A Sale & Cooking

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Before I get into my travel post I wanted to let you all know that Craftsy is having a sale.

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Cooking in the camper can be challenging as it is small space but when weather is chilly I turn to the electric skillet when at a campground with full hookups instead of the propane stove – after all we are paying for the electricity you know.   This is what I call  camp stew.


What do I have that  can go in it – stew meat and onions are browned in oil.  I had one large potato left and some carrots and a half of a red pepper.


For the sauce, I had a can of soup left and a jar of gravy also I had a packet of a liquid beef flavoring – I don’t remember the name – like a bouillon cube but liquid.


Simmer for awhile and supper and is made.


For me some green tea on this chilly evening and some bread to go with it.


I have days worth of photos from the Bryce Canyon area to share and I will go through those – the campground we have been at has had little internet so I have not got any more post ready.  We are moving to Paige Arizona today – hopefully the internet will be better and I can get my Utah photos done.


Quilt Walk



We stopped at a place called Red Rock Visitor Center and it had a quilt hanging in memory of something that happened over a hundred years ago in Utah.  I had heard the story and took photos to share – the importance a quilt can be!





Beautiful Red Rock Country – at this posting we were outside of Bryce Canyon by about 16 miles.  We had nice weather the first day – then rain for two.




Our campsite






beautiful country




Windy Desert & Mundane Chores!

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What a day the 2nd of October was – driving from Grand Junction to Richfield, Utah – the wind was horrible.  The speed limit going across the desert is 80 miles per hour!! and people were doing it even in that wind.  I must say we took our time – the wind was buffeting the camper all over the place.

Numerous pull outs along the way (rest areas)  we had been seeing this beautiful plant in numerous places in the west I tried to grow it once at home and it didn’t take even though it said zone 7 was ok.  Russian Sage – it grows several feet or more tall.


We climbed a trail on a hill above the rest area to take a look – we are part way in back of the monster motorhome – now you can see why I say ours is small?


A view from another stop along the way


A beautiful plant I had been seeing this one for awhile too and hadn’t taken time to look at it closely – the leaf’s were much thicker then they had looked and where not sharp as some are.


Some have asked for a better view of our sitting area – I took this photo before we really started to spread out ourselves after we set up camp – we are in (were) in Richfield Utah for two nights.  Another KOA – Mike has some  computer work for his contract job that he planned on doing along the way and needs a good computer connection – so we will be stopping this week at another one also so he can get his work done and we well be near the parks to enjoy.  I like to sit on the beige chair and pull the black chair (my passenger chair) in a little closer to use as a foot stool – works – on both sides we have slide out/pull out tables and this is where we eat and use computers too.  (keep in mind we never intend to live full time in this small motorhome – but for 4-8 week trips it is a good size for 2 people who spend a lot of time outside)


I got mundane chores done while Mike was at the computer on  Saturday the 3rd – these kind of campgrounds almost always have a laundry room and this one worked great and the driers were a lot faster to dry than some I have come across.


Got the sheets washed and added the second quilt to the top of the bed – temperature will be dropping this week and we are expecting  colder night time temperatures.  This quilt was one I designed called “Going In Circles” about 4 years ago?  I put it on top of the tumblers.


This is the campground we are at – closer together then the rustic parks but this one is a nice small campground and we have trees.


After I got done with the laundry and lunch I decided to walk to the quilt shop that I had googled while Mike continued his work.  It was 1.4 miles from the campground on small town streets (sidewalks) and very easy to find – six blocks down from the campground then walk straight for about 7 blocks or something like that (extra long blocks seemed to me!) – next to impossible to get lost and I could get in more steps – the store was called Marcia’s and is right downtown (no blog or web site been in business since 1989) and if you are ever in the area in Richfield Utah it is worth the stop if you like to browse and maybe get something for the heck of it – nothing fancy but they had fabric a small supply of books and patterns – plenty of Gutermann Thread and some others and a little bit of notions.  I didn’t get much as I was walking and carrying it back!  the thread is hand quilting variegated – I think I will use one or both in my hexie quilt but not sure – if not it will be used for something!  Maybe a Christmas table runner with the reds and strips?


On our way in the morning of the 4th for SW Utah’s national parks – more then!  Well get more hikes in and sights to see – two more weeks are we are home around the 18th or 19th.  Melanie and Ric have been doing a good job of keeping our house safe for us and have been enjoying my porch!  It will be fall for sure in Arkansas when we get home from what Melanie said the temperatures are about the same the last couple days there as it is here.


Sculptures in Grand Junction

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Our last night in Grand Junction on the 1st I believe it was (this post written on the 3rd)– yes my days tend to run together after awhile and I am glad that the clock on the wall in the camper also has a date on it and day!  Even inside temperature.


Any how as I was saying the last night in Grand Junction we wandered around the downtown – we had been in the area before and knew they have sculptures all over the place & a pool – here are just some of them – a few really as I believe the sign said over 100 or 200?


