A Busy Outside Day

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With two low humidity days in a row outside work was calling my name and quilting waited until evening.  Now the humidity will be picking back up once again so I’m sure I will get back to getting some sewing done.  Shorter spells of working outside as the humidity can wipe you out.

I was out digging up plants and rock – yes digging up rock too – some of these had been so covered with dirt that they had to be found.  I was moving carefully I know little critters could be about – this is the south after all – as I was pulling a rock out of dirt I caught movement – something was under it – step back get the crowbar to move the rock a little bit and see what was there – I didn’t recognize it – not a snake I knew that – it had been a long time since I saw one of these critters – a salamander of some  sort – by then Mike was in the area so he kept an eye on it while I got my camera to take a photo – he ended up holding it so I could get the pictures


Pretty neat – he was rather sluggish and why he was dug down into the dirt I don’t know and under the rock too – too early for hibernating – do they dig down and lay eggs? we didn’t find any while we were digging the area out.


This is the area that needs to be cleared out – then cement put in with drainage away from the house – you see how the driveway slopes – in heavy rains it runs right down to those plants – we do have some drainage pipes in there that you can’t see that we put in long ago that run around the cement pad through the backyard and into the woods in back but it needs a redo.  All those plants, railroad ties and rocks are coming out.  This is going to take awhile it has been a long time coming to get this work done and the ground is very rocky.


Another angle – you can see if railroad ties are rotting it has been here awhile! something like 20 years or more.  A lot of digging and clearing to be done.


A little work on The Final Frontier continues almost every evening – I rolled it down and got started again – I am currently watching Covert Affairs on Netflix – this had been a USA show just a few years  back, I think it runs 5 seasons or so – it will entertain me for awhile I guess unless I tire of it like I have many that I have started over time.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.


I have not touched Hopscotch in several days and the hexies even longer than that.  I am going to try to get two more rows machine pieced today and maybe get the hexies out while taking a break from the digging.


A Very Nice August Day

gardening, quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

Well I didn’t get around to any sewing yesterday in the daytime – it was just too nice outside – I couldn’t pass up the chance to do some much needed digging in the yard.  We only had a high temperature of 76 degrees and low humidity that just doesn’t happen in August very often.  It sounds like at least part or all of today will be more of the same but a little warmer.  Besides digging I had to move all the herb pots to another area as the porch is too much in shade now at this time of year – the deck end of the porch that is – and between too much rain and not enough sun they are doing poorly.  I had one container tomato plant that is covered with blossoms and no tomato and it too needed to be moved to the sun I think so I transplanted it to an empty spot in the garden as most of it is bare now other than flowers and sweet potatoes.

I had been wanting to tackle some flower bulbs and move them but it involves so much digging.  I have a whole flower bed if you can even call it that, it has overgrown so much in the years since it was put there that I want to dismantle before I get too old or too weak to do this kind of work!!  Here is the only fairly recent photo I could find of these bulbs at the end of the driveway near the walking area to the door.  They have to be cleared out but every time I think about it I wait too long in the year and it is winter.  I have to get it done – this whole area I want dug out and planted elsewhere.  These tall lilies washed in with just one seed I do believe and before you know it I have hundreds of them growing over the years – they will be transplanted far from the house where I don’t care if they become over grown.  I’m sure I will be working on this area for the next two months!  I know me I will not want to work on it every day.


The size of these bulbs – they break off so easy that it is easiest to find them with the tall stem still attached – makes it harder to dig but the ground is so wet from all the rain we have gotten this month – now if the rocks weren’t in this soil it would make it a lot easier to dig.


I want all of this area up and gravel laid down.  There is a rock border that can’t even be seen anymore from lilies and ground cover taking over.


The Final Frontier – work on Saturday night.  Linking to Em’s Scrapbag today and Cooking Up Quilts, MCM#35 and A Patchwork Times.


I decided that the blocks with the small circles  off set that have a nice fern like design in them that I will quilt around the leaf design to add just a little more quilting to the block.


