Left Over Blocks

quilts, scrap quilts

Hmmm what shall these pieces be used for!  I normally do not have extra blocks to use up but several projects that were intended to be large quilts were turned into smaller quilts or the project was decided to not be continued at all!

I have 3 applique blocks from what was going to be the Caswell Quilt but after 7 blocks I decided I was no longer interested in it.  Four of the blocks were put in Williamsburg Beauty but I still have these three left.  I think I will make a table runner with them but I’m not really positive – I really and truly do not feeling like making any more of them.  Possibly a long narrow table runner – alternating with plain neutral print squares or pieced blocks of some kind – maybe a narrow pieced border.  Or maybe they would look better with 3 separate pieces with a border around and on the wall in a grouping?


The other grouping that I have left over – a couple years ago I thought I wanted to make the La  Passacaglia quilt – here is a link to some photos – I lost interest in that one too –  I just had a feeling that I would never finish it.  I have 3 pieces done – I wish I would have left the papers in the back but I wasn’t thinking and I took them all out – it doesn’t look like it will be a problem on the two smaller pieces but on the larger I will need to cut some paper pieces out to glue baste to the back so I can get those pieces shaped right – into the stars they should be.  Again on this I am thinking of doing a table runner with it laid out like this appliqued to a background.  It will use the pieces up and they will not longer be set aside and they should look great as a piece on the table.


The only other “UFO” that I think I have is Love Entwined – I do want to finish this center block at some point but I decided long ago it will not go further – I loved it when I first saw it and and really thought I wanted to make it but lost interest in it so fast I know I would never finish it.  Three bouquets to do and I can call this finished – maybe put a border on it or two – it is pretty I don’t know why I lost interest but if you have see a finished Love Entwined you know there is a lot of work involved (a whole lot of work)  I still have a lot of these colors in my boxes and so I really need to get the flowers done – maybe while I am waiting for the sewing room to be done – can I get myself going to finish it this year???  Here is a link to other Love Entwines and you will see what I mean by a lot of work


I should be back to my regular daily blogging on Saturday it will probably be posted later in the day though then normal.  Hope you all have had a good week



Clean Table


Thanks for all the compliments on the finished quilt top in yesterday’s post.  I must admit I did no sewing yesterday!  We are getting ready for a quick visit from our daughter and grandchildren from Wisconsin.  This was not a trip planned very far in advance and they will only be here for about 2 or 3 days they are making a stop on the way to another destination.   They should be here this evening unless the driving was too much and they decided to stop along the way for the night.    So I was busy getting more grocery’s in the house and doing laundry while Mike was cleaning up the sewing room and stacking tools and things on one side of the room so air mattresses can be laid out on the floor.  When he got done with his part I was sweeping and vacuuming all the dust up and then did a wet mop clean up as well before the air mattresses will go down.

I decided seeing as the house was going to be full it was time to clean up the stacks of fabric laying on the cutting table and get things put away – I’m not sure when it was this clean!


While I was digging around in the closet looking for the air mattresses I thought I would take a photo of the two boxes of scraps that still need to be cut into useable scraps – I bet I have enough for 2 or 3 more quilts in here!  It is crammed tight – if I take the lids off fabric will pop out like a jack in the box.


I had to water the garden last night and took another photo to show how much the sun flowers have grown.  The flowers on that tallest plant are above my head and I’m a little under 5’7” I think the tallest section is over 7 feet tall.


Didn’t have a lot to pick but I do have a handful of zucchini and one that is shaped rather weird – but I’m sure it will taste the same.


I have a post I am scheduling in advance as I know I won’t be on the computer much this week – taking a little time off but I did want to share some blocks that have been sitting aside for awhile and I want to try to figure out something to use them for  – well not be made into big quilts but something small. I think I will have it posted on Thursday.  I will be back on Saturday most likely.  Have a good week everyone.



Tumalo Trails Top Done!

quilts, scrap quilts

Six weeks of work – fun – and the top is done – 104 inches square.  Now it is folded up and put in the box with the other quilt tops waiting for the quilting frame to come back out of storage and into the sewing room – maybe the end of summer? I really don’t expect it before that but hope for the end of August at least.    One corner of the photo is cut off but it is hard to get it all in– as it is I was standing on top of the coffee table- I was going to try outside but it was 86 degrees and there was some sun and some shadow and wouldn’t have come out well.


