Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quilting begins

by Karen on January 21, 2009

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double wedding ringAll of a sudden today I realized I had the thread I needed to start quilting my miniature double wedding ring quilt with the applique border (I refer to this as miniature -but it is actually just the center that is miniature) – I don’t know what I was thinking the other day.  I knew I had ordered the variegated thread I needed for several quilts and mistakenly thought that was one of them.  I happened to look at my thread cabinet and hanger earlier and thought hey  = I was going to use that variegated blue thread on this one.  I got out a copy of my order form and realized I had ordered thread for “Insanity Revisited” and a red variegated thread for the red/black/& white quilt made a couple weeks ago.  So earlier this evening I got busy on the center of the quilt.  Here is what it looked like earlier – I did a little more since I took these pictures.  double wedding ring centerI used some left over pieces from the Chocolat Moda fabric that I had from an earlier project for this quilt mixed in with some others.  You know me by now – queen of scraps!  I have so many.  I decided to do an echo quilting around the double wedding rings and that is what I am working on now.  I will need to do a lot of quilting in the upcoming months to get caught up on tops before I start making any more.

In the middle of winter sometimes we need some cheering up and we need a touch of spring.  The other day when I went to the grocery store I grabbed two small bouquets of tulips!  Just what we needed I think.  I love fresh flowers and have so many vases, large mugs, tulips ceramic jugs and mugsjugs what have you to stick them in.  Here is my touch of spring in the house today.  The flowers are in a jug that I got from my daughter’s Southern Living at Home business.  The coffee mugs are part of a small selection of what has been collected over the past 25 years or so.  Years ago my daughters decided I needed a mug collection and got started by each selecting one at a craft fair and giving them to me for Mother’s Day I think it was and since then they gave me some, my husband gave me some, we would pick out one from various places we took vacations to, you get the picture?  I think I have close to 25 in the house.  I will take pictures and start to post some so you can all see them.

Yesterday question was “What is the middle layer of a quilt called?” The answer is ” batting”

Next question:

Question #4 The filler layer can be secured between the top and bottom layers of cloth in a quilt by several methods.  Which of these was NOT a method of holding the three layers of a quilt together?

A- sewing ribbons or patches through all layers.

B- Quilting with a running stitch, in a grid or design.

C- Quilling through the layers with poultry quills.

D- Tying knots every few inches all over the quilt.


Historic Day

by Karen on January 21, 2009

in quilts

I had the tv on just about all day yesterday watching all of the inauguration.  History in the making.  I know we are all hoping that President Obama can accomplish a lot but it will take time and I hope people will remember it won’t change overnight.

Because I spent the day at home yesterday I managed to get a bit of sewing done!  I got the backing pieced for the quilt that has the miniature double wedding ring in the center.  After that the coffee table got moved out of the way and the quilt top, backing and batting spread out on the floor.  While I was watching tv I got the quilt pin basted – one project ready for the quilting hoop – now I’m just waiting for the hand quilting thread that I ordered.  I like to use variegated thread and truthfully I have forgotten which color I ordered.  It should arrive in the next couple days and then I can get started quilting it.

I had spent about 4 hours total at the quilting frame yesterday and made more progress on the scrappy Irish Chain that is on the big frame.  In maybe another 25 to 30 hours I think I will be done with it and then “Insanity” my first Dear Jane will take it’s place.

Yesterdays question was The technique of “piecing” best describes which step of the quilting process?

Answer is Sewing small pieces of fabric into a larger design.

Next question: (Remember these are supposed to be for beginners!)

What is the middle layer of a quilt called?

A- Batting

B- Blanket

C- Stuffing

D- Fleece