This area is where I started work last night.


A note on the quilt I showed yesterday – I did find a pattern in a few spots thanks for the help – no pdf files though for this pattern.  I think before I order one though I might try to draw it out – with the help of a compass I might be able to draw a circle and divide it up — one would think LOL  It really isn’t that complicated of a pattern after all.



A Little Quilting and A Little Piecing

quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

A little more of Hopscotch got worked on Saturday and maybe a little more today – right now 4 more very long rows needed to be stitched together – so it is getting there for sure.  I did mess up again in the piecing though and have some identical pieces next to each other.  Sometimes new quilters get very upset over mistakes like that and I always think that if it really bothers you to get the seam ripper out and fix your mistake but if you are not worried about it, it is not for a show, no contest involved etc then don’t worry about it.  This quilt has so many colors/prints in it that yes I know where the mistakes are and other quilters would spot them if examined but overall – who cares?


This stack of four rows is what is left to work on.


Here and there on The Final Frontier as I made a few blocks with the smaller circles off center I might go ahead and quilt around the fern like leaf that is on the fabric – I will decide that when I roll the quilt down next time as I would come to this area then.  I will work more on hand quilting today (or get the hexies out) and join in the hand work fun with Kathy and the gang at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching – we might not all be in the same room but we like the same kind of work!!  Imagine the fun we would have if we all got together in person– instead we will make due with knowing that we all slow it down on Sunday and try to get in some relaxing calm minutes with our stitches!!  I will link up as soon as I am able to in the morning (I schedule post and write the blog post night before and do the link up when it goes live in the AM)  I am also linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework.


Lately I have been looking at a pattern to use in the future with my scraps but I can’t find it in the US and I hate to pay shipping from Australia – does anyone here in the US have the pattern called Steampunk by Jen Kingwell with or without the acrylic templates they no longer want and would be willing to sell?  The pattern is probably close to 5 years old now I guess which is probably why I can’t find it.   Or If you know of a place on line that sells it let me know.

Steam Punk Pattern by Jen Kingwell Designs


Last day for the sale at  Craftsy this weekend as they bring you their best deals of the year, so you can gear up for your greatest gifting yet. Black Friday when you really need it! Sale runs through tonight August 21st.

 Thank you to everyone who place orders through my links I do appreciate it



Quilt Is Growing

Handful of Scraps, quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

Hopscotch will be finished before you know it – the top that is – half way done with it now. Trying to get a photo – the coffee table will need to be moved out of the way next photo.


Handful of Scraps grew by just a little bit when I pinned the newest hexie flower to the wall – there is so much of this quilt that needs to be sewn together – most of it on the left side is pinned to the wall.


I rolled The Final Frontier down and working on this side now.


Aniya came over with Melanie the other night as she said she had to visit Aunt Karen – we had an impromptu quilting lesson as she was wondering how to do it.  Please excuse the bad hair day and I was tired besides.  For those unfamiliar with Aniya she is my daughter Melanie’s great niece by marriage – almost 5 years old and she is spoiled rotten – a little princess so she thinks.  She can wind all of us around her little finger.  Linking up to Tweety Loves Quilting today.


I told her she could pick out 10 pieces of scraps to play with and she was dancing and throwing them in the air to make it rain fabric – wouldn’t that be nice if we could get fabric that way.


I caved and ordered from Craftsy from the sale!!  I needed backings and wide backs are preferred – just so much easier.  I don’t know if you have seen this one by Robert Kaufman, it is simple 3 yards x 108 inches it is ivory color and has a simple fern like print on it on sale for $32.40 (equal to 9 yards of fabric and no piecing!)  I got two of them so I have something on hand for a change.  They do not have a lot of wide backs but if you do a search on that some will come up.  Join Craftsy this weekend as they bring you their best deals of the year, so you can gear up for your greatest gifting yet. Black Friday when you really need it! Sale runs through Sunday night August 21st.

