Dear Jane–Insanity Revisited


tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt7_jpgMore done on Insanity Revisited – I wish I could quilt on this every day and I would finish by the end of the month but that is not to be I’m sure.  These are the areas that I worked on Wednesday night.



I got done with quite a large area on Wednesday night and then I took Thursday evening off from it and worked on the hexies – I didn’t take a photo though – looks the same but with more white hexies added.


Two more rows of Kansas Twister done yesterday afternoon but I didn’t sew these two rows together I will do that today.  The quilting frame really comes in handy for more than quilting.


I keep saying that I am going to clean out under the quilting frame and then I never get around to it.  The last several times I took a quilt off of the frame my mess was seen by all of you and I mentioned I needed to organize and then yet again I didn’t.  Well I’m going to – I am going to get some storage boxes – go back through this stuff and organize!! This week it looks like this – maybe in two weeks or so it will look better – I will certainly share the progress!!


I forgot to add my Love Entwined quilt to my list of work to be done next year – I have gone back and edited that post and added it in and added it to my list on the bulletin board – I hope to get a little done when I finish Floral Fantasy – I think I need to work on just one applique at a time.


Kansas Twister

Scrap Quilts from the stash 2014

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt16_jpgYesterday I worked several times on the Kansas Twister – I really wanted to make some progress – I am now slightly more than half way done – which means there is still quite a bit to do LOL

See this top part! done – I did move the lower rows up later in the afternoon and got another row on the bottom – I still need to put another row all the way across and some over on the side that you can’t see – it will be on the floor soon as it is hard to work with it next to the quilting frame as it is.  I am linking to Freshly Pieced today and Sew Fresh Quilts.


No other photos to share.  I will share more on Dear Jane tomorrow as I was planning on quilting last night (I say this as I am typing and schedule the post for this morning).  I have been asked where did I get the pattern for this Kansas Twister.   Kansas Twister is my name for it after finding out that that was one of the names that this old block used to go by.  The current popular name for this “modern” quilt is “Tiny Dancers” and it is by Jaybird- she also sells a ruler that you can use for this project and others.  Hawthorne  Threads has the pattern but I do not see the ruler Fort Worth Fabric Studio (the one I ordered from) has the pattern on sale but not the ruler although they do sell the ruler too.  I thought I had ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop but then remembered they were out of the ruler and I wanted to get both at the same place to save on the shipping.  Hope this helps those that placed interest.

Yes I did print out my 2015 to do list for quilting and placed it on the bulletin board – I plan to cross things off as I finish and show on my blog – lets see what I can get done with!


A Christmas Card for All of My Readers


I have been sitting around all afternoon getting my Christmas Cards done and then realized I could share one with all of my readers – so click on the link and view.

Merry Christmas 



Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever, Scrap Quilts from the stash 2014

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt15_jpgDiamonds are Forever  has been hanging around my house forever it seems like.  It will be two years since I started this quilt in February.  I wonder if I will be done with the top by the end of February? Would be nice.  I think I have it figured out now how many more rows I need to make.  Two more rows on this border at the top and then 5 rows of white and 1 row of color on the opposite side that is folded under right now.  I think that will do it.  When I get done adding the two more rows on this side I will measure it all again and see if I figured it out right.  100 more white hexies on this border to do – I will need to cut and print out more for the opposite side – 250 of them for that side – well it never end!  I am linking to Freemotion by the River today and Quilt Story, Fabric Tuesday and Esther’s Wow.


I did get a little more done on the Kansas Twister but I’m afraid it looks a bit of a mess right now, after I pressed the two rows I was working on I didn’t feel like sewing that long seam to the 4 completed rows and have left it laying here to pick up with today.  I will get done with that and then I will have 6 rows sewed together.  That will put me about half way through – I might try to do another section (2 rows put together).


When it gets close to the end of the year do you try to plan out what projects you will work on in the next year?  I kind of do but the list almost always changes as the year goes by.  Ideas that seemed good in December sometimes no longer seem so good by April or so right.  I go with what I feel like doing.

Right now I have a partial list – 2015

1- I  well finish Dear Jane  early in the upcoming year if I don’t finish it by the end of this year.

2- I well finish the quilt top Diamonds are Forever but do not know if I will get it quilted – I plan on hand quilting it after Granny’s Got Style is finished.

