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Sometimes I think I spend more time on line looking at blogs then I do with my quilting.  Everytime I tell myself to get off of the computer and start work on one of my many projects I end up getting back on the computer later in the day.  I have gotten some work done though on the scrappy flower quilt.  One border is appliqued in place and I got started on another side of the border.  The large quilt on the frame is going nicely I have one section left to do  – I am on the final 12 inches of the quilt and of course though that is about 108 inches long! but then I will be ready to take it off of the frame and get the binding on it.  I have another quilt ready to go on the 3 roller frame when this quilt comes off.  It is a scrappy Irish Chain, about twin size – I have forgotten the measurements.  I have fabric for the backing but I need to stitch it together.  I have discovered that my placement of pieces of the Irish Chain is not correct.  Tough I’m not going to change it now.  The problem is that I was going to make this a queen size then decided not to and took part of the blocks off to downsize it to a twin size instead.  This will be my humility quilt showing that I make mistakes!!  It should have one more row of tiny blocks all the way around to make the blocks exactly right.  In the large white blocks I will do some kind of quilting design that will show off my quilting – maybe feathers or a flower.


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  • grace Nov 28, 2008

    You know – I can’t see your mistakes, so the galloping horse statement doesn’t apply 🙂 I think that this is just gorgeous and you’ve done a great job on it!!

    Hmmm – blogging not quilting or piecing .. yeah guilty as charged – I’m supposed to be cutting matthew’s fabrics out for his quilt .. and here I am … reading your blog 😀 ain’t life grand 😉


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