Sunday, January 4, 2009

that is for quilting – staying in the house and being lazy.  Our typical Arkansas weather changed drastically just as the evening news told us it would.  We had a high of 71 degrees yesterday! But, we were told that the high this morning would be just that first thing this morning and it would go down from there to the high 20’s tonight.  It is already 43 this morning — they were right.  It is a cloudy, cold wintery looking day.  Just the right kind of day to stay in and get some quilting done.

21Yesterday I got back to work on “Insanity Revisited” my version of the Jane Stickle (Dear Jane) quilt.  I had not touched this quilt top in about 4 to 6 weeks so it really was time to get back to work.  I have a new block cut out last night and started stitching it together.  These blocks really do go together quickly once you set your mind to it.  I hand stitch mine – my preference for these tiny pieces.  I will post a photo of the completed blocks as I go along.  Other pictures are scattered throughout the blog of the 50+  blocks already completed.  I cut this picture off just slightly at the top and it isn’t quite as clear as I would like – I need to practice my photography a little I guess :) sorry!

Yesterday’s question was For What is the International Quilt Association known?  The answer was all of the multiple choice answers.  Here is a link to their page.  Here is another link to photo’s of quilts that have been in their shows – Very interesting photo’s at that link.  So many pretty quilts!!! I could just drool all day over them.  The association was formed in 1979 by two mothers and two daughters – Jewel Patterson & Karey Patterson Bresenhan and Helen O’Bryant & Nancy O’Bryant Puentes.  This association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the art form of quilting and the advancement of the art.  There are two International Quilt Shows each year one in Houston, Texas in the fall of the year and one in Chicago, Illinois in the spring of the year.


Today’s question # 8

What do the following have in common:  Echo, Stipple, Meander, & Crosshatch?

A- Quiltmaking techniques

B- Quilting patterns

C- Methods of joining patchwork