Lemoyne Stars & Garden

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I didn’t have enough of the background fabric for the Lemoyne Stars – I had enough for a start – Hancocks of Paducah were on back order for it so I looked elsewhere and found it at Canton Village Quilt Works – I have ordered from Jackie before and used to be in touch with her a lot before she got so busy with her workshops and business – so I trust her and I know I will have my fabric sometime towards the end of the week I bet.  Here is what the quilt looks like now – only two stars left to make!!  It sure looks different once you start putting background pieces in doesn’t it.  I don’t know if I will move some of the stars around still trying to find the perfect look or if it will stay like this – I will decide while I wait for fabric I guess.  I will be sewing all of the rows together with the sewing machine even though the stars are by hand – the stars are by hand because I couldn’t get them neat enough by machine LOL – the quilting will be by hand on this one and I might do it in the hoop – not sure yet – well decide later.  The squares & star blocks will finish at 4 1/2 inches.  I will look through my stencils and see what I have for the plain blocks and before I cut the border I want to look at the stencils for that too and maybe find something to fit for a change. (just in case the fabric is slightly different color as it wasn’t purchased all at once I will not sew these together until I get the new stuff, then I can mix it up and it won’t be obvious – it will looked planned!)  I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching and to Sew Many Ways Crafty Party.


I managed to cut the grass in the spots that I hadn’t been able to a couple days ago because it was so wet – I still have some soggy areas and one area I have not been able to get to because of standing water – and more rain starting today – darn it – just when it is beginning to dry out – 3-5 inches possibly through Tuesday I believe and then after that we still have chances for rain all week.  At least I do not have the flooding here that they are getting in other areas and I am glad of that.  I was able to sit here and relax for a bit today after I cut grass and admire my vegetables coming up and listen to the lizards playing in the wood pile.  I was kind of surprise to not be bothered by any mosquitoes with as much standing water as we have had but I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t have to start spraying myself a lot soon.


Things are growing and getting blossoms on the tomato plants already – that is on the plants that I bought – the tomatoes that I started from seed are doing poorly – I kind of wonder what they will do – I don’t remember the name of those tomato plants – just your ordinary tomatoes – but I did buy two Roma’s that are planted up near the house in the old rose bed and I also got two big boys that are planted in the first bed in the photo below and mixed in with the ones I grew from seed are two Yellow tomato plants – has anyone tried them – I never have and I wonder what they are like – my brother told me that have less acid.  When I say my brother (I have 6) I always mean my youngest brother that lives in my area – I have others but he is the one I see the most.


I think the cooler wetter weather is helping these strawberry baskets – they are covered in buds right now and getting strawberries on them.


I still can’t get over how many clematis are growing on this one plant – so many more than any other year – they are just so pretty – just how I always wanted them to be and they weren’t!


Hope the rain isn’t to bad for all of us here in the south this week – I know Texas and Oklahoma and west Arkansas have been getting a lot of rain – I think Louisiana too.  I know we are all getting tired of it – on a good note I saw on the Weather Channel that a lot of us will have a cooler summer than normal – it will be so nice if I can have the windows open a lot this summer – that would be perfect – I hate A/C but need it because of the humidity.


Viewers Choice and Stars

Dear Jane - "Insanity Revisited", Granny's Got Style, LeMoyne Stars

I am happy to say that my Dear  Jane quilt in all it’s red and white glory is among 22 quilts selected for viewers choice in the quilt festival!  I need your votes now to get to the top 3 and also to vote for it in the hand quilting.  I appreciate any votes coming my way.  It is fun to get this far.  Here is a link to Amy’s festival for viewers choice and here for hand quilting.  Thanks

In case you missed the post with the entry this is my Dear Jane.


We have had a couple dry and cooler days than normal – but it is back to warmer weather today and rain back in the forecast by Sunday – darn it all we just can’t get away from it – I wish this weather pattern would change already.  The garden is growing though and that does somewhat surprise me but I guess a raised bed sure works for overly wet weather!

I worked on stars and got four more done yesterday –  5 more stars needed to finish that row and I think that will be it – I will not have enough for another row.


Now it is time to start thinking about a border and what fabric do I have for it.  I looked through the stash and I do not have much for this.  I have some of the butter cream yellow batik (which by the way is the leftover fabric from the Dear Jane quilt above) and I found a purple batik and a print batik the print might go with it as not all of these stars are purple of course.  I need to cut my plain squares out of the butter cream first before anything.  But I do believe I will need to get on line to Hancock’s of Paducah as they carry the Bali Water Color Batik which the buttercream is and see if they have more – I believe it is one of the colors they carry most of the time – but I might need to search – who can tell.  I also got the fabric for the stars from them so I will look and see if they have any of it in yardage (I had charm squares) and possibly order some to make a border – the border might be a sashing type – buttercream – one of the print colors – and then buttercream again.  I have it in my head kind of so now lets see what I can find.  I don’t really like this print batik that I have here for this quilt – it is nice but for something else I think.  The purple here that I show is a small piece.


I finished this end of the Granny Quilt on Thursday night and I’m going to try to not quilt all weekend – a couple sore fingertips to deal with!  I might have to take a week off of quilting – plenty of other quilts left to work on  – I think all agree!



