Murrieta Stars–Top Done

Murrieta Stars - Flannel, quilts

Finally done with this top!  Seemed like it lasted forever – it hasn’t really I started the top around April 5th or so  not a whole two months what with working on multiple tops at a time I never finish a top in a weekend like some do – does anyone really do that?  LOL  I swept off the deck and laid the quilt top down and the wind kept blowing before I could take a photo so I finally had to put things on each corner to hold it down but it is still not flat – don’t worry it will be when I quilt it!  100 x 103 inches.  I will be hand quilting this quilt – possibly with Perle Cotton – not positive – but I think the bigger stitch would go on this one well.  I will need to find a little star stencil pattern for the blank squares – they are about 9 inches if I remember right.  It will be awhile though before it is started – I need my 3 roller frame set back up – maybe the end of summer?


Both chairs done and ready for some relaxing time.


On my walk around the property last evening I brought the camera along and got this shot of the wild black-eyed Susans.  So pretty and I have them growing wild in numerous areas mainly on the edge of the woods.


A shot in the distance on the far side of the property away from the house where I walk on my trail which is actually looking like a trail with two years of walking it off and on now.


A shot of the house and the workshop from the same area.


The apples are growing – well they make it? I hope so.  Shortly after I posted a photo about 3 or 4 weeks ago of some of the leafs drying up and spots on some of the leafs some told me it was something called Cedar Apple Rust or something like that – I found some stuff that you sprinkle all over the tree and it is supposed to get it under control – you are to do it before the apples form but I caught it late.  I have a lot of cedar trees around so I can’t do anything about it but use the dust in the early spring.  We will just wait and see what happens – I have made a note on the calendar to do this every spring.


A close up of some of the Lilies


A baby Bunny rabbit – she thinks she is hiding from me but I sure did see her.  I have seen a baby several days in a row now – I doubt I see the same one – after all the saying goes “multiply like rabbits” I have probably seen several but it is always in the same area and always one while I see two or three mature rabbits in the back yard – this one is on the side near the deck where it can hide under and by the workshop.


Have a good weekend everyone.  Don’t know how much quilting I will get done but I’m not going anywhere.

Select classes are on Memorial Day Weekend Sale at Craftsy – not all classes just what this link goes to – $10.00 a class.







Murrieta Stars

Murrieta Stars - Flannel, scrappy baskets

Two final borders are ready to be sewed on to the top and bottom of the quilt and then this quilt will join the others in the “too be quilting on 3 roller frame box”.  I have so much fabric leftover – I can not believe how generous this Craftsy Quilt Kit was.  I have always heard bad things about kits and I almost didn’t get it but left over fabric even with two cutting mistakes!!

I needed two pieces that would be 6.5 inches wide and 103 inches long – there was some piecing going on but it was so much easier than I anticipated.  Because of one cutting mistake I ended up with 9 – 9.5 inch extra blocks.  They were all sewn into a long strip and then a little more added to the end.  Then cut off the extra in width which was just right to add to the other strip to finish that one off.  All seams pressed open to make hand quilting go easier.


The other one.


You can barely see the seams from this view so I know you won’t really notice them all that much once it is quilted/washed and dried and the crinkly antique magic happens.(all mistakes are almost invisible unless the quilt police search)


Two more baskets added to the little stack on the table, I have three more prepped and ready to work on.  When the flannel quilt top is finished I will go back to the birds. Hopefully I will finish the flannel today.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Crazy Mom Quilts.


You all might be remembering a couple years ago I bought a couple inexpensive Adirondack chairs – well you get what you pay for LOL – one of them broke so we have purchased some better ones, Mike is in the process of putting them together as of course there is always some assembly required – here is one done – my cushions still fit so that was great.  I will get a light brown paint to paint the footstools so they will match closer – you can paint these chairs but I do not know if I want to bother with.  Sometimes I use the leg rests and sometimes they get stacked to the side.  I could sand them off course to get the paint off and stain/varnish but I don’t think I want that much work.  Any ideas instead of paint?


For those who have asked if the sewing room was coming along – no it hasn’t moved much lately, in fact not one thing has been done on it the last couple of weeks.  If it is not one thing it is another that has taken precedent of Mike’s time.  I hope work can get started back up soon.







Birds, Stars, & Baskets

bird quilt, Murrieta Stars - Flannel, scrappy baskets

A variety of work was done yesterday.  I thought it was about time to get the flannel back out and figure out what I needed to do to enlarge the quilt a little bit.  I added an almost 3 inch border strip to the sides to finish that area off.  I still need to add to the length which well take a bit of piecing with all the leftover pieces of yellow that I have – I might find that I will need to put in a couple pieces of patchwork too, to make it long enough.  This is now 102.5 inches wide.


Some of the fabric I am using for the bird blocks – The light colors off to the side probably won’t be used.  The blocks are going to be about 7 inches.


And another bundle of charms – again most of the light colors will not be used, I have two packages of these in different colors – Boundless Batiks from Craftsy.  The white yardage is Boundless solid in white.  You can usually get this fabric at about $4.00 when the supply sales start.  I think it is a little lighter weight than Kona solids – I don’t buy any solids now but Boundless from Craftsy unless I need a color they do not have.


My first bird.  I had thought I would need to paper piece these but you don’t – I did get the pattern, but I have a bit of trouble with patterns most of the time and I thought this was one of the more difficult to follow for instructions I am better at following pictures than reading patterns sometimes and some I find not as well written as others.  I am linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.


