Not Much Done

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Yesterday was one of those days where it just got away from me without a lot being done in the sewing room.  I had to run to the store to pick up last minute things before Thanksgiving for the pies and things – Mike has a cold so I had to get cold medicine but he now has high blood pressure so the search was on for what is now safe for him to take.    I had intended to go to Wal-Mart but when I pulled into their parking lot I quickly changed plans to go elsewhere – they were packed – the parking lot was so full at 10AM I could not believe it – so I moved across town to a smaller store – got all I needed but the cold medicine, they didn’t have what I was looking for.  Went home with the grocery’s and ate lunch.  I was planning on going to the fitness center in the afternoon so I planned on going to a drug store to get what I needed – well, first stopped at one and they didn’t have it.   I went and exercised, stopped at another afterwards they didn’t have it so back to the busy Wal-Mart – they did have it.  By time I got home it was going on 2:30 and nothing at home had been done.

Then I needed to finish the laundry which I did and put everything away.  Went outside for a little bit to clear my head with a walk around and a little yard work, back inside nothing had been done in the sewing room.  While watching the news after supper I got a little crocheting done – I have yarn from last winter when I was going to force myself to learn how to knit a simple shrug – it didn’t  work out – the shrug got unraveled and rolled back up into balls – I tried something else – it got too stretched out or something – by now you realize that crocheting and knitting really isn’t what I am good at but I like the idea of it!! LOL – so now a new shawl is being worked up – maybe it will grow?  This is what I have so far.  Sometimes I rather hold a crochet hook and do the simple mindless single crochet stitch instead of sewing.


The quilting on Murrieta Stars from Monday night.  Linking to Sew Fresh QuiltsJo’s Country Junction – – Midweek Makers


I did play around with the sewing machine a little bit and realized that this machine has no holder for a cone.  I got out one that is decorative (and now I see I cut half of it out in the photo)  that I have used for both decoration and a thread cone holder before and was checking to see if it will work.


I’m wondering if it is high enough and if the thread will move smoothly enough – I put that piece of fabric there so the thread would show up so you can see it.  I will just have to try it to see – I have about 7 cone spools so certainly want to be able to use them.  Anyone have a Babylock and what do you use? The machine didn’t come with anything to hold a cone.


Today I am making pies – and my house needs a quick little cleaning because it needs it – not anything special because it will be Thanksgiving just because the floors need doing!  I also know that after I get done making pies I will have spilt at least a little flour on the floor and they will need to be washed.  Maybe I will have time for sewing at some point.


Moving Right Along

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, scrap quilts

I had mentioned that I had several fabrics that I thought would work out ok for a border for the little quilt from the charm package – little did I remember just how closely the two fabrics match up to some in this charm package.  Look at these!    Both are a different shade then those I had wrapped on the cardboard and put on the shelves and the design isn’t exactly the same – but so close – both of these will be used for borders.


Some done yesterday – the top 5 rows are done and all rows joined, the bottom 5 are rows that need to be joined yet.  This quilt has not photographed right from the start – it isn’t quite so dark looking as it appears.


On some blogs I read there has been chatter of leaders and enders  recently and I’ve tried it numerous times in the past and after a short while I jump in and finish a leader ender quilt as I get tired of waiting for it to grow.  I decided to try it once again – these are 2.5 inch squares and seeing as I emptied this box earlier in the year I don’t have a lot to work with so maybe it will stay “leaders and enders” for awhile – we will see.


I have a small plastic box full of scraps from the last couple projects that need to be cut so many of them will be cut into 2.5 inch squares if they are big enough at some point.


Murrieta Stars from Sunday night – got a lot done – I’m watching the newest season of “Longmire” is this season 5 or 6 – I have lost track but it is new.  I am linking to Kokaquilts:sew, stitch, snap, share and Esther’s Quilt Blog today



I think tomorrow I can sew still and do whatever and then Wednesday I need to bake pies for Thanksgiving – pumpkin and pecan – only four of us this year so really do not need more and we eat pumpkin pie for 2 or 3 days – we love it for breakfast, snacks you name it – and it’s healthy – pumpkin, eggs, milk –( we will forget about the sugar)  Half of the pecan pie at least will be frozen into individual slices and I will eat it off and on for awhile – what I don’t give the Melanie and Ric that is.  Do you do big celebrations for Thanksgiving – or small like I do – it is very informal here.  And I do not do Black Friday sales unless it is from the computer I don’t like to drive round and round the parking lot looking for a spot – I don’t mind walking a distance as I always park far out in the lot for more steps, but I do not like the crowds and waiting in line – I don’t have patience for standing in line not moving.


