Temecula Mini’s

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I thought I better get done with my mini’s before Monday rolls around and you know what – after 3 weeks I have called it quits with this one LOL – I  just do not feel like it.  I have 9 squares as I was making 3 of each and I just plain grew tired of them and not having fun with them.  After making two Dear Jane quilts with little blocks and a small Dutch Treat version of that quilt, a small Farmer’s Wife,  I just have had no interest in small blocks anymore (except postage stamp I guess)  – I don’t know why I thought I would.  So I am making a hot plate pad – I have some insulate Bright – is that what it is called?  already put the package away and have pinned basted and ready to machine quilt it this week.  12 x 12 right now I image that will shrink down a little bit especially after it eventually gets washed.  Just the right size to put a hot dish on.  I use one layer of the heat resistant and one layer of batting.  Linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework .


I got busy with the hexie cutter again yesterday and I have not kept track of how many I now have in my little project box but that is what I will be doing for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy – I have plenty now to keep me occupied again for awhile and I will cut more as needed.  I have a project box that is small for these and it has 3 pieces that snap together – I keep papers and glue stick in one – I use the glue stick to put a dot of glue on the back of the paper – finger press it to the center of the hexie and it holds it in place while I baste.  Another of the small plastic boxes keeps my thread, a clip, threader, scissors and basting thread – I pick out several colors of hexies to work on and then pick out matching thread from the thread cabinet and do several that will use the same thread and then change it out as needed.  The top part keeps all the hexies and I like that it is divided in half – that way I can keep all that have less than six pieces on one side and use for middles and the other half have six of each color.


Hope you all are doing well!







Fast Way to Cut Hexies

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If you are into hexies and have an Accu Quilt Go this is the die for you!  I am so glad I got it – I actually have two different sizes and they have both been used a bit already.  I have the die plate that cuts papers and fabric at the same time.  I have the 1/2 inch die which I am showing you right now – the one I am using for Granny’s Gone Crazy.  I know a lot of you have other ways that you cut yours but I really like this one – it is fast and cuts six sets of six at a time – and the papers to go with them – I use freezer paper but you can use card stock or the inserts from ads in magazines.  The smaller side is for the papers – the larger for the fabric.


I put one piece on each side so you can see.


I have enough papers cut but I need more hexies – I am raiding my 5 inch charm box – this gives me enough to use the little bit left over to make more 1.5 inch squares as my box was about empty- I’m saving for another postage stamp quilt.  I stack up 6 pieces making sure the template is covered with overhang on one side.


The overhang gives me a little more than 1.5 inch left over.


You place the cutting mat on top and crank it on through the machine.


Gently take off the excess so you don’t have to restack.


Put it on the cutting mat and slice off the uneven section and then cut a 1.5 inch strip.


This little bit is left over and from six 5 inch charms I have 36 – 1/2 inch side hexies enough to make 6 hexie flowers and 18 – 1.5 inch squares.


This box is slowly gathering more tiny squares.


And this box is gathering up more hexies – the hexies at the front are the new ones I have been cutting – 6 of each color and the back side has numerous pieces but not six of any so they will be used for the middle hexie in each flower.


I hope this gives you a little more understanding of how the die works and little is leftover.  You do not have to use a 5 inch charm of course I believe a 3.5 inch strip would work or there about – I didn’t measure it as I have a box full of 5 inch pieces to use.

2 scrappy baskets made on Thursday evening.


I have been asked about the little table topper on the coffee table – what did it look like – here it is 18.5 x 28 – been washed numerous times and some shrinkage has occurred over the years.







A Little More Progress

Granny's Gone Crazy, scrap quilts, scrappy baskets

I think I have it figured out now that I need to make a total of 25 blocks for Tumalo Trails – I have 13 finished and 9 patch blocks finished for 3 more. I will be making the same border that Bonnie has on hers and my quilt will be larger – I think it will finish at about 100-110 inches square.  I will work on more on the 9 patch blocks while I wait for more fabric to arrive for the half square triangles.  I need more variety than the white on white and ordered some shirting types of fabric to mix in – by having 12 more blocks to make that will make it so I can mix the rows of some still.  I cut out some long strips of some shirting type of fabrics that I did have on hand to lay out for sashing to see what it would look like and like how it divides up the 4 – 9 patch blocks that meet up through out the quilt.  This is all just laid out on the floor – not stitched as sashing will be put on after all the blocks are made so I know where I want all the blocks to go.  The sashing strips will be a variety of off white print on prints that will be used in the rest of the half square triangles.  I notice I have the bottom block turned the wrong way – but not sewed in place so that is ok.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict  and Crazy Mom Quilts.