3- Granny’s Got Style will go on the hand quilting frame as soon as the Dear Jane quilt is finished – I should be able to finish it in about six months I think – depends on travel plans.

4- I want to – really – finish the applique on Floral Fantasy – I am not decided right now on if it will go in the hand quilting stack or if I will try to machine quilt it.

5- I want to finish machine piecing the tumblers quilt – Tumbling into Insanity, right now I think I will machine quilt it but I am not positive.

6- I want make a winter quilt with the Crazy for Red fabric that should arrive by the end of the week – I will be doing redwork embroidery on it and they are snowmen hence the winter quilt – no name for it right now.

7- I have pieces cut out for the Lemoyne Stars wall hanging that got forgotten at the end of the summer – it is sitting in the box patiently waiting – maybe I will get back to it

8- I hope to get the Kansas Twister machine quilted

9 – I have a quilt top waiting in line to be machine quilted that most have probably forgotten about, I made it in early summer I think – Stairs Through the Stars – it is for my sister and I plan on getting that done this year still or early next.

10 – I promised my granddaughter that I would make a star quilt for her from fabric and pattern that her other grandma had bought (Nancy died last year) I need to get started on that soon and finish it.

So what do you think – can I do it!!  I really need to stick to this list and accomplish as much as I can and get caught up – I started too many projects once again and I would really like to get them finished!!  Cheer me on and remind me now and then to stick to the list – I should print this list out and stick it on my bulletin board next to the sewing machine shouldn’t I.

11 – Love Entwined – I must do more work on this lovely applique project!


Dear Jane

Dear Jane - "Insanity Revisited", Scrap Quilts from the stash 2014

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt30_jpgMy Dear Jane – Insanity Revisited is coming along so nicely – it will be so close to finishing this year.  I should be able to finish it in January for sure.  I finished row 12 of the blocks – this is actually in reverse order because I started to quilt at the bottom of the quilt and then continue rolling it up – technically I am beginning to quilt Row #1 this week

Here is the last of row number 12 (2) that I quilted on Saturday night.  Some of the blocks are not quilted near as much as others are but if I really feel the need to put more stitches in those areas I will do so after I take it off the frame and look it over some.  I am linking to Judy’s Patchwork Times today and Babco Unlimited which is guest hosting for Stitch by Stitch today.




On Sunday I spent some more time working on the Kansas Twister – I now have the first 4 rows sewed and completed.  The next two rows are sewed but not attached to each other nor onto row number 4 – that is where I will pick up next on it.  This is actually turning into a larger quilt than I thought it would be for some reason – full size is big  isn’t it.


Here it is spread on top of the Dear Jane quilt while I was checking a few things out on it and then I realized that it really was quite large.


Where you busy with holiday things this past weekend or just quilting like usual?  I was home the whole weekend – today – grocery shopping for one thing and I hope to the fitness center too – Mike has come down with a cold yesterday and I hope I do not get it also – when I do I never have the energy to exercise.


Tree is Up

Baking/cooking, family, Scrap Quilts from the stash 2014

tn_FreeVintageImagesofChristmasClipArt6_jpgWe decided to use the old tree and put lights up where the old ones failed.  The vacuum took care of all the stuff that falls off of it every year and it looks pretty once again – couldn’t see spending money on a new tree when a strand of lights “fixed” it.   The tree really is too new to toss  — Melanie and Ric’s great niece came over to help decorate and she had a blast.  ( I need to clear up some confusion on who Aniya is – she is not my granddaughter as many of you seem to think she is –  although she would be a great one to have – she is my oldest daughter Melanie’s great niece from her husbands side of the family). I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching today and Tweak it Tuesday for decorating.


I think she liked playing with the bubble wrap more than decorating the tree though!


And she loved seeing “new to her” Christmas decorations.  This is what Christmas is all about isn’t it the fun in the children’s eyes – like a fantasy land – you wonder what they are thinking about.


Cookies were frosted and hot chocolate served – then outside to play and work off those calories


Melanie brought over some holly and ivy to decorate the penguin vase.


Friday night I felt like just doing some mindless sewing and decided to just finish all the leaders and ender 4 patches that I had in the box – pressed them all and trimmed these to 3 inches.  More to be made  = I am using 2 inch squares as they are not all cut perfectly and trimming to 3 inches finished.  These are all from the scrap box.  130 finished.


A little more of the hexies were sewn on also.  How about all of you? Busy Weekend getting close to Christmas!