Hand Quilting & Machine Piecing

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, scrap quilts

Murrieta Stars got rolled down again and I am working on the second row of stars and part way down with it –there are 6 rows of stars so you can already see the half way point on this quilt.  The row above the area I am working on is row 3 – the one with the pink star.

Murrieta Stars - flannel quilt

This is the area I finished on Saturday night and Sunday I rolled it down and got going on the side in the above photo.  Grids go fast and by not doing all of them the same it keeps it interesting.

Murrieta Stars - hand quilting

The first 5 rows of the blocks are sewn – next I will sew those first five rows together then I will go to the second half.  Linking up to Em’s Scrapbag today and MCM#97 Cooking up QuiltsLove, Laugh, Quilt : Monday MakingSmall Quilts & Doll Quilts

half square triangles

Has anyone used these pins? I found them in my stuff in the move to the re-done sewing room – I have never used them and haven’t a clue when I bought them – I don’t remember buying them, maybe I won them in a give away I have won a lot of give away’s over the years.  Like so many things they get pushed aside behind this or that and turn up years later – surely I’m not the only person this happens to.


While I was at the sewing machine this is the few from the window as the sun was going down.  Reflections in the window but look how orange that sun was.


Last night we may have gotten our first frost – won’t know until this morning of course – I write and schedule my post the night before so I didn’t know as I wrote this – I decided to try to save the larger of the two ferns for a change.  I haven’t a clue if I can keep this fern alive until the end of March – I guess I will find out.  (I have never had luck with the ferns in the house in the winter and stopped trying about 10 years ago or more).  I have it sitting in a metal bowl hoping to keep plenty of moisture in the plant and will try to remember to mist it almost daily and to turn the plant weekly so all sides get light.  It stays a little cooler in the dining room as there is no heat vent in the room – it is a small room with the huge door way off the kitchen making it just an extension of the kitchen really and there is a heat vent on that side of the kitchen – the room stays about 66-67 degrees in the winter.  This was an $8-10 fern – I don’t remember the exact price but it really wasn’t very large when I got it – you could see the pot it was in at the time as the length of the leaves were about where the water saucer is.  I have a plant mat underneath it to protect the table top.  That is a sweet potato vine growing on the windowsill – it hasn’t gotten very thick, I thought it would be bigger by now.  I started it about 3 or 4 months ago it has been very slow to grow.

Boston Fern


Making A New Quilt

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, sewing room

Just a little one!  I have been hand piecing so much and hand quilting, raking outside and so much work can get my fingers aching that I changed it up a little bit yesterday and was piecing a small quilt – I will add a border to it to make it a little bigger.  I had four extra pieces leftover so for now I put them in the corners – this fabric is from the fall 5 inch charm set that I won last week mixed with  5 inch charm pack of white that I had.  Just something small I will try to get it to be about 48 x 60 inches.  I think I have a green that will work out for the border or a brown – or maybe both for two borders – I might decide to go through the scraps and find some more pieces to mix in with this to make it bigger before borders – I know among all those scraps there should be some — this was from a pattern I saw on Pinterest

IMG_3834 (2)

You remember when we were putting together the sewing room I told you that the cutting table can be cranked higher – here is a photo of the two tables together when one is cranked up – I was separating blocks into color groups and didn’t want to bend as my back was aching from the yard work the day before.


A close up of the crank – when you are not using the crank you can remove it so you are not bumping into it like I would do – maybe you wouldn’t?


I could have cranked the table up just a little more I realized later – I’m next to it to you can see how high the table an go  – I am just under 5’8” inches so this works out so good!


Me next to the desk table which is basically the same height as the other when it is not cranked up – you see how much I would need to bend!!

IMG_3833 (2)

When the tables are even next to each other – just a tad off but not much.


For Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will be working on Murrieta Stars – it is coming along so nicely and quickly now – I’m glad I decided no flowers to quilt!  This grid shows up so much better.  Friday nights work here –  I’m also linking up to Quilting is More Fun than Housework


Saturday nights work here and for Sunday I will be cranking it down I think and starting on the next side.  I might do a few hexies as well and maybe some machine work as well.



Quilting, Piecing, Fall

gardening, Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, scrap quilts

Murrieta Stars is coming along and will come along faster now that I decided to forego flowers or anything fancy and just get on with straight stitching on this flannel quilt.  This half of the quilt in the section across that I reach is now done.