Now that’s a big bike.







I remembered after we got here that this store had fabric and yarn – we got there after it closed so I was able to only look in the windows.


Pretty much all the shops were closed as we got there around 6:30 but we walked up and down the streets and looked in windows – an antique store with lots of tea pots in the windows.


I guess it was a good thing it was closed or one would have come home with me.


One shop was open!  I had pineapple gelato and Mike had butterpecan.



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Other than seeing deer in Mesa Verde and antelope from a distance we hadn’t seen much wildlife – Finally some wildlife were spotted!  We went to the Colorado National Monument today (Oct. 1st) and saw 10 Bighorn sheep.  I’m afraid I didn’t get really great photos of them up on their mountain sides but I did get some.






And I spotted a lizard that looks a lot like the kind and size of the ones that we have at home.


Back to the camper in the afternoon and I got my Wagon’s West sewing box out and actually sewed for awhile – it was so hot outside – too hot to sit out.  I do plan to leave my box in a spot where I can get to it more easily and maybe I will work on it more – I had been storing it in a cupboard where I have things in front of it and have to move things to get it out.


I have not been cooking outside while here at the KOA campground that we are at – all of the campers are close together, little privacy, and it is just too hot!  I have an electric skillet that I use a lot instead of using the propane stove in the camper – mainly right now because we have been low on propane and plan to get it in the morning when we leave here – I do a lot of one dish meals when we travel – just plan easier to do than getting out a lot of pans and trying to make a big meal in a small space.  I do not have a name for this recipe – I saw a recipe on line from an Italian sight and didn’t remember it exactly but I thought I remembered it close enough  –  I had some potatoes to use up and some other things.


I had some Italian sausage that I browned, added a half of a red pepper chopped, 4 sliced potatoes, when it was browning I added a half bag of green beans and a little water, put the lid on and steamed it a little as the instructions had said.  Then when the potatoes are about done add about a half tube of tomato paste, one small jar alfredo sauce, a little salt and pepper and a teaspoon of dried herbs and just get the sauce warmed up and serve.  It was pretty good.  I didn’t have salad ingredients but you could serve it with that if you wanted to.


We are now on to Utah – Mike has some work that he needs to get done with that he brought along from home  and needs Wi-Fi so we will be staying at another KOA or two for the next week so he can get that done in between seeing the sights – the National Parks just do not have good service usually for that.  I’m not sure how crowded the campgrounds will be that we will be at and I hope to get in some cooking outside – most have a grill at the spots so we will see and depends on what the weather is also.  While Mike gets his work done on the computer I should be able to actually get some sewing done – maybe outside even if it isn’t windy and enjoy the air.


A Mountain Drive Loop

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On the last day of September here in Grand Junction, Colorado we decided seeing as it would be hot here we would take a drive up in the mountains and see the sights – I’m not sure how many miles it was – for us it was about 5 hours I guess as we stopped a lot to look at things, take short walks and found a spot on the side of the road for lunch.


I guess I could figure out mileage on this map if I wanted to but I didn’t bother – we went out to the Land’s End Observatory and then make the road that has the red dots on it and made the loop back to Grand Junction.


The first scenic mountains I was seeing was this – I was think fall foliage and we did get to that quickly –


We got to the aspens and spruce and fir trees before you knew it and the temperature began to drop –


Thinking 90 in Grand Junction this 57 felt pretty darn good! glad I brought a sweater along!  I wasn’t expecting it to cool off that much.  Miles per gallon wasn’t so great going up those mountain roads but coming back down it improved back to about 28.


I was very surprised at one pull out to see wild strawberry plants growing with blossoms! this late in the year – I wonder if that is normal?


it was just beautiful up there


We got out to the observatory and I knew there was a sign for restrooms – I needed a bathroom! finally found it – an old building on the side the hill!  walk down all those steps to an old fashioned outhouse – on the side of the cliff basically – didn’t smell to good – but I needed it LOL


We started back and hadn’t seen any picnic area so we got out our fold up table that we carry with us and our chairs and made our own picnic spot among the aspen trees.


Another view – it sure was a pretty spot


Mike putting it all away – it comes with little seats that are very little and uncomfortable to sit on – we usually use them to rest our feet on!  The legs extend on it so you can have a low table like a coffee table or higher to eat at.


And it all folds up like a suitcase – doesn’t take up much room at all – it is very light weight, we bought it about 8 years ago and still almost like new – so nice to have it and set up a picnic among the trees.


After we left there we continued on the loop and came across two old log houses that had been updated in the 30’s or 40’s but they were boarded up so you couldn’t go in them, there was a trail to them though and around with signs telling you it had been part of a ranch and they used these at the summer when rounding up their cattle.


Continued on to the visitor center and found it closed but the restrooms were still open and we were able to walk out to the porch of the structure to see the view – I loved this porch! wouldn’t you love this for your own.


the view from it


And in another direction!  Just beautiful.