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2633494725_fa53362933_t.jpgYesterday’s question was:  What form of quilting originates in Laos? Here is the answer.

B – Pan Dau, here is an example of Pan Dau work.   If you click the thumbnail photo it will bring you to flickr where you can see it in a larger size.

I had to look for the answer to this question.  I did not know it right off the bat.   Laos has a population of people called the Hmong.  A lot of the Hmong immigrated to the US after the Vietnam War, especially to Minnesota , Wisconsin and California; some of you that are in those areas that read my blog probably knew the answer right away.  The art of Pan Dau is from the Hmong.  Here are several links to the Hmong if you are interested in reading some about them. and

These were some very interesting articles I thought.  Maybe you will enjoy reading the articles as well.

The other multiply choice answers were Molos of which I could find very little information – it is Greek, and a municipality in Phthiotis, Greece goes by that name.  I do not know if it has anything to do with quilting or if that was just pulled out of a hat for the answers.  One of the other answers was Palampores which I researched also out of curiosity and it is a type of hand-painted and mordant-dyed bed cover made in India in the 18th century and only the wealthy class could afford it!  Would be interesting to see a photo but couldn’t find one.

I think the other two answers we are all familiar with  Trapunto – this is Italian for “to embroider” here is a link that describes it I think most of us quilters are at least somewhat aware of the art, although a lot of us have never done it – myself included.

The other answer was Sashiko, Japanese art form for quilting, http://en.wikipedia.org3154431996_0b5226a831.jpg/wiki/Sashiko I have tried this and it was interesting.

My oldest daughter is interested in it and made me a small wall hanging for mother’s day one year using this form of quilting.  She is not a quilter and I was amazed at the work  she did — a really good job. She made this wall hanging by hand by reading a book on sashiko and from watching me work through the years.

Today’s question is:

#4 Who is the inventor of the sewing machine?

A – Elias Howe

B – Isaac Singer

C – Richard Sears

The answer will be given tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve.  If you are going out please have a designated driver and be safe.

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  • Mary LeClerc Dec 31, 2008

    That would be Elias Howe.

  • melanie goad Jan 1, 2009

    Wow, didn’t expect to see anything of mine on a quilting blog, Mom. 🙂

  • Karen Jan 1, 2009

    Well – it is a quilted wall hanging and an example of a well made Sashiko quilted item isn’t it! good work in my opinion.

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