This much to go before it gets rolled down and one row of stars is complete and 5 more rows of stars to complete – I am working on the second row of them right now.


I am putting together a small quilt from the charm package that I won mixing them with a charm package of Kona Snow that I got on a daily deal from Fat Quarter Shop I think for 99 cents – so with a backing from the stash and batting pieced together from left overs you are talking basically a small free quilt – I will probably mail this off to someone in need of a donation quilt – if anyone needs a small quilt let me know – I’m not sure what the size will be and a border will be added to make it large enough to use.


A little work is started on the left hand side of Handful of Scraps – I figured I better get back to work on this and get it finished.  I do not know what size it will be still but I will add the three rows on to the left side and then decide from there – this will make the quilt 56 x 62 when I finish this section.

IMG_3825 (2)

Leaves were mulched in this section of the yard and yes a little more will fall down and need to be cleaned up but it won’t be as much as what I took care of the last 3 days.


All the mulched up leaves are being dumped all around the raised beds to keep weeds from growing too close.  And yes this area needs to be mulched still too!  It never ends in a yard this big.


I still have some marigolds and petunias growing – looking pretty still but straggly.


I still have some roses growing too – this one taken through the sewing room window

IMG_3819 (2)

the pretty trees in back of the workshop

IMG_3815 (2)

And the ferns are still alive on the porch – I am keeping an eye on the nightly temperatures and only have protected them once for two nights – will possibly have to do that again for a night or two – I wonder how long they will stay alive – I really think they will die if I bring them in the house and have little natural light for them in the winter and the house gets too dry for ferns.


More yard work to do but very windy tomorrow they say so maybe it will be inside work instead?


Stick On Thimbles

Sewing Notions

A couple weeks ago I mentioned I couldn’t find something in the new sewing room – after all the organizing I guess that isn’t unusual – I don’t remember if I had mentioned what it was I lost – it was a small case to keep my stick on thimbles.  I had gotten it some years ago and it is very handy to have  – they don’t sell it anymore – I liked it enough that when after two days of looking and not finding I thought about buying another as it wasn’t pricey – just handy – well it is no longer being sold – of course isn’t that the way it usually it.  I didn’t see them listed anywhere.

Well yesterday when I was thinking about what to do with the hand quilting on Murrieta Stars I remembered some darker thread that I have for the Midnight Garden Wool Applique that I started last year and has been sitting aside for nearly a year now – I remember where I put the box of thread to go with that project and low and behold –I found my thimble case plus two extra stick on thimbles – in the thread container!  (and an extra pair of scissors that I would have missed sooner or later also)


The metal circle on the center in the lower portion is the one I use now – I forgot to move it I had sat it there so I could take photos – linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict Crazy Mom Quilts


The two sitting above it are extras that were made just a little differently when they first started these.  I like the one at the very bottom as it has a ridge all the way around and the needle stays in that area – the other ones have no ridge so the needle isn’t as easily controlled.  I can not wear regular thimbles – I can’t have anything with a ridge type of thing like regular thimbles close to my joints or I get small cysts forming and I find leather thimbles cumbersome.  If you know you do not need to change the sticky pad you can stick it to the round circles on the case and just peel it off to use next time that is why I have this stuck on it like that.


They come in this little plastic case now it is called Thimble Pack Plus and has the sticky pieces for the metal thimble and one for your under the quilt finger which I do not use and one for the finger on top plus the leather pieces.   I much prefer the case above for traveling.  The link goes to Amazon but they are available at some quilt shops and on line quilt shops as well.


This is how I use the thimbles – even though I have extra metal thimbles I can not wear two of them at the same time and have my fingers cooperate – if I wear one on my thumb it just doesn’t work out so I use a leather stick on thimble on it.   I use the same leather thimble sometimes for a week – the other one has the little white sticky pads that you attach to it (show in the above photo stuck to the two in the plastic container) for me again I can wear the same one for almost a week before it will no longer stick.  Maybe I’m just lucky? I have heard of others though that use them too.  I quilt with both fingers – going towards me or away from me, and side to side – with a floor standing frame that is possible although you do turn your body this way and that but I am used to it and it is how I do it.


Oh and what did I decide to do for quilting Murrieta Stars in the blank spaces – just a grid.  I tried out two different colors of thread and different thicknesses also and just didn’t like it – I think the flannel just distorts the design – I had never quilted flannel before so this is a learning experience – I like quilting on flannel – but I think it is best to keep the design simple.  No new photo of it – I have all the thread picked out from the sunflower and spritzed the designs out with water and needed to remark my grid on it and get busy.