our stay in Lewistown


We have been here in Lewistown MT since Monday afternoon.  We are staying at the summer campsite of friends Ron & Sam (I should mention that we have never met before in person, Ron and Mike have been corresponding for awhile on an RV forum).  Ron installs portable satellite systems and he is working on getting one set up for us.  He trains and is the process of teaching Mike all about it.  It is taking a couple days longer than we thought it would as Labor Day delayed delivery of the system and then they have run into a couple glitches with the system.  It turned out that Sam is a quilter like I am and she took me to her LQS yesterday and I found fabric of course, thread, and a few other things.  Amazing to come this many miles and find a store that sells the brand of thread that I use and the kind of batting I use (I didn’t need any of that, but a coincidence none the less).  Today we went to her Thursday quilt group.  We met from about 10 AM to 1 or 2.  You bring your lunch, what you are working on and just have fun, talk and piece or quilt.  Nice group of ladies and it was fun being able to go to a quilt group in the middle of our trip.

We have not taken many pictures this week as we have been mainly at their place and not out driving around.  Next on the trip is Yellowstone and we will be leaving here most likely by Saturday as it looks like we might be delayed one more day while they make the adjustments to the system as needed.   

Out of the 52 pieced Dear Jane triangles needed for the border of the quilt I know have 14 of them finished and one in the works.  I have gotten 2 corners done and started piecing another quilt top which will have a circle of flying geese in the middle and a patchwork center of the quilt.  I’m really not sure yet how I will complete the border around the finished top, we will wait and design as it gets further, I think I found a quilter today that was very interested in starting a dear jane after seeing mine, she was going through my book and patterns and asking all kinds of questions.

To my Friday morning quilting group – have a doughnut for me tomorrow morning!  One tradition that this quilt group here has is that the month of your birthday you bring a cake to the group – doesn’t that sound yummy! We had one today, it was an apple cake with a nice glaze over the top. 

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  • Rose Sep 6, 2007

    Hi!! I found your blog through searching Google Images for Double Wedding Ring quilts. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how truly beautiful your DWR quilt is. The border is just stunning. I’m just beginning a DWR quilt for my DD1 who is getting married in January and I needed some inspiration to get going on it. Seeing your quilt has a lot of ideas swimming in my head now. Thanks!

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