Tumbling Into Insanity

Mini Tumblers - "Tumbling Into Insanity"

Pin basting has started and it is going really quickly too.  I am close to half way on this big super size quilt already.  It took me all of yesterday morning to get the back and batting cut to size and then get all 3 layers on the 3 roller.  I then started to pin baste in the afternoon.

Quilt top on the back roller and getting the backing rolled tight.  Linking to Prairie Sewn Studios.


Batting on top of the backing and rolled tight – all wrinkles smoothed out.


Top is pulled back to the front and pinned in place – only difference on this one is that for hand quilting I would have pulled the top all the way to the edge of the other two layers, because this one will be done by machine I have left a couple inches in case of any more stretching.


Pinning started.  I will be glad to get this one all pinned in place and get the Lemoyne Stars on the frame for hand quilting.  The machine quilting is not going to be rushed.  For one thing with it being summer I am in and out of the house so much more than in the winter, the garden is picking up and producing a bit and I am trying to increase my exercise a little bit.  I am linking to A Quilting Reader’s Garden today and Confessions of a Fabric Addict and to Crazy Mom Quilts.


The quilting is just going to be a quarter inch in from the seams outlining the tumblers just as it would be if I were hand quilting it.  The thread is a light lavender color as I have a cone of it so it should be plenty to do without running out.

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Lots of Progress

Caswell Quilt, gardening, Granny's Got Style, Mini Tumblers - "Tumbling Into Insanity", Winter Wonderland

Well I did it – I finished the quilting on Granny Tuesday night and I got her off the frame.  I spread her out on the living room floor to trim the sides and here is what she looks like on the floor –


Plenty of the backing fabric is left over to make binding – I think the colors of the stripes will go well with the scrappiness of the front.


More photos to follow after it is bound, washed and dried (partly by dryer and partly by sun) the quilt is plenty large enough for the bed so I don’t mind a little shrinkage – the first time I have used 80/20 (cotton/wool) and I know there is supposed to be some shrinkage and my test piece that I did sometime back was a 10% shrinkage on high in the dryer – so I think I might start out with a partial dry spread outside and when it is part way dry put it on medium to shrink a little bit. Or it might be easier (lighter) to dry part way first then bring outside LOL  right now it is 104 x 104 inches.


Winter Wonderland – I have the decorative stitching done that connects all the blocks together and I did it using the smocking stitch on the Janome – I think it turned out well and I got it done in under an hour compared to the 1 to 2 weeks it would have taken to do embroidery stitches by hand.  I was just ready to get this part done.


A close up.


More work on the applique block for the Caswell Quilt – the small leaves, flowers and buds/berries are done – working on the bigger leaves now.


The Tumbling Into Insanity quilt with the large polka dot backing is ready to go on the frame for pin basting to get it ready to be machine quilted on my Juki. I anticipate this taking several weeks at least if not more to get it done – we will see.    I would have already done it yesterday and forgone working on the applique and the machine stitching on the Winter quilt but I needed Mike’s help to do some adjustments on the frame.  I had a couple things coming loose on it over the last year and the work really needed to be done while the frame was empty – just made it easier – but now it is fixed and ready to get a quilt on it.  I’m not sure how long it will take to pin baste this large quilt – is is about 104 x 104 like Granny is so it will take awhile, I might even have to get more pins!


Yesterdays bounty from the garden – it is starting to come in- I pick tomatoes before they are totally ripe as the sun seems to blister them a little bit and the bugs start to get to them as well – I wash and put on the windowsill for a couple days.  Green beans are about to be taken out of the garden as they are about done – end of the weekend if no more grow.


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Applique, Quilting, Garden

Caswell Quilt, gardening, Granny's Got Style

Yesterday was a busy day – I took my applique block out on the porch in the morning along with my ipad and set up to watch some Gilmore Girls while I relaxed on the porch before the heat and humidity set in – and then because it wasn’t really, really hot in the middle of the afternoon I did it again for awhile.  The flower and the little buds/berries? are done and one of the stems – on to the leaves and lets get this block conquered.


Monday night sitting longer than normal I got half of the border finished on Granny’s Got Style.  I was working on the second half of the length last night – did I get done? I don’t know as I am writing this to be scheduled before I got busy quilting.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and My Quilt Infatuation.


I was checking my garden last night as I needed to water and use some miracle grow and here is my big cantaloupe – I have 2 more that I have found but they are quite small yet.


a lot of this mess of vines is from one pumpkin plant – it is growing like crazy and taking over.