Part of this photo seems to be cut off for some reason – I’m not sure how that happened  but basically it is all here.  I have one more almost finished – they go really quickly.  If I don’t get too side tracked maybe I can get all 300 baskets done before the end of summer!







Baskets and Darn Deer

animals, gardening, scrappy baskets

Y’all know I have been watching my garden ready to fence it up if I thought deer were beginning to nibble well they attacked the green beans on Monday night – not just a nibble!  I had to get the wire out and start to fence in those green beans yesterday – it is the same bed that the sweet potatoes will go in later – as soon as the beans are done the plan is to pull them out and put the sweet potatoes there – the deer liked them too.  I should have put the wire up in advance but it had looked like the deer were going to skip me this year.

I had gotten most of it done myself but needed Mike’s help to pound in one pole and then he helped by cutting the last section of wire that I needed.  Now I don’t know about you but when I get a fat quarter bundle and it is wrapped nicely in a Moda Tie or whatever brand I save the tie – sometimes it will become a drawstring, I have pinned them cushions to tie the swing cushions to the swing so they don’t blow away in wind – well I need to be able to get in this fenced area to pick the beans when ready and pea pods if on that side so I got out my trusty bag of strings and used them.   Now it is tied shut and I can untie when I need to pick.   What do you use them for or do you toss them?  I have a gallon zip lock bag full of them.



I don’t know if you can see where the deer have eaten but they basically munch off the top of the plants.


The neighbors dog that lives down the road from us must have a keen sense of hearing as he should up a short while after we got started and followed up to the porch wanting some attention.  Cute friendly dog – but he is shedding right now – not nice!


And I now have 41 baskets finished – more to go by a long shot – I think I still have about 5 or 6 waiting that are prepped. There are a lot of places to link on Wednesday if you want to see what other quilters are making go these blogs – I’m Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog , Kokaquilts: sew stitch snap , Confessions of a Fabric Addict , Sew Fresh Quilts and Jo’s Country Junction, and Quilt Fabrication.










Baskets Again

scrappy baskets

Really don’t have much to post today – a visit to the dentist for a cleaning and told again that I need another new crown – I knew it was coming we discussed last time that there were a couple more to do – but now the old filling has cracked and even though it is not bothering me it is time to do it before it does bother me – can’t get in though until June 1 so I have something to look forward to LOL and then one more for sure after that but it can wait until the end of the year if there is any insurance left for it – limit on dental you know – might be the way I greet in the new year – which is coming pretty darn fast – can’t believe it is almost June already – time sure flies by fast the older you get it seems.

I picked up some chives to plant and a lavender plant – I had a lavender plant last summer but it died I wonder if this one will do better – we will see – just planted it for prettiness – I haven’t a clue what to use it for although I heard you can dry it and then put in your dresser for scenting your clothes and in the wool applique box to keep bugs out I presume but I don’t really have any trouble with that as it is in a plastic box with tight lid.

So what did I get done with – two more baskets – that’s it – I really need to get back to the flannel and cut that border out and do the piecing that will be needed and finish that top and put it away.


More today?



Baskets and Plants

gardening, scrappy baskets

I managed to get 11 baskets prepped yesterday so now they are handy to stitch when I feel like it.  And that is all the sewing I got done this weekend – so the table and scraps were cut and several baskets made and more cut – other than that I was reading or outside working.  Linking to MCM#73 Cooking Up Quilts today and Love, Laugh, Quilt.


One thing I am working on right now outside is cutting off the lower branches of trees out in the area a ways from the house.  I am having to bend way over the lawn mower when I go under trees and although this feels like a good yoga stretch LOL I thought it was time to trim.  I have filled up the small trailer that I use 4 times now and still will take at least one more day of work to get it done.  Trees grow so quickly here.  This is just part of the area I worked on yesterday – I forgot to take a photo of the area I already cleared.  Would you believe none of these trees were here 36 years ago when we moved here.  I take that back the pine tree in the distance was here but it was quite a bit smaller.  Most of these washed in as seeds, or blown in from the wind.   This was pretty much on open field when we moved here – just a couple little trees – we would keep it cut as the kids like to play ball over here, gradually as they quite playing in it I would cut it once or twice in the warm weather and just let it go, gradually trees started to grow and we planted some too.  Now it certainly doesn’t look like an open field anymore.  I keep it cut now as it is part of my walking trail here at home.  I will walk around the outer edges to the edge of where I keep it cut.  If I didn’t keep cutting it once a month it would be over grown with trees by now and we would have a forest all around us as we have on the other side of the house for an acre and in the back of us about a 2 acre stretch a 1/2 acre wide.  I like to have a little bit of open space.


The garden is growing but is surrounded by very soggy mulch – my feet start to sink as I walk around it – we have 2.5 inches of rain on Friday night and into Saturday morning – more expected Tuesday night – we will dry out one day and then I will have to be dragging a hose around watering things and wishing I had a little rain.  All in the shade in the evening.


Tomatoes on almost all of the plants, just beginning though so not many.


Green Beans ready to blossom and for some reason the deer have not paid attention to my garden this year!  Maybe I will have enough beans for a couple meals  – this is not a big crop


Same with the peas – I have not have a lot of blossoms and at this rate I will be lucky to get one or two meals.


Some of the day lilies blooming.


The blue hydrangea have started – some kind of lilac again this year and others are blue – a very pretty mixture on one plant. – I really need to put pine needles around them this fall and see if I can get some pink ones – that is what changes the color – the acid.


Thanks to all that ordered from Craftsy during the sale – I do appreciate it.  I put it at the end of the blog always so as not to annoy – if you are not interested stop reading!