These 9 patch blocks are pressed and set aside and I will make more while waiting for my fabric to arrive.


Two of the mini baskets – with no name still – ready to work on last night while watching tv. – I had started a list of names for this quilt and lost it – I think I had listed five names and only one still sticks in my mind – “Picking Berries” and I can’t for the life of me remember the others so must not have been meant to be.


And a few more hexies made for “Granny’s Gone Crazy” and added to the piece (maybe I need to name the baskets “Granny’s Little Baskets” or Granny is Picking Berries) – I need to get the Accuquilt out and cut some more mini’s – I have enough for a lot of center’s but I need six of each for the “flower” and  have no more with enough so started to work on that last night – sure love having the die for two sizes of hexies and the corresponding size for the papers although I have enough of those cut and at this time do not need more.


Off to Little Rock for part of the day today, don’t know what kind of sewing well get done today but I have the morning so maybe more 9 patches.  I need to get back to the birds one day and I’m sure there are another project or two tucked away in boxes that I haven’t worked on for awhile – well need to get back to some of them as well.







Tumalo Trails

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After all the comments and advice I got yesterday (which I didn’t ask for lol) I think I best show a photo of the pattern once again for Tumalo Trails – this is Bonnie Hunter’s pattern from her book called Scraps and Shirttails II – I thought I had mentioned that I was using her pattern and that I was using larger squares then she did.  Her squares are one inch finished and she has sashing in between the blocks.  This photo below is Bonnie’s quilt – I found a  bunch of images here – look these over and you can see how the sashing looks.  The gray that I pulled out yesterday was only used as an example because I had a piece handy – I didn’t say I would use that color.  If I do sashing it will be white, the cornerstones would be a variety of patches just like the rest of the quilt.  If you are not familiar with Bonnie I encourage you to go to her blog and visit – she is the queen of scrap quilts.  Besides her books of patterns – I think four or five? she also has a lot of free patterns on her blog – look at the index at the top of her site.

Related image

Bonnie is a relaxed quilter although of course we all want our points and seams to match she has the view that the world will not collapse if they don’t and I share that view – scrap quilting can be compared to what your grandmother might have made when all she had to work with was old clothing no longer used and was cut up into squares.  When using scraps you are not really concerned about putting the most perfect piece of fabric next to another – you kind of just grab out of your box a handful of pieces scatter them on the table and then sew two together and keep going from there. No need to be perfect – and if a piece of fabric is ugly keep cutting it up – cut small enough it is no longer ugly!

I have more patches sewed and my box is about half full – I started with it about full.


A lot of patches sewn into strips of 3 ready to get the blocks made.


Enough for three more big blocks – well work on the half square triangles today – they go together so easily.  I might cut some 2.5 inch strips with my Go cutter today also and show what white sashing would look like with my blocks – No decision has been made but I am leaning towards making it like Bonnie’s pattern as I was very drawn to the pattern that she made.








The Quilts and The Garden

gardening, scrap quilts, William Morris in Applique-Floral Fantasy

First the quilts – someone asked me to show what Tumalo Trails would look like without the sashing – Bonnie had sashing in her quilt pattern – but she made hers with 1.5 inch blocks whereas I used 2.5 inch blocks so it does have a little bit of a different look to begin with .

Without sashing to divide up all the patchwork that joins in the middle.  Keep in mind these blocks are not in final order – I would not have that lighter blue and pink next to each other in the final layout – too much light together I think.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts, Quilt Fabrication  and Jo’s Country Junction  and My Quilt Infatuation.


