Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is this winter?

by Karen on January 3, 2009

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Arkansas has very strange winters.  While all of you in the north and out in the west are having inches of snow every other day Arkansas weather goes from the 30’s to the 60’s and back again.  Today is supposed to get up to 66 degrees – on Monday it is forecast to be in the high 30’s.  How is a person to get used to winter cold when temperatures vary so much!  One day I am dragging out a winter jacket the next day it is not needed.  In a way I would rather winter was just plain winter and be done with it.

Yesterdays question#6 the answer is:  Drunkard’s Path

The drunkards path pattern actually dates back to the early 1800’s in England.  It went by several different names and variations as so many block patterns do.  I did not realize how old this block is.   Some people do not like to make the drunkard’s path pattern because of the curve pieces and do not like cutting out the fabric either.  There is a site that I found that sells acrylic templates and patterns, it is a great site.  You might want to check it out it is called Elisa’s Backporch.  She has many patterns and designs.  You would be amazed at how many different variations of patterns you can come up with using these templates.  I have two sets of them of different sizes.    Here is a site that has pictures of many different ways that you can use the drunkards path pattern.


Here is a quilt that I did called Devils Puzzle using the small Drunkard’s Path templates:

Another variation using a larger template  is this one that I made for my grandson, this one I called Black, White and Red all Over:



Another variation of this quilt using the acrylic templates is this one using a rainbow affect, this one is my granddaughters quilt – Cuddle Under the Rainbow.  It uses a rainbow curve in it and also you do a bit of slice and dice as you can see some have many more pieces than others.    You can get very creative with this quilt block.


Question #7

For what is the International Quilt Association known?

A- Honoring a quilter every year who has made a difference in the quilting world

B- Sponsoring the World’s Largest Quilt Show

C- Holding an annual conference in which over 250 classes and lectures are offered

D- All of the above