An Old Quilt


well maybe you wouldn’t call it old but I made this quilt for my sister about 10-14 years ago. It was raining off and yesterday so we were home talking and watching movies so nothing to blog about thought I would just share the photo of her quilt.

I had gotten a little work done on Handful of Scraps so well share that too I am blogging on my phone though so can’t get the photo to rotate but you can see I am adding that outer row around.


Busy day


It was a busy day yesterday was a very busy day the flights were short but one lay over was long.  Vicki is doing great and after I arrived we came back to her place and had lunch and unpacked awhile before you know it we out exploring some of Colonial Williamsburg.  Walking and talking and catching up.

After I get into a routine I well try to blog once in awhile while here but needless to say I well not be in the routine I normally I’m when I am home.  Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post this week I no I well not be answering as I normally do.

My thread was waiting for me but have not touched it – very pretty thread.  I have a feeling little seeing we’ll be done – do not have good lighting so we well see.



And The Travels Begin


Late yesterday afternoon after I packed and re packed a dozen times – ok not that many LOL – but boy howdy is it hard to pack and keep it to one bag.  I took things out then put things back in then thought about it some more and took a piece out only to replace it with something else – I had to keep reminding myself that I can do laundry as often as I like – my sister said “you can borrow some of my clothes” LOL – I will need to get a photo of the two of us together so you know that is comical – for some reason she always thinks of us being the same size – she is 5’2.5 and I am 5′ 7.5 — she wears a size 6 and I am about a 10/12 — long arms here – hers aren’t so long – nope don’t think that is going to work – even shoes are different she is a 6 1/2 and I am a 9 1/2 — yes she is the older sister by a 1 and a 1/2 years but she is my little sister!  I got the tall genes in the family and the only of the girls to be tall like some of my brothers.

Any how I am here at the hotel over night near the airport and I worked on my wool applique for a little bit even though I do not have my thread I decided to use one strand of embroidery thread for the white flowers – they are so small nothing very thick is needed or it would cover them up.  All for now more when I can.

I need to remember how to do post on the Ipad so if the photo is messed up there you go! Well try to fix later.  Flying out early so posted this last night and scheduled for this morning as always.

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Wool Applique Block

Midnight Garden, scrap quilts, Stitchery

This wasn’t all that hard to put together – a small block but a lot of pieces actually – but with wool it is so much easier to prep – no extra seam allowance needed like needle turn!  just press your freezer paper template to the wool and cut out – glue or fuse in place and it is ready to stitch! Somewhere between 80-90 pieces in this one block.  The first Midnight Garden block ready for stitching!  Now I sure hope I can make nice tiny stitches to enhance this and not look like a mess!


The two scrappy baskets I showed the other day are done and added to the pile – here laid out to see what I have done – well certainly need to get busy on these when I get back home at the end of the month.


I have a lot of white/creams/tans to blend in with the scrappy baskets – these also will help fill out the Handful of Scraps quilt if more tans and creams are needed for that one.  I have more stuck away in that project box.


I got the Winter Scene back from the framers today – I have this set in the frame in such a way where you can pop this one out and put in spring, summer and fall – now of course I need to make them!  and make sure they are all the same size LOL – the same frame will be used for all and I have this mounted on a sticky board so it will lay flat and I will store it in the quilt cupboard under a stack of quilts to make sure it stays flat.


It is really sad when we live so much of our life on our electronic devices LOL – I was downloading a craftsy class on my Ipad to take with me – actually two of them – don’t know if I will feel like watching while waiting for planes – but maybe – at the same time that was downloading I had been texting Jessica – daughter in Wisconsin and playing Word with Friends with my sister in Virginia!!  A nice way to stay in touch with family/friends and not actually have the phone glued to your ear like it used to be.  It is so easy now to keep in touch and stay in touch – sometimes daily.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts today and Jo’s Country Junction for UFO progress and Susan’s Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers.


The Craftsy Classes I am taking with me Sue Spargo Embroidery Texture and Dimension by Hand.  I actually bought it last year but never finished it so I will be starting over again. (I get distracted to easy!)  The other class is a crochet class on cables – I can’t find it anymore except in my files of classes so it must have been discontinued – it was called Quick and Easy Crochet Cables – with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby – I see another of his classes listed but not that one.  Again with that one I bought it awhile ago on sale and haven’t gotten around to watching it.  I figure seeing as I do know the basics of crochet maybe I could learn that easier than knitting?