Granny and Stars

Granny's Got Style, LeMoyne Stars

Amazing for this late in May that we woke up 55 degrees yesterday morning before 7 and that by 9AM it had dropped to 53 degrees.  I had went to bed with windows opened and woke to freezing!  It had dropped to 67 in the house which to me is chilly – maybe not to a lot of you, but I’m thin blooded I think and I get cold easily – I put my winter cuddly robe on and got hot coffee to warm up and still after shutting all the windows decided to turn the heat on for a little bit to warm up the house LOL – it only came on one time but it helped!  It was dry all day though and the sun came out! Two more nice days before it rains again, I know all the water won’t be gone in the yard before we get more rain but at least some of it will be gone and maybe not so soggy.

You can vote for viewers choice at Amy’s Quilt Festival until noon and then voting starts for what quilts you like best at the show – here is the link to the festival.   Thanks in advance to any votes that I get – it is always fun of course to win a prize – but it is just something fun to participate in and not to be taken super seriously!  I have had fun looking at the quilts that have been entered.  To refresh yourself on what quilts I entered they are at post here for applique and here for hand quilting.

Yesterday I was kind of lazy – I didn’t feel sick but I just didn’t quite feel right – I’m sure we all get days like that – some days I just do not have a lot of energy.  I watched some tv and sewed some more stars – to do things like that I do not need a lot of energy – I don’t know why but sometimes the day a dentist appointment I feel kind of tired and worn out – strange I know but that is me.  I was also bothered with the arthritis/bursitis in my hips and knees – I just needed a lazy day.  I am linking to A Quilting Reader’s Garden today and to Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Prairie Sewn Studios.

My Lemoyne Stars are almost finished!  I decided I will make one more horizontal row of stars –9 more needed.  That will give me 9 x 9 and I will look and see if I have any fabric left for a border that will go with this or if I will need to order a little bit – because these are all batiks I feel the border needs to be in the same color and fabric for it to look right.


The quilting on Granny as of Wednesday night.  I am still so pleased when I look at it with the Tuscany 80/20 cotton/wool it is so pleasing to have the definition in stitching that it is giving me and it is really easy to hand quilt through.


I have become an affiliate for AccuQuilt and have a small badge on the side bar for them.  If you are interested in purchasing  an accuquilt machine, dies, and patterns please go though the badge link.  Some patterns are free!  Machines and dies are on sale numerous times throughout the year and I appreciate any business through the link – I will get a small commission on anything sold through the link like I do with Craftsy from the classes that you all buy if you go through my link.  It is my way to earn a little income that goes towards purchasing quilting supplies.



Granny's Got Style, LeMoyne Stars, Mini Tumblers - "Tumbling Into Insanity"

Seeing as I had a dentist appointment again today I decided to skip working out at the fitness center and stay home most of the day and sew instead – it was raining once again so couldn’t work outside – 2 more inches from 3AM to about 9AM – rain in the forecast through June 3rd! But we will have some dry days and today only up to 70 –last night in the 50’s and the windows were open.

It is very hard to get all of the Tumbling into Insanity quilt in for a photo but here it is – it now measures 104 x 81 – one more big section the same size as what I just sewed on it and maybe it will be done.


A few more stars added across the bottom


More work as always on the Granny’s Got Style



Another for the Festival


I decided to enter this little quilt for the applique part of Amy’s quilt festival.  I made this little one some time ago and it is a favorite of mine.  It only measures 18 x 23 and the design is from Carol Armstrong, I got it out of a magazine years ago.


Here is a close up of some of the pieces and the hand quilting that I did on it.  The applique is needle turn applique.  I put my hand next to it so you could compare the size of the pieces.






Quilts and Garden

gardening, Granny's Got Style, LeMoyne Stars, Mini Tumblers - "Tumbling Into Insanity"

Yesterday was such a beautiful day – in the 70’s and dry!  Sections of the yard dried out enough over the last couple days that I was able to mow in places – other places still had water.  I got some sewing done in the morning and some quilting over the last couple of days.

Granny’s Got Style is now half way done! I rolled it down and got busy on the 4th row of Granny blocks.  This is the last part of the 3rd row and then I was ready to say 1/2 done and roll it down.  I am linking to Esther’s Wow today and Sew Fresh Quilts and Freshly Pieced Modern.


This much done on Monday night.


This is where the quilt is at now – this is row 4 and 5 showing on the Granny squares.


I added a few more stars to the Lemoyne Stars.  I don’t have a lot left to make on this one – I think less than 20.


This row of tumblers has been made in three sections and I’m ready to sew the sections together and then attach it to the big part of the quilt – at least one more section like this needs to be made.  Then I will measure it once more and see what I think.


I was able to cut most of the grass yesterday but as you can see in the left hand side it got a big muddy and I had to give up on that area.  By the end of the day though a lot of the ground had stopped be squishy around the garden – except for that left hand side and around the log planters.  Of course the weatherman said we were to get rain during the night and this morning and as I normally write in the evening and schedule for the morning I don’t know if this was true but when I last looked at the radar I think they are right – we are to get 1/2 to 3/4th of an inch of more rain that we do not need – but then the next couple days are to be nice – maybe it will dry out soon.  I haven’t been able to use these chairs much down here by the garden much as it has been so wet – maybe after it starts to dry out and when I am taking rest breaks from weeding and picking veggies that I hope will grow!  EDITED: @ 7:45 AM rain is almost over and we have gotten 2 more inches – I’d say the estimation by the weatherman was off a bit.


The Blue Hydrangea is doing a little better this year after I almost lost it two years ago to a very late frost.  Last year I only had a couple flowers on it, this year looks better and I hope it will really take off growing again – it is only about 1/2 the size it was 3 years ago.