Is This How The Average Family Is?


I have been spending way too much time on the computer these days reading blogs and what not.  I have to stop doing this – I’m not getting any work done on my quilts because of it.  I was reading one blog in particular which receives tons of comments “Margaret & Helen” I have it on my blogroll on the right hand side.  One comment in particular to todays entry caught my eye and I thought it was really sad if that is a good example of todays world:

“I heard a story about a father, mother, and two children who existed as mute entities in the same house. Mom, talking on her cell phone, picks up daughter and son from school. Doesn’t say “Hi, how was your day?” Keeps talking. Daughter focuses on her I-Pod in the front seat. Son turns on the video screen above his head.
They head for the ball field where son has a baseball game. Daughter complains she has to sit there in the bleachers–mom doesn’t hear because she’s still talking on the cell phone. Son forced to change into baseball uniform in the back seat because that’s just the way it is. Upon arriving at the ball field, all three go to their positions–son hoping mom will watch him on the field (yeah….mom’s still on the phone) Daughter stays in the car to listen to her I-Pod. Along comes Dad (give him credit that he shows up) and promptly opens his briefcase in the bleachers to work on his laptop. After the game (mom, dad didn’t notice the home run until they heard everyone shouting) the son sulks in the backseat and asks for McDonald’s. Mom groans and offers Arby’s (is that any better?) Dad passes them on the road home–doesn’t look at them because he’s on his cell phone. They arrive home and each one grabs their food and heads to their places again. Computers in the bedrooms and finally peace and quiet alone.  And we wonder why so many of our children are needing help?”

A real pity if this is the way of the American family!!!  Recently I have been thinking of things in the same line of thought and wondering if things today are really that much better than 20 years ago or so.  Yes we have come a long way in modern appliances and some of us can’t do without our microwave, cell phone, computer, dvr, ect.  But at least families had normal everyday conversations and knew what was going on with each other. 

I guess this just caught my eye today because I no I have been spending way too much time on the computer and not doing some of my daily activities.  The computer has taken over our lifes it seems.

So now I guess I better get off of the computer and try to stay off it for most of the day!!  And get to work on my quilting.  🙂

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  • grace Nov 20, 2008

    hmmm .. makes you think .. thank you for the thought provoking post .. I thank the good Lord that my family isn’t like that – to an extent yes, but not like that .. I always ask my kid how his day went .. and the hubby .. and vice versa .. but i can see a nasty trend in your post with our full lives of rushing here and there ..

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