For the next three weeks, Craftsy is serving up a special deal just for quilters every single day,  offering sweet savings on classes and supplies, plus a quick video tip from our very own Craftsy quilting pros.

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Quilting, Applique & and a Basket

Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts, scrap quilts

Monday was a busy day, I’m trying to get a few things done around the house and prepare an applique block for my trip.    The lady I ordered my thread from is sending the thread to my sister’s place so I well be able to work on my block after all  — The Teacher’s Pet located in Louisiana when Kathy realized I needed the thread for a project I was taking with me on a trip she suggested sending it to my sisters house – I hadn’t even though to ask her that – very good customer service – because of Martin Luther King Day the mail was not going out yesterday and I was not going to get it before I left!   Still some tiny flowers to get in place but this is what the applique block looks like so far – I eyeball placement don’t really care for plastic overlay.  Midnight Garden – this is wool applique but the pattern is for needle turn it is by Deborah Kemball.  This is the first of 9 blocks for it – a nice size wall hanging.  I cut my blocks at 14 or 15  inches they are to be finished at about 13 I think, but really you can determine that yourself when the block is done.  Embroidery tendrils from the flowers and leafs wander across the blocks joining them in the end.  I will be working this in buttonhole or whip stitch – I will look at Deborah’s instructions for fancy stitches and see if I can manage any without ruining the piece.


Baby quilt is done and ready for donation this year – finished at 36 x 46 inches.  Washed & dried complete with label.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog.


One more Scrappy Basket almost finished – need to finish the handle and the little cutout.  I planned to finish it last night before I got started quilting.  I have had a few ask where is the pattern for this quilt – it can be found in the book called “When the Cold Wind Blows” a Blackbird Design – the quilt itself is called “Trick or Treat” and was done in orange and brown colors – I think there are a variety of patterns out though using this scrappy basket but I do not know the names of the others.


and this is where I picked up last night on the Postage Stamp quilt.  When I get done with this sixth row going across I want to go back to the other side and finish the sixth row on that side of the quilt – some of the 6th row of blocks are only partially done that happened while I was getting used to being on a hoop instead of the frame.


Blogging friend Teri has a cooking blog – she also does some quilting and said she is cleaning house and going through her quilting things she has 4 kits that she will be finding new homes for – here is her link – Cooking My Way To Retirement – you might want to keep an eye out for a couple days and see what she has.

For the next three weeks, Craftsy is serving up a special deal just for quilters every single day,  offering sweet savings on classes and supplies, plus a quick video tip from our very own Craftsy quilting pros.

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More on the Quilts

Postage Stamp Quilt, quilts

I was thinking I had 10 rows of blocks on The Postage Stamp quilt but it is actually 8 x 10 and I had it the the shorter way across the quilting frame – when I said I was on the 6th of 10 rows it was actually 6th out of 8 rows – so I was much further along then I thought I was.   A full two rows left to do and part of the 3rd row that you see plus the border.


Another view.  I am linking to Em’s Scrapbag and MCM#56 Cooking Up Quilts and I thought I would link it to Judy at Patchwork Times again, it looks like she might be back to quilting again.


The top of the binding done on the baby quilt and part of the left side.


I was going to go with a white binding but preferred the red with the backing especially.


The “room” as it is now – a mess LOL – yes I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten his computer stuff out of there yet, but it is coming along away.  We got a lot done this weekend – and yes it is WE – not just Mike as some of you have mentioned that HE did a lot of work – this is a team effort and we work together on these things – I do a lot of the carrying of trash out to the various places – trash heap, workshop etc, while he does the heavier things – but believe me I am getting in my steps and taking things apart too.  We have always done things this way working these projects together – heck I have even helped do the roofing over the years although I must say not in recent years!  But yes I know how to do roofing and have helped do two of them.  If my arms and hands were stronger I would be doing a lot more of the work.



For the next three weeks, Craftsy is serving up a special deal just for quilters every single day,  offering sweet savings on classes and supplies, plus a quick video tip from our very own Craftsy quilting pros.

The Daily Buzz seen at this link