And this is the only pumpkin that I have found on this whole thing!  and it has barely started – maybe I will still get more growing – this garden seems to be off to a slow start – I have finally noticed growth in the cucumbers but they are slow – I thought I picked up the pickling packet (small cukes) and I read the package last night and it says they get to be 11 inches – oh well – we will get some table cuts from from them and I will make pickles if I get enough going.


Most of the tomato plants down here look about like this – few tomatoes and thin plants but at least I am getting some here and there.


Zucchini will all be ready at the same time – I have about 8 of them growing right now and about 4 yellow squash – I will be passing some on to Melanie and making more bread or something with some of them as well.  I read that you can grate zucchini and freeze it – but I wonder if it doesn’t get really mushy – anyone have knowledge of it?


I have several red geraniums in pots – still flowering but the heat is beginning to get to them but on one I have found several tiny white flowers – I didn’t know they did that – I wonder if this is common?


A close up



Apple Cores and Other Things

apple cores, Granny's Got Style

I told you all that I was going to try the sewing machine  with the apple cores to see if it was easier to piece than by hand.  I was really surprised – for me – as I have always preferred hand piecing – that I think I might prefer machine piecing these.  I didn’t take any photos as I worked but after using a curve master foot some years back I have learned that you do not even need the special foot or even one pin to piece curves.  You might not believe that unless you have tried the curve master foot I am linking to a video so you can see how it is done. – I no longer have the foot – I sold it to someone else –  as I later realized you do not need the curve master foot to do it the same way – all you need is a pair of long tweezers and to hold your fabric a certain way.  The piece on the left was done by hand and the piece on the right by machine – I think I will be doing it by machine – no pins! just tweezers and the pieces all matched up just fine.  Watch your seam allowance.  I am linking to Quilt Story:Fabric Tuesday and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


These are the tweezers that I ordered some years back when I got the curve master foot – I didn’t sell these as I do use them a bit.


I did the final roll down for Granny’s Got Style – I hope to have it done in a couple days.


I don’t recommend books often as I know we all have our own tastes.  I have a Kindle and I do take advantage of ordering a lot of free books and some very low price books – sometimes they are good and sometimes not.  I just finished one that wasn’t a free book but it is a kindle special at $1.99 – it is called The Reluctant Midwife by Patricia Harman – it is still at that low price right now.  It is actually a second in a series but from reading this book and having not read the first one I can say it is a stand alone – meaning you do not have to read the first one first.  And as the first book is $8.99 right now I doubt I will get it even though I’m sure it is good.  I try to stick to the low price for most of my kindle books. Not to say I won’t get it or check and see if the library has it, but I have plenty of other books available to me right now.  It takes place in the poor depression era of the 1930’s in West Virginia – if you want to know more click on the photo and it will take you to Amazon and you can read about it there.

Summer time I do tend to read a lot more than the rest of the year – I just really enjoy sitting outside in the morning before it gets hot and read on the porch – and then off and on all day long!  I have always been a reader.


A Nice Weekend

Caswell Quilt, Granny's Got Style

Weather was beautiful this past weekend – for here in Arkansas when you have a low humidity day or two it is spent outside.  And it felt wonderful.  Therefore I spent a bit of time sitting outside on the porch or wandering the yard and didn’t do much inside this last couple days on my quilts.

I did get a little more done on Granny and I am almost ready to crank the rollers down for the last time.  This is the area I was working on last night.


I took the Caswell Quilt block off the design wall that is all glue basted in place but not one stitch done – this will be the hand work in the living room for those times I sit down for five minutes here and there over the next couple weeks.  I hope to pick up the pace on these applique blocks now that some of the other tops are done or waiting in line to be quilted.


I can not believe how quickly June has flown by!  I mean really does time seem to fly by to you faster as we get a little older or what!  Too fast in my opinion.  Did you all have a great weekend?


Package Arrived

Granny's Got Style, Winter Wonderland

I love getting packages in the mail and my order from Backside Fabrics arrived yesterday – I wasn’t expecting it until Monday at the earliest.

The big bright polka dots is for the back of Tumbling into Insanity and the batting is for the Lemoyne Stars quilt.  Now I guess I better get busy with my quilting on Granny this week and get her finished up.


After I got started quilting on Granny Friday night I knew I would need to do just part of this width and roll it down one more time to get it all easily.  So I am doing the grid work here and the stitching around the prairie points the circles – then roll it down and get the rest on the final border.  I am linking to Sew Many Ways today and Kathy’s Quilts.


This is the decorative stitching that is shown on the pattern for the Winter Wonderland – outlining each block – I do not know if I will do it like this or X’s or what – I will get busy on this in the upcoming week when the heat comes back again – but yesterday and today are supposed to be nice and not humid and Saturday was very nice.