Robert Kaufman Whisper Prints 108in Wideback 3 Yard Cut - White

(and yes I did manage to get a couple more things in my basket to get free shipping! couldn’t resist)


Hopscotch and a Sale

Craftsy, Handful of Scraps, quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

I came up with a name for the scrappy bar quilt – after looking at it more and more the last days I thought it reminded me of the old childhood game of Hopscotch – I could picture hopping from one block to the next – thanks for all the ideas but this it!  I managed to get two more very long rows sewed together yesterday and sewed to the previous rows – 1/3 of the way done!


Started to work on this final round of the hexie flower started late last week and sat aside for awhile.  I’m linking to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and two new to me blog’s called Busy Hands Quilts and France Nadeau (fabric, thread, yarn).  Fort Worth Fabric Studio has their sharing day today also.


Worked on this area of Final Frontier on Wednesday night.


And this much left to do on this section before it gets rolled down – not a lot.


Handmade means more. That’s why Craftsy’s taking Black Friday into their own hands — for makers only. Join Craftsy this weekend as they bring you their best deals of the year, so you can gear up for your greatest gifting yet. Black Friday when you really need it!   Sale runs through Sunday night August 21st.

More good sales – Earlier in the week I had noticed that the kits were on sale – well now everything is on an official sale – I have seen some very good prices – some of the clearance items are marked down even more.

This large box of clearance Fossil Ferns 90 fat quarters has been discounted from $230.00 to $114.97 just to show one example.  More discounts on the site.  Have fun looking I know I will be especially through the clearance items as that is where the biggest markdowns are.

Benartex Fossil Fern Fat Quarter Box - None


Scrappy Bars–What to Call This Quilt

quilts, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier

It is time for me to get serious about a name for this very large scrappy quilt.  It is getting put together this week!  Amazing how fast a scrappy quilt that is such an easy layout can get put together when you set your mind to it.  And I am not in a rush – I just got started with the laying of the rows yesterday then got the sewing going to.

The coffee table got shoved to the other side of the room and laying out the rows began-no trick to it just try to not have any of the same color/print next to one another and I totally screwed that up when I started to sew two of the rows and I decided to leave them be and not take apart!!   The quilt top will finish at about 108 inches wide x 104 long  – I had to stand on top of the coffee table to get this shot.  It must have taken close to an hour crawling around the floor laying all of this out as part way through my daughter Jessica was texting and I was stopping what I was doing to answer.


Then I put a row number on the first block of each row and started to stack them up until I was done and the living room got back to normal and now all stacked on the sewing room table.


Then somehow while I was picking up pieces sewing  the long rows I grabbed from the wrong stack occasionally – I was chain piecing two rows alternately as I was instant messaging my other daughter Melanie – is it any wonder my mind was not paying attention when I show sometime in the future what her new design is going to be  – so I ended up with a few colors here and there next to each other that I hadn’t intended to be.   I’m afraid I have gotten in the “so what” mood – it is a scrappy quilt not a work of art – nothing is going to happen if I leave as is –  so the first two rows of 12 are done.  I am linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.


I was asked is it hard to quilt on a dark fabric with the dark thread – here is a close up so you can see the variegated thread – the thread is not as dark as it sometimes appears to be.


I have a light on two sides of the bar across the top of the frame and they can be pulled down and aimed at where I am working so I have good light.  There are also two lights affixed to the underside of the fabric shelf that is above the frame for extra light if needed.


This is a close up of the thread I am using – pretty colors!!


The area I worked on Tuesday night.


My appointment following the cataract surgery went great yesterday all was as it should be.  I go back in three weeks to get a further check on vision and a prescription for new glasses.  This doctor will now be my eye doctor as the one I had gotten regular check ups from is retiring and only works part time now – it is very hard to get in to see him when you need to so I made arrangements to have my records sent to this doctor instead.  I liked him and the clinic.  So glad to get this work behind me and start seeing well again.