And I made a dent in the scraps!! you know how you use scraps and it seems like you never make a dent in them – well if you cut them in usable sizes and store in boxes you do notice it.  This box of 2.5 inch squares was full!  Half way through I cut another stack to add to the box and this is what is left in it.  I am linking to MCM #80 Cooking up Quilts today and Love, Laugh, Quilt: Monday Making  and Em’s Scrapbag .


This box of 5 inch charms was full!! half empty now.  These boxes are 4.5 inches deep, by 7.5 x 11 I find them at Hobby Lobby for about $3.99 each and use my 40% off coupon when I need another. I think I have about 11 of them – could find something different I’m sure but these are cute and decorative and works for me when using the 40% off.   I think they were originally made to store photographs in but does anyone really do that anymore – we have old ones stored but now store them on the computer and backed up on portable storage hard drives.


So this year – this is what is waiting in line to be quilted – I want all of them hand quilted of course so it will be awhile before they are all done  From left is Williamsburg Beauty top (made last year)and I think it will be for the dining room table as a tablecloth (taken off of course when food it on the table and placemats put out)– Murrieta Stars flannel queen size – Air Ship Propellers queen size (started last year finished this year) – big stitch quilting I think would be nice  it is also queen size and on the floor laying in front is Tumalo Trails queen size – I think I have to stop making more queen tops right now and work on hexies for awhile, both for the Handful of Scraps (one inch hexies)  and the Granny’s Gone Crazy (half inch hexies) – also work on the little scrappy baskets – about 240 more needed and wool applique project which has been neglected for months Midnight Garden – add another to the list – Melanie’s Bird Brain quilt top which has also been neglected – plenty to keep me busy I would think without starting something new.  That is five in progress – I can not start anything new before I finish one or two of these.  Do I get a prize if I do not start another? LOL


The “to be quilted” box is overflowing!


We had a really nice visit with my niece home on summer break – she is an American grade school teacher in Kuwait she takes about six weeks off in the middle of summer to come home to visit family and friends and happened to be in our part of the state this weekend visiting friends so she was able to stop here on her way back to her parents house to visit with us and Melanie and we had a great lunch and visit.  She will be going back in mid-August for her 3rd year teaching there, before that she had 2 years in a remote village in Alaska in the very western area.  That girl loves to travel and has been able to see a lot of Europe and Asia in the last couple years.








Handful of Scraps

Handful of Scraps, scrap quilts

I have been very undecided on how I want to finish my Handful of Scraps quilt which you all haven’t seen for several months – that is because I have been taking a break from it while deciding how I want to finish it.  This is where I left it at in May –  Here I had “roughly” basted it to a background – it is not even I know – it is basted only – I was going to applique more hexies around it in some way – but I have decided against that now and will take it off of this background – for sure not wasted fabric as it will be used to finished the quilt still as background.  For my Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will be un-basting this from the back ground I think.  Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework.


I never have decided how to finish the quilt while leaving off the complicated tiny applique pieces that were on the original border by Edtya Sitar.  I have been looking at hexie quilts on line and this one I keep going back to look at – very fussy – but yet I like it – of course it is from an Australian quilter – you can tell by the design of course –I found it on this blog – link in the photo and here.  I know I would leave some of the “stuff” out of it if I decide to do something like this – I will need to start deciding what to do with this top soon.  I would leave that top border off for sure if I do anything like this – maybe the small mariner’s compasses and then the half square triangles  but I have not decided anything – I might just decide to make the quilt larger by adding more hexies!!  One idea I have is about 3 rows all around in the neutral colors then about 10 rows of prints in a rectangle all around and then more neutrals finishing in more colors – and that is most likely what I will do.  But this quilt I show is pretty in it’s own way and I wanted to share the photo and the links to it.  (but fussy!)

