Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 18th & 19th

by Karen on September 20, 2007

in quilts

Steep mountain road on the way to Jackson Wyoming


At the campground we are right next to the Snake River, this is our first day (yesterday) at the Jackson Wyoming area, these men are fishing below our campsite area.


Visitor Center at Grand Teton National Park — this center is brand new and has been open less than a month — it is really a neat building and blends into the scenery.


The courtyard of the center


Inside the center, I am standing on a video panel, they are throughout the center, one shows a water scene and it changes every couple minutes, another is of fire in the park, and another was something but I have forgotten what! 


A display in the center


Jenny Lake — it is so clear you can see all the pebbles at the bottom (it is about 45  degrees)

On a hiking trail it goes to Inspiration Point.


I stood next to this tree so you all could see how big it is


On the way to Inspiration Point you take a very tiny detour and come to Hidden Falls


Mike took a picture of a British couple and they returned the favor and took one of us.


On the trail, had to take off the flannel shirt even though it was only in the high 50’s it felt much warmer when you are steadily climbing UP the trail.  From the very beginning of this trail you go up.


Watching people come down the trickiest part of the trail — we had done this trail years ago and knew what to expect — not for those afraid of heights and narrow trails — it is a drop off on the side.  A long drop off!


Me — showing how brave I am!  Went up with no problem!


Mike posing to show how large this tree trunk is.


The moose we saw yesterday the 19th after we got to Inspiration Point we continued on, knowing we would not get to do the whole Cascade Trail as we aren’t in good enough shape, along the way people returning told us there were 3 moose off the trail a ways ahead so we kept plodding along and finally found them, they were a ways off the trail and laying down so couldn’t see really well but look in the center of the picture and you will see the rack of the male moose.


At a mountain valley on the trail, look at those fall colors


We are now in a boat that takes you back to the parking area — we took the boat across Jenny Lake to the trail head to save us 2 and a half miles.


a view from the truck on the way out of the park and going back to the campground


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