I just grabbed this gray off the shelf to make “with sashing” to see how it would look – I would probably go with white if I use sashing.  It gives a totally different look to the quilt – I just laid out a few of the blocks to see what it would be like.


Dottie  & Maxine this is the Michele Hill quilt that I made it is called Floral Fantasy


And Dottie & Maxine this is the next quilt from her book I was telling you about – it is called Morning Glory.


These are the Tiger Lilies that I dug up from the front by the driveway last fall – I put all the bulbs in here and just ended up tossing all the tiny bulbs here as well – I think every single one came up – I had just got so tired up digging up bulbs last fall and finding places to put them!!  They are so thick here but it is away from the house – for now I do not care how thick they get.  The little bulb like seeds that grow along the stems will drop all over and I will have a larger area next year and the year after so that after awhile I probably won’t even see these logs after awhile they will grow in them and become a part of them as they rot.  In this mess of trees behind them I found a tall Mulberry tree growing we had one in a different location that our daughter Jessica had gotten and planted from a 4-H club I believe back when she was about 4th grade – sadly the tree died about 5 years or more ago – last week Melanie and I were looking at the plants and happened to walk around to the right side of these trees and she saw a Mulberry tree that was about 15+ feet growing!! it is so surrounded by others that sometime when we have a cooler than usual day this summer I need to get in there with the pruning shears and cut out a lot of trees growing around it so it will have space to grow – I don’t even know what half of these trees are – if you let an area go around here within five years or so it will be so thick you can’t even walk through it!


A close up of the brilliant orange color.


The garden – the herbs are doing well, the green beans and peas were a loss from bugs and deer – I planted Morning Glories along the fencing that I had up for the peas.  I also have zinnia’s that came up from last years plants in here and sunflowers – also are six sweet potato plants in behind the wire to try to protect them from the critters and last night I had to go back down and nail the fencing tighter to the frame as the rabbits or something had gotten in and eaten some of the sweet potato leafs again.  Maybe I caught it early enough? Don’t know – I have six more plants in the last bed and covered with wire and ended up digging out three that looked at a loss only to find they had good roots and one even had a potato started –for now I put them in a five gallon bucket with dirt and wire over the top of it to see if they will grow.


The tomatoes are taking off well I have had a few ripe ones I hope I will get a few at one time so I can make some sauce from them.


A close up of the Morning Glory plants – no flowers right now and not even a bud – soon I hope.











Tumalo Trails and Hexies


Just being gone for part of a weekend sometimes can seem to set you back on what you want to accomplish.  But I did settle in first thing in the morning to chain piece squares for Tumalo Trails and when I got back from exercise and grocery shopping I got the half square triangles made – hope I get these two big blocks done today and get half square triangles made for the next – I didn’t realize I had enough squares chained for 3 blocks and thought I had them for 2, didn’t realize it until I had laid them on the floor for color placement – I lay out and then stack a certain way to keep them in order for chain piecing again.  I chain piece wherever I can.

These are just laid in place and need sewing.  Linking to KoKa Quilts and  Esther’s Quilt Blog.


A couple more mini hexies for Granny’s Gone Crazy were sewed on Sunday night before I went to be – not a lot of progress on this but a little.  46 when I get that last one in place – somehow I do not think this one will ever grow to be a large quilt LOL – it will most likely be a table runner for the dining room table or maybe the coffee table if I really get tired of it – that table is shorter!!  Maybe about the same width as the widest part is now and then long enough to fit it – about 40 – 44 inches perhaps.  Even at that rate it will be over 500 hexies in it probably.


I keep my William Morris quilting book by my blogging friend from Australia Michele Hill on the coffee table to keep reminding me there is a quilt I want to make in it  I am waiting for the new Wm. Morris Moda line of fabric to come out and then I will get some of it and get started – I decided as soon as I saw the fabric advertised on line that it would be the fabric to use for the applique.  I have put myself on a list to be notified when it gets to the Fat Quarter Shop!  I already found an older Morris line to use for the borders and got that on sale at Hancocks of Paducah a month or so ago.  I am linking to Em’s Scrapbag, Love, Laugh,Quilt,

Hope you all had a good weekend and will stay busy this week –   I bet we all stay pretty busy.