When I get done with Tumalo Trails I will get Handful of Scraps back out and try to figure out how to finish it.  I did get the final two borders sewed but not to the quilt – I will try to do that at some point today also but a niece is dropping by this afternoon on her way home from a vacation and will be here for a couple hours in the afternoon and Melanie will run up to visit too so heaven knows if I will get to much of anything today!  Pressed, measured and ready to attach.


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When Life Gives You Scraps – Make Quilts

scrap quilts

I love that saying – I first saw it when a friend went to Golden Colorado and brought me back a book marker with it on it – she had visited the quilt museum there – ever since it really has given my sewing a meaning if you know what I mean.  I love scrap quilts.  I do make quilts that I have to plan a purchase for and sometimes have even made a two color only quilt – just not very often.  If anyone has neutral scraps that they no longer need or want send them my way LOL – I sure do go through them.

I changed out the quilt on my bed already – Patchwork of the Crosses only lasted about a week – it just wasn’t quite enough quilt – I do wish I had made that one a little larger – good thing it fits the bed in the camper – I have several that fit that bed better and they rotate to the camper when we travel.  Seeing as I decided to change the quilt I put Going in Circles on the bed instead – some of you might remember it – I finished it in 2011 – a lot of you really liked it back then and it gets used for awhile almost every year.  Going in Circles has machine piecing and hand applique – all the circles are done by hand and I hand quilted the quilt.


The border is on all four sides


After awhile while I was quilting I had wished I hadn’t put quite so much hand quilting in it as it was taking forever to finish these sides.


A close up of the blocks.  The pattern is mine but I never wrote anything down – the 4 patches finish at 3 inches  and the squares the circles are applique to are 3 inches using 2.5 inch squares that I cut the circles on.  I used the method explain in the circle tutorial on the side bar.  I had no lay out plan in mind, I just started to sew them together  alternating the blocks so the squares are not all in a solid line but kind of zigzag through.


Two borders for Tumalo Trails are now done.  I had to cut out more border pieces as I believe I had mentioned that I was way off in my count – it went quickly – just got my 5 inch squares out and lined them up on the strip cutter and got to work and less than 5 minutes later I had enough to get back to work on this weekend.  Right now the finial measurements will be 104.25 inches or something like that.


If you look closely on the left side of the hummingbird feeder is a hummingbird – I find these birds some of the hardest to get a photo of! they just flutter so fast.


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Working on Border –

accuquilt, gardening, scrap quilts

One side down and three more to go.  And I will need to cut out a lot more pieces – I sure miss counted the stack of pieces I cut yesterday – I don’t know how I did that!

I laid all my pieces on the floor next to one side so I could get a look at colors and have them mixed up a lot and realized that what I had set aside for one side was about 20 or more pieces short and had to add a lot more to come close to 95.5 inches.  Here I have down what I think I will need.


And here is one side done – I had to take a couple seams at about an eighth of an inch and then one at the end had too much extra by it so I ended up taking in a couple pieces a little larger – maybe I shouldn’t have been sewing yesterday LOL – so now I have more pieces to cut – better get the 5 inch charm box back out so I can mix more colors in on the next end.  Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts.


My AccuQuilt companion set for the 12 inch block came yesterday and here are the 3 sets.  I also have a free on line book with 72 block designs that are for the 12 inch Qube and the companion set – I wish it would have been a physical book though instead as there are no pages listed for each block – no index – the front page has all 72 blocks shown but then you have to scroll through to find them and which die is needed.


These Qubes come with a heavy cardboard box to keep your sets in nice and organized.  Besides an instruction CD there is also another cutting mat in the box that is the right size for these dies.


After I had all my yarn unraveled and rolled back up into balls, I got back started on the shrug again – well it turn out the second time around – or will I get part way through like last time and unravel again – LOL – with me you can never tell – Someone had posted a link to a video on a pattern for a shrug and I watched it and kind of going with it but didn’t care for the pattern enough to make it exactly like it.  I thought I had the measurements right but I think it will be too long – but once I do the folding things for the arms to go through maybe it will be right – I will just continue as I am for now and decide later – good thing of yarn is you can unravel as many times as you like!!


A few photos from the garden





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