, or the holes were too small and my peg board filled up quickly.


I got the new Babylock Presto 2 out and turned it on. Started the video lesson and learned how to fill the bobbin and thread the machine – and even sewed a line to try it out.  It is nice and smooth but lots to learn.


The last of my Sweet Mint was cut and dried and I now have a half jar where as I had none before as it had all been used – sometimes the plants come back in the spring and sometimes they don’t.  I will leave the three pots out and put mulch around them next month and leave them for the winter and then see what happens – most of the time I need to buy new plants.  They certainly do not cost much and I got my moneys worth out of them.  I had six trays full of fresh mint to dry and ended up with about a cup dried – isn’t that the way it always goes.  I put in in small amounts dried into the coffee grinder and have it in smaller bits.


I store my tea in these jars, each jar holds about 2 cups dry I think.  I had peppermint and spearmint in pots too but they didn’t do well this year and I used it all up so I had to resort to ordering some.  Only a half jar of sweet mint now – but I’m sure I can survive on what I can find mail order from my favorite tea company.


For Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will be working on my leaf applique.  Also linking to Quilting is More fun Than Housework today.


Craftsy is having a supply and kit sale this weekend – enjoy browsing through!  Sale ends at midnight







Quilting and Organizing

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Murrieta Stars – Flannel, sewing room

And add in fall outside work has begun too.  Most likely the last time I am cutting grass for the season, but it was just getting to long to walk well in and had to be cut so I got a lot of it done last night and will try to get the rest done today.  Then after that the mower will be used for mulching leaves and I will get all that clean up done gradually over the next six weeks or so.

On Thursday night I made more progress on Murrieta Stars and then on Friday I drew the rest of the lines on the first border for the chain and flower at the other end.  I will still be putting a grid in here to.  This much plus a little more to the right is done.  I think I have gotten the hang of the bigger stitch now and the stitches are showing up a little more.  I am using a King Tut variegated thread that is a mixture of black, very dark brown and almost a blue black I guess you could say.  I was going to use a brown/gold/green color but when I started to do the flower in the corner you could tell that the stitches would fade in too much so I took them out and started over.

hand quilting

On Fall Harvest these two leaves are now done – I got that burgundy color one done after the photo was taken.


I brought my Xmas cactus’s in from outside where they have been out on the porch since April.  The weather says we will be getting in the low 40’s around Monday night or so and that means it is time to bring the house plants back inside – they both grew a bit  and one outgrew it’s spot in the bedroom so I have to find another place to put it so now it is just sitting in the living room – this one was my mother’s and I brought it home with me after she died three years ago.


I still need to go through all my rulers and things and hang them up – I have a peg board in Mike’s area in the corner and need to get that organized.


My long black peg board has nothing on it still – the others are Mike’s.


Mike’s area down from mine – he still has a lot of stuff to put away and add in – like the printer/scanner and he has boxes of things stored in the closet.


Craftsy is having a supply and kit sale this weekend – enjoy browsing through!