January 2009

Quilt shop sale and —

by Karen on January 31, 2009

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fabricOne of the local quilt shops (I say this tongue in cheek – local means it is 80 miles away, by highway more than one and half hours) was having a huge sale this weekend.  One of my friends and I got up early- I met at her house at 8:30 and we started the drive to the sale with high hopes of finding good deals.  Actually though we were both disappointed when we got there.  In the sale barn there was lots of fabric but nothing that jumped out at us!!  So disappointed, I got a couple fat quarter bundles for gifts to secret pal from Dear Jane list and girlfriend doing the driving :) surprise for her, and then we walked over the actual store to look at all the goodies that were not on sale.  I did find some fabric there, this pretty gold and pretty red will be the back drop for a Christmas Baltimore Album (this quilt pattern is designed by Connie Sue Haidle from Apple Blossom Quilts) large wall-hanging – maybe couch size quilt if I find no place to hang it when I get done — it finishes at 75 x 75 inches.  Even though it was not on sale I did my part to help right the economy and forced myself to buy it :)

Seeing as I was out most of the day I have not been able to sit down and work on Insanity Revisited or any other quilt.  Last night I did work on the Scrappy Irish chain on the large quilting frame and I will do that again tonight when I get off of the computer.  So seeing as I have not quilt worked today I will share another of my mugs.

Khokhloma Russian mug and ladleI have a love of Russian history and Russian art.  It is just something I have always been interested in even though I have no ethnic background to Russia.  My husband and I took a cruise up the inner channel of Alaska about 5 years or so ago and though some of you might not know -I’m sure a lot of you do – that Alaska has a strong Russian history.  You can find a lot of art with Russian roots in Alaska and they normally sell some on the cruise ship as well.  I found this lovely mug and ladle while on that cruise.  This art form is Russian Khokhloma.  Here is an article about it.  This art form dates back to the 17th century.  This is a Russian folk art, the pieces are meant to be decorative only.  At this site you can see other items that are available for purchase.  (I do not have any connection to this site, I just found it on a search to share with you).

Yesterday’s question was: When it’s time to assemble a rag quilt, its patches are positioned wrong sides together to sew seams.  I have never done this quilt and I guessed wrong!  The answer is True – we want the seam allowances to be visible on the front of a rag quilt.  That is indeed accomplished by placing wrong sides together to sew a seam.  Learn something new every day don’t we in the world of quilting.

Next questionTo add fabric cornerstones (corner squares) to straight set borders, cut squares with sides that match the unfinished width of the border. TRUE or FALSE


F-4 Old WindmillI got another of the little blocks done today – this had to have been one of the easiest of all – only 30 minutes it took.   This second Dear Jane quilt is coming together very well.  The first was difficult at times trying to figure out how to construct the blocks – you buy the patterns but no directions come in the book although there are a lot of helpful sites available.  Now that I have one Dear Jane under the belt so to speak this second one is easier because of it.  I am still several weeks away from quilting the first one, but soon I hope.

This little block is F-4 Old Windmill.

Our ice is a thing of the past, the temperatures today got above the freezing the mark and the ice was falling off of the trees in record speed today.  I went out to collect the mail and felt I should have had an umbrella with me!

Very little to write today so I will move right on the questions.

Yesterday’s question was What name is used to describe a patchwork piece with straight sides, 90 degree angles at its four corners and a finished size of 2×6?  The answer was a bar or rectangle.  Someone posted the correct answer and I had several e mail the answers also – however you want to do it is fine with me, or just keep track yourself.

QuestionWhen it’s time to assemble a rag quilt, its patches are postitioned wrong sides together to sew seams? True or False


Another give away

by Karen on January 30, 2009

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Judi over at the Green Fairy Quilts is having a give away – go to her site and see the bag she is giving away and some pretty fabric too.


Art Quilt

by Karen on January 29, 2009

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dogwood flowers in vaseMy first attempt at an art quilt was done about 6 years ago.  It measures 30 x 30 and I made it for my daughters birthday.    This quilt was designed from a photo by Robert Mapplethorpe.  If you scroll down through that link you will find rows of flower photos that he did – this one was a copy that I made from the last one in the second row of photos.  Not exactly of course – this is my interpretation :)  I hand quilted it with gold metallic thread – never again – have you worked with metallic thread? It constantly shreds.  I made the blossoms 3 dimensional and strung tiny beads on heavy thread for the centers of the flowers.

We had been gone almost all day today.  We went into Little Rock for a doctor appointment for me – and then met our daughter and son in law for lunch and a little shopping.  Then we saw the movie “Defiance” with Daniel Craig.  We liked the movie although I don’t think it is getting really good reviews from what I heard.  Maybe you have to be into history to enjoy the movie and be moved by the plight of the Jewish race in the WWII era. I put a link to the trailer of the movie here for you to see.  It is based on a true story.

More coffee mugs – I told you I had two more cat mugs. The same person made both of thesecat mugs I really like them, they are just so playful.  I bought the blue one first at a craft show ages ago and then a year or two later we happened to travel to Tulsa OK I believe it was – I might be mistaken on that and saw the white one being sold in a pottery shop and so I picked that one up too.  I use both of them off and on.  A couple years later I found another of this artists mugs I’ll show that one later – it is not a cat mug, just a big mug with good color.

Yesterdays question was:  When you applique, concave curves, (click on those words and it will lead you to a concave curve) lines that curve inwards, are easier to turn under when you make perpendicular clips along the curved seam allowance - true or false

the answer is True

Next question: What name is used to describe a patchwork piece with straight sides, 90 degree angles at its four corners and a finished size of 2″ x 6″?

A- diamond

B- bar or rectangle

C- hexagon


F-3 SnowballI got another of my Dear Jane – “Insanity Revisited” blocks done today – a very easy one it took under an hour to hand piece it.  It is called Snowball.  I tell you as others will agree I’m sure – some of these little blocks are so easy! and then you get a tough one that takes almost 4 hours to make.  I could have made another block today but I spent some time quilting at the big frame today, the quilt is coming along slowly but I will still be able to finish it by my February 22nd deadline.

On the subject of cats.  I have 3 cat coffee mugs.  They are a little unusual.  I will start with the oldest first – this was one of the first two of the mugs that started my collection.  This one was picked out by my oldest daughter at a craft fair god knows how long ago – I’m guessing – 20 years? 25?  It is a one of a kind – I have never seen cat muganything like it again.  Looks like that cat is getting ready to drink whatever gets in this mug.  I have actually never used it for athe catnything – the cat very much gets in my way!  but it has always been sitting out where I can see it.  I will show the other 2 cat mugs tomorrow.

I have been told that some like all of my quilt questions no matter if they know the answers or not so I will continue to post them for awhile.  This last test that I found has really tested me!

Yesterday’s question was:  The 1000 Pyramids quilt is assembled with equilateral triangles – true or false?  The answer is  True click on the link and it will lead you to instructions on how to make it and you can print out a template.

(I guess I should point out that I have no connection to the links I provide.  They are just found from searches on the net – I do not mean to advertise one page over another – I just pick one that picks my fancy.)

A new question – I don’t have these numbered – I’m taking them out of order:

When you applique, concave curves, lines that curve inwards, are easier to turn under when you make perpendicular clips along the curved seam allowance – TRUE or FALSE


Photo’s from our ice storm

by Karen on January 28, 2009

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As you will see on these photo’s that our ice storm wasn’t nearly as bad as north of us — just 50 miles up the road people are without power all over the place.  Two of my nieces posted photo’s to me that showed all the ice in the northern part of the state and in southern Missouri and we were lucky – it is very thick ice up there.

ice storm

icy pond from rain

icy trees

dogwood tree


trees birds

I’ll post another entry in the blog later today with the quilting question of the day and answer to yesterdays question.  Today we are getting out of this house and will be getting in a work out at the fitness center and see how it is around us for ice.