Hexies and Rain

Handful of Scraps

Yesterday I finally got done with the power washing of the deck, porch, and sidewalk around the flower bed- it took all day as I had to do it in between rain storms.  I started in the morning and was ready to take a break as I shut the machine down I could hear thunder in the distance and it had been getting darker so I went in the house to take a much needed break and it started to pour and lots of thunder.  After lunch the sky turned blue again and it warmed up – I got back to work and I got done about an hour before another storm  – that  gave us about 2 inches of rain yesterday and washed all the dirt off that had flown all over the place from the spraying of the power washer.  My plants that had been near by really needed a wash down and I imagine all the trees and things needed a drink so that was fine.  I can tell after the rain that I missed places on the wood here and there, it is old wood, not all of the dirt is going to come off – but it is done for another year – I just wanted an improvement – I didn’t think it would all come off.  More rain off and on all week – glad I got that chore out of the way.

Cleaner than what it had been — but now wet.


Water all over the place, but it will soak in fast


Finally towards evening I got the last diamond for Handful of Scraps center piece finished.  Now to get more pieces cut and basted and start to join the center together.  Linking to Lorna’s Sew Fresh Quilts today and My Quilt Infatuation.


More on that tomorrow maybe – or maybe I will tackle those backings for the two quilts mentioned the other day.



Handful of Scraps, Quilty 365 - The Final Frontier, Wagon's West (dresden plates), Winter Wonderland

Don’t you just love it when packages arrive in the mail from quilting shops!  I had a big box – batting – two of them.  Now I have what is needed to quilt both the next quilt on the frame – The Final Frontier and Wagon’s West on the machine.  I made sure to get the same kind of batting so that the scraps from both of them can be put together and used for a couch size quilt or a baby quilt.  Yes this is 100% wool for a change, I know I will need to be careful when it comes to washing the quilts and will need to only have in the dryer for a very short time, I wanted to see how I liked it though and was on a very good sale.  I will add a note to the label about the batting so I won’t forget.


This is the backing for Wagon’s West – I do need to piece it so I guess I better get busy this week – I have this back to sew together and a very big back for the Final Frontier – some purple fossil fern that I showed last week.  I have not gotten around to it.  I do want to get both sewed though before I get started machine quilting as when that starts nothing else will get to the machine for a couple weeks at least.


Winter Wonderland was rolled down and started on the 3rd from the last row last night.


The 6th of the diamond shapes for Handful of Scraps is in the works and should get done today if I set my mind to it.  Linking to Esther’s blog.





My work on the porch continues with the power washer – I didn’t get done like I hoped I would – I took so many breaks yesterday – It is a very big area to cover and I just didn’t get done.  I will work more on it this week and hope to finish!  Or maybe I will wait until the weekend LOL – we will see.

I did manage to get the hexies basted for the next and final diamond but nothing stitched. I spent more time reading a book then stitching.


And there was more stitching on Winter Wonderland in the evening.  I am linking to Em Scrapbag – Moving it Forward and Cooking Up Quilts.


I was very disappointed to find all of my strawberries in the garden were eaten by something – I had finally noticed on Friday morning that I had about 10 to 15 large strawberries that I thought would be ready to pick on Sunday and when I went to get them I couldn’t find them! Not one – all that is left now are tiny berries not even a hint of pink color on them yet.  I was disappointed and no if I keep the plants I would need to make a netting of some mesh over them and it is too much of a bother with such a little area – not worth it in my opinion so I do believe I will be ripping them out and plant something that doesn’t attract the rabbits or whatever it was that ate them.  Sometimes that is the way it goes when you plant a garden – you learn what to plant and how much and what the animals want too!


A Busy Weekend

Handful of Scraps, Winter Wonderland

I do not think I will be getting much sewing done this weekend.  I am power washing the porch and deck.  I got part way done yesterday and hope to get it finished today if not Monday.

Got this much of it done Saturday – the stone area, the swing (to the left not in this photo) and part of the deck – we get so much moss going on the stone area – it can get slippery if you don’t take care of it now and then.


I will work on this porch area next  – what has the roof over it doesn’t get near as bad as the open area.


This area really needs to be totally redone – some of the boards are getting bad even though they were treated – they have been in place for 20 years or more.  I will clean them off too though so they won’t be slick and hopefully Mike will be able to get around to redoing boards next year – doubtful for this year – too much on his plate right now.  This is the flower bed that I have mentioned I dug out and replanted – I used to have just roses in here years ago but then diseases struck and I got rid of them – except two that aren’t in the photo and two more on the edge of the deck above– then I had some veggies in here but it is shade all morning and late afternoon – sun only for part of the day so I decided to go with flowers and the mints lined up.


I did select the next hexies to baste for Handful of Scraps and well do that when I am taking breaks from outside – I can not just power wash with no breaks – my shoulders, neck and arms would be killing me!!  the lilac color well be the eight pieces around the center.


I will continue to work on Winter Wonderland in the evenings.


Hope you all have a great weekend.  Linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitching for my break times! Also linking to Quilting is More Fun than Housework! (isn’t that the truth!)


More Hexies

Handful of Scraps, Winter Wonderland

Another hexie diamond shape is finished for Handful of Scraps– one more and then I will put the center of this quilt together and probably take a break! I will need one I’m sure.  These are certainly not  up on the wall perfectly as you can tell – I haven’t picked out the colors for the next one but it will have a dark outside ring like the one on the left side does.


Winter Wonderland – the 4th row from the end – I have forgotten what number row this is – did this quilt have 17 or 18? I don’t really remember but I can see it is nearing the end!!


I have been asked by several for comparisons between Inklingo and EPP –a lot of you know I have done  both methods — what do I think?  is one faster or easier?  Well it is hard to compare in a way as both have the pluses and minuses.

With Inklingo you cut your fabric to fit a sheet of freezer paper, feed it through the printer using the lightest color ink (about 20 are provided) for your fabric for you to see – you then peel your fabric off the freezer paper and cut your pieces out – then using a running stitch you hand piece your pieces on the lines you printed out – (you can machine stitch if you wish).

For EPP you cut your fabric into useable pieces – like 2 .5 inch squares or whatever – you need to be able to fold over a seam line which you baste in place with thread or glue onto your paper template.  You can clip pieces of the square off if you wish – that is how I am doing it to have more of a hexagon shape.  You then whip stitch two pieces together adding more pieces for the shapes you are doing.  With EPP your edges stay turned under as long as you keep the paper in which gives you a very good turned under edge for appliqueing a piece down if you want to do that.

For actual preparation time it is my opinion that Inklingo takes longer to do – if you have a troublesome printer like I quite often do it takes even longer.  But both ways of doing hexagons for instance are neat and enjoyable to do.  Both are easy to take along with you once you have them prepped and in a bag or box or whatever you use for storage.  If you are a quilter who enjoys English Paper Piecing but wish to see what Inklingo is all about you can go to Linda’s page to see what it is all about –  she has some free sets for you to try out – that is the best way to see if you want to try that method.  I am surprised that I am enjoying EPP this time around – I have tried it before and couldn’t get my fingers to work around it right – this time I have caught on.  I mainly wanted to try it this way this time because I very often have trouble with my printer and right now even with new glasses I have eye strain as the new glasses just don’t seem to be working right (or maybe it is the eye itself because of the eye surgery) and for Inklingo you should try to go with the lightest ink you can – I would have to go dark to see the line really well.

So the choice is yours – I really can’t say do one or the other – but I do think if you really want to you can try both and see what they are all about.  It is up to each person to see which they feel they can do easier or faster.

Kathi here is a shot of the back of the pieces that you wanted to see – these hexie pieces are the ones that I won with the book you can get them Edyta Sitar’s site  – each has a little saying printed on them.  You can see how I fold over and thread baste – this is the very common way that a lot do.  I assume that as you take the papers out you can trim your back a bit to have your seams closely to 1/4 inch.


From the front – if you use closely matching thread you can not see the stitches very well at all.  They are not totally invisible but not bad.


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Baking/cooking, Handful of Scraps, Postage Stamp Quilt, Winter Wonderland

So what was done yesterday – these hexies for Handful of Scraps are now basted and ready to stitch.


One set of stems for the Postage Stamp border were cut and fused into place ready for stitching.


These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins were made late in the day to bag and put in the freezer for breakfast – that should last me awhile.  I had one last ziplock bag of mashed pumpkin to use that was in the freezer from last fall.


Wednesday night at the quilting frame I got all but this last block in the row quilted on Winter Wonderland – I finished it last night and rolled the quilt down – 4 rows left to do!! I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Fort Worth Fabric Studio and Crazy Mom Quilts.


The purple fossil fern fabric was put in the sink with hot water to soak, changed the water out about 4 times to get excess dye out of it – I think it will be ok now to use for the backing of The Final Frontier  when it is ready to go on the frame – of course I forgot to soak the indigo navy blue that is used for the sashing so the whole quilt will need to be washed 3 or 4 times to get all the excess dye out of it anyhow – but at least one of them was soaked!  Usually I don’t have too much trouble with dye – even if it isn’t soaked before hand if I wash it several times most of the dye comes out then and doesn’t give me a headache.  As long as it comes out before the quilt gets in the dryer it is usually manageable!!

NOTE on yesterdays post:  Some of you are under the impression that I said I was going to make that quilt that I shared yesterday — I never said I was going to make that quilt  – the one with half inch hexies – about 20,000 of them!!!  I was just sharing – so don’t y’all ask me when I’m going to start it LOL – I know I like challenging quilts to make now and then – but hey I’m not sure I have enough life left in me to make that quilt!!!!  If I would ever happen to decide to make it y’all will be the first to hear about it!

Craftsy is continuing its birthday festivities! Craftsy is now 5 years old! Put on your party hat and celebrate with 50% off member-favorite classes. Grab a class before the deal expires on Saturday the 21st!