Devils Tower


Taking a break at the base of Devil’s Tower


On this day, we took the trail around the base of Devil’s Tower and, later, a drive to see some of the countryside around here.

The Devils Tower KOA has a large area at the back of the campground which, at this time of the year, is empty, except for those who are using the Kamping Kabins. It is very pretty back there. This view is of the Devil’s Tower National Monument from that part of the campground. The fence in the picture is the boundary between the monument and campground properties.




Devil’s Tower is sacred to many Native Americans.





This image is a montage of over 10 separate photographs. Even with a wide angle zoom lens, we were so close that Mike was not able to get all of the tower in. The rocks below the tower are remnants of rock columns that have fallen over the ages.


Critters around the tower:





In the afternoon we took a drive and ended up at Interstate 90 east of Sundance, Wyoming. Seeing a sign pointing to Vore Buffalo Jump, we decided to go check it out.

For over three hundred years, Plains Indian groups stampeded bison over the rim and into a deep natural “sink hole” at the site which is now called the Vore Buffalo Jump. It was one of the most effective means available to the Indians to procure the buffalo which were their primary food and the source of many other materials used in their cultures. It is believed that up to 20,000 of the shaggy bison were trapped at this one location. – Sundance, Wyoming website


Note: this image is a panorama compiled from several photos.

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