September 2008

Made it Home

by Karen on September 28, 2008

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Well instead of a short drive towards home on Saturday we decided to do the all day drive and got home in the early evening hours.  Exhausted!! But I slept 10 hours last night and was full of energy today.  We have the motorhome basically unpacked – stuff sitting all over the house to be put away but that is how it always happens.  I’m in the middle of doing laundry and making a grocery list.  Mike has the yard mostly mowed – more left to do but will finish that up later.  I need to go through all the quilting goodies that I accumulated on the trip and get those organized and put away.  I also need to look over and take photo’s of the quilt top that my aunt gave me and the quilt – both items that my grandmother made in the 1930’s.  Mike will continue going through our photo’s that he took of our trip and edit them down to the best and I will try to remember to post a few more here and there.

Here is one photo of a quilt that I am designing and making as I think of ideas for it.  The center is miniature double wedding rings that I hand pieced, the next areas of squares are machine pieced and then the flower applique is what I worked on while on the road this trip.  I had glue basted all of it in place and appliqued while traveling:


I’m really not sure how big this one will end up getting or what the next borders around it will be, it has already grown larger than I had thought it would :)


On the Road home;

by Karen on September 26, 2008

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We started to head south yesterday leaving Wisconsin by 9:30 in the morning.  I celebrated my birthday (#56) with our daughter and the grandchildren and shared a birthday cake with my granddaughter who has her birthday exactly one week after mine and she will be 6 years.  Yesterday we drove about 5 hours and pulled into Springfield Illinois to camp until tomorrow morning.  Today we will be off to see the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and whatever else takes our fancy.  We will camp one more night here and then most likely one more on Saturday night, otherwise it is about a 9 or 10 hour drive from here (Illinois interstate has a law that motorhomes, campers, trucks speed limit is 55 so must go slower) and we do not like to be sitting that long and rather have a shorter 5 or 6 hour drive.  Depending on where we stop we might be there one or two nights – it all depends on what is to see in the area.  We will be home Sunday or Monday.

Mike takes literally hundreds of photo’s and then goes through them on the computer finding the best shots and edits them, so we are far behind on photo’s and I still do not have any from our second stop in the Madison area to show you.  I will get to those in a day or two or after we get home.

So I will leave you a few more photo’s from the pennisula area of Wisconsin, near Sturgeon Bay and north of Green Bay:

Sunset at Potawatomi State Park:


Sailboat in the Green Bay (not the city – the water on the inside side of the Pennisula is called that):


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Potawatomi State Park in Wisconsin

by Karen on September 21, 2008

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Here are some photo’s from where we spent time this past week, this first photo is of the Bay called Green Bay this was a very short walk from our campsite :


On the road to the campsites:


Our campsite:


Fire tower observation point, this tower is from the 1930’s and back around 1960 my family and I had a picnic at this park and climbed the tower – one of my childhood memories:


View of the lake near the campsite:


View from the firetower:


another view of the lake:



Back in Madison area

by Karen on September 20, 2008

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After 4 days of camping at a state park in the Green Bay/Sturgeon Bay area of Wisconsin we are back in the Madison area near our daughter and her family until Thursday morning.  Today we decided to go back to the famers market on our own and it was even bigger than last week, I imagine it not raining today had something to do with that :)  I brought a tote bag with me and got enough veggies for a salad and a nice loaf of bread plus we ate some bakery while we were walking around.  This is a very popular place, you would not believe the crowds.  I wish we had a local farmer’s market like this at home and I would be there every week.  Mike is editing photo’s and downloading from the camera and I will get some photo’s of our camping trip to Potawatomi State Park  on here soon  yes funny name but wonderful park. 

We have been having fun and have gotten used to our new motorhome rather quickly and really enjoy it.  Yes it is smaller but that hasn’t made it any rougher.  As soon as you get use to a smaller space you get used to it.  We always keep in mind that we are not full timers and we do not live in it and that makes it so that it is ok.  No way could I live in it – too small for that, but for long vacations it is just right.  Better gas mileage and towing the honda has made it worth it also.


Farmers Market

by Karen on September 20, 2008

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Last week here in the Madison area when we were visiting our daughter and family we went to the Madison Farmers Market on Saturday morning.  It was raining, but we all had umbrella’s and decided to go anyhow.  The crowd is amazing, the veggies are beautiful and so are the flowers.  I would go every week if I could.  Here are some photo’s of this wonderful market.







The kids with their quilts

by Karen on September 14, 2008

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I had made the grandchildren new quilts for Christmas presents but seeing as we were coming to see them I wanted to be able to give them the quilts in person so they got them early.  These are the kids with their quilts:



and another:




acting silly: