Thursday, January 22, 2009

F-1I managed to finish one block today for Insanity Revisited. Block F-1 Big Top wasn’t all F-2that hard to do :) I almost finished it yesterday so managed to finish it at my quilting group today.  When I got done with that one I got started on F-2 Kaleidoscope, I got all the pieces cut out and ready to work although I only sewed a little bit.  This is a little Dear Jane group and we actually spent most of the time talking instead of working today.  Here are photo’s of today’s work.  I thought I would post a photo of the one I am working on so you can see my process.  I use freezer paper templates, after the pieces are cut out I just stick them to a piece of felt to hold them in place.  I have a sand paper board under the felt to hold the felt in place.  I also have a 12 1/2 square ruler that fits over it all and holds all in place in my Omnigrid bag that has a strap to clasp and nothing falls out of place in transport to my Dear Jane group, I put a link to a photo of the bag for you to see.  Click on either picture to see close up.  Everyone has a different method for working on their Dear Jane quilt or any other quilt with tiny pieces.  This is the method I have come up with and it works for me.  This Omnigird bag really works well for when we travel also as it really does hold this board so much in place and then with the ruler over the pieces it is perfect.

Yesterday I showed you a picture of some of my coffee mug collection, here is another one.  I got this one in Vancouver, Canada when we went there on a vacation – probably about 15 years ago – it’s been a lonVancouver Canada coffee mugg time I know.  I especially like this one for my daily coffee – the handle is so nice and thick, anyhow something about it I just love.  I do switch off coffee mugs though seeing as I have so many but this one remains one of my favorites.   I believe I got it at a place called Grandville (?) Island where there were a lot of artist type shops.  It has been so long that I am no longer sure.  Maybe someone from that area will know where I mean if it is still set up the same.  I just remember a lot of shops where some you could see the products being made.

Yesterday’s question was: The filler layer can be secured between the top and bottom layers of cloth in a quilt by several methods.  Which of these was NOT a method of holding the three layers of a quilt together?

The answer is Quilling through the layers with poultry quills. Quilling was a separate and beautiful art form but was not used in quilting.  Quilling would result in uncomfortable feather barbs sticking out through the quilt.

Question #5 Amish quilts are especially prized among collectors, for both their beauty and excellent workmanship.  How can you tell if a quilt is made in the Amish style?

A- Amish quilters nearly always use solid colors of fabric.

B- Amish quilters do not use black or white cloth.

C- Amish quilters never use sewing machines, since they do not use electricity.

D- Amish quilