Handful of Scraps, Round We Go

Thanks for all the suggestions yesterday about my tension issues with the Juki.  After talking to a sewing machine store I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the bobbin spring – I’m taking it to Fort Smith on Wednesday and they will try to fix it right away so I won’t have to come back another day for pick up – the store is 88 miles from me – but that is what happens when you live in a small town right – No big deal, I know my way around and if my niece who lives about 15 miles from there can meet me for lunch that will be a plus – otherwise I will do some shopping and find a coffee shop to sit awhile and look at quilt magazines right – I think they have a Barnes and Nobel there but not positive.  In the meantime I might get my Janome out and see if it is working – I haven’t used it in such a long time I really don’t know if it was or not –  I don’t have room for two machines to be out – although with the new table I might – we will see.

So after all the frustration of Thursday trying to get the machine working I got my hexies out and got a little more done on Handful of Scraps – this side for this section is almost done – one more side and I will decide on the next step.

Handful of Scraps

When I was in Paducah and stopped at Hancock’s I picked up one of the scrapbags that they sell for $12.99 – I had ordered a couple once on line and was very disappointed in what I had – I got two packages with the exact same stuff – you would think they could have sent two different selections – they were browns, ugly green and lilac not my colors  – and they had huge salvage edges on them – not my thing either – I ended up cutting them all up with the accuquilt in little pieces and mixing them in patchwork quilts and I still have more to mix in.  But I was at the store and I could see these – pretty colors! Glad I got it.

These scraps are 3 inches wide (no salvage looks like leftovers that would have been for a jelly roll but a little wider) about 42 or 43 inches long and I think it was 22 pieces.  About 2 yards of fabric.  I will use some of them for the next stars for Round We Go.

round we go

See pretty colors.


This is the next design – 4 to make.


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On To Primary Colors

Primary Colors

I have about 5 weeks to get this quilt quilted and bound for the raffle for the library and of course once I got started I started to have tension issues which I never have with my Juki!  Yuk – I am horrible at adjusting tension.  So I am taking a break from that and here are photos of what is done so so.

A couple days ago I got the quilt spread out on the floor with the backing pinned to the carpet as I always do if I am prepping a quilt for machine work (which I really do avoid as we all know – not my thing)


Got the whole thing pinned in 3-4 hours with lots of breaks.  And yes if I do many machine quilts in the future I will need to find a new way to do this – over the years I have heard plenty of you mention how you do this so there are a lot of ideas out there in blog land.


All pinned and ready for work to start – and believe me I consider it work – not fun.


Getting bobbins ready.  Cleaned and oiled the machine – changed out needles.


Have my sewing spot in the living room extended out – ironing board in back of the sewing machine table and a little side table to the side.


Not bad for the first days work – this was done on Wednesday.


Now to fiddle with the machine and try to get it working – I sure hope I do not have to find a place to bring it in – I did not purchase from a dealer – there is no local Juki dealer – I bought it slightly used from another quilter who ordered it from an on line dealer – I have had it for at least 4 years with no problems and she had it for about six months before selling it to me – I need to get on line and try to find out where I can get it serviced for if I can’t deal with it myself and so I know for in the future. (this is a no bells and whistles machine – straight stitch only – oil and clean it, change needles is usually all that is needed)  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Crazy Mom Quilts .

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The Final Frontier


I decided for my other entry for Amy’s Quilt Festival I would enter The Final Frontier – this was the one I started from Audrey’s Quilty Folk challenge to make a circle a day last year.

This photo is from when almost all of the circles were made – there was no “design” in play – just lots of circles on background squares sewed in rows.  I’m having a little computer problem this evening so not a lot of story going into this and I hope to get it published with no problem!  I hope you all go visit Amy’s blog and if you have time see all the quilts entered.  Lots of beautiful quilts displayed.


Here are some of the circles up close -some circles I used just one color for others I made a small circle from left overs and put it in the middle or off to the side like it was a planet.  From some of the leftovers I sewed strips together and then cut out a circle from that and appliqued in place.  I really made use of the tiniest pieces.


Simple quilting – by hand – the circles were applique by hand also – another fossil fern for the backing of the quilt.  All of the fabric in this quilt is Fossil Fern cotton.


The whole quilt finished and on the bed


The quilt finished at about 103 inches I believe.  I had a lot of fun making this quilt and used wool batting so it makes a good winter quilt.  I found I could not make just one circle a day – some days I would make 7 or 8! I finished the quilt in a year and that includes the hand quilting too.

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Quilt Festival Time


Over at Amy’s Creative Side she is holding her annual Bloggers Quilt Festival.  This time instead of asking people to vote for your quilt the winners will be drawn by random number generator – I think this is so much better – personally the one thing I didn’t like about this festival was asking others to vote for my quilt.

You can put in two quilts and blog about each in a separate post.  I thought I would enter my Postage Stamp Quilt that I finished earlier this year for this post.  This quilt has 4,000 – 1.5 inch squares in it.  Wow that was a lot – I found a sketch of the main part of this pattern on pinterest – just a sketch no directions so I made that up myself.  For the border (which the sketch had none) I decided to do wool applique using a design that was from a book by Australian Wendy Williams she made a wall hanging with this type of design – I enlarged it and made my own flowers, birds and things free style just cutting into the wool.   I glue basted rows of clamshells to mimic grass and then appliqued them in place.   The quilt finished at 94 x 95.  It is machine pieced, hand applique and hand quilted.

Here are some photos.

Postage Stamp Quilt



On the bed


The little squares


Some of the wool applique


The back of the quilt, a look at the hand quilting after the quilt was washed and dried and nice and crinkled just like I like it.  Two quilts can be entered so I guess I better look through recent quilts and find another – a lot of nice prizes are offered and the show is much easier to view this year too.


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Back To Routine

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), gardening, Handful of Scraps, quilts

Yes back to my regular routine and maybe finally getting back on track for sewing and the last of the garden as well.

I got Handful of Scraps back out to see where I left off – I really wasn’t sure how much was needed to finish this 3rd side that I was working on (not finished but the 3 rows I was working on – not a lot left to get this portion finished.  Then the other side of course and decide what is next – keep in mind this is still barely more than 50 x 60 inches I think – I know I measure it a week or two ago but the figure escapes my mind right now.  The other hexie quilt – Round We Go I will try to do 4 circle stars each month – there are 12 patterns that call for 4 of each.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today go see the nice stencil quilt she is making.

Handful of Scraps

One border of the vine is finished on Fall Harvest.  I had been keeping an eye out at the show for a package of fall prints in fat quarters or 5 inch charms but I didn’t see any that interested me so I will be searching the orange and brown/reds box before I any further purchases.  It is very hard to show progress on a vine when the thread blends in – trust me this side is stitched in place LOL


I noticed some of the Spider Lilies where blooming so walked around outside to get some photos and realized I had forgotten about the last cherry tomato plant was still covered with green tomatoes when we left for Paducah and ended up filling up the bottom of my tank top like an apron with tomatoes to carry back to the house .   This is the weird looking scraggly half dead tomato plant – the last one in the garden. Still some green ones on it so it is left in place and I will get the rest of them off later in the week or even the week after I expect.


My mint plants this year (1-spearmint, 1-peppermint and 3-sweet mint) didn’t do very well this year and I have only dried a little bit from all the plants – about a month ago I chopped them all off to about a half inch and let them go to see if they would grow back – the peppermint and spearmint still are not doing well, but the 3 sweet mint plants look better than they did all summer – I will let them go into October and then start cutting and drying – I will get a full jar out of these leaves yet.  Makes wonderful hot tea all winter.  I know I can buy mint teas but it is nice to have known I have grown it and dried it myself.


One of two that I hung in baskets for something different.


The spider lilies grow in several different places this is one area.


And look how pretty the Pineapple Sage has gotten – it has bloomed 3 times since I planted it in May – this is just looking so pretty right now – I pulled out the Morning Glories that had been in the bed next to them (well as much as I could that is I will let the vines dry more and try to pull out more later) and since I pulled them out this plant seems to have bushed out even more and it was only a week ago that I pulled out the plants next to them.  This plant has to be at least 2 or 3 feet in height and across.


One of the last photos from the show – I love applique and this has such an old fashion charm about it – I loved it.



So that is it from the show – I have more photos but the names of who made them was too blurry to show so I’m not showing the quilts as I don’t know who to give credit.






More From the Show


I hope to get back into my normal routine and get quilting again – since we got back from Paducah it has been one thing after another – today I hope to get some hexies going and more applique on the vine.  In the meantime here are more quilts from the show.

The big hall showing some of the quilts hanging.


Vendors – once again it was one display of long arm machines and sit down machines to try out and get information on.  Lucky for me there was a Juki dealership there and I was able to find out how to get the automatic threader to work for my machine.  I purchased my Juki TL 2010Q from another quilter who had sent for hers on line – she didn’t have anyone to show her how to use it but was able to figure it all out easily as this is a straight stitch only machine – but she couldn’t figure out how to use the threader.  I had found a video but it moves so fast I couldn’t figure it out either when I bought it from her.  Finally now I can sit down and practice and see if I remember what I was told – but I have barely been home – keep your fingers crossed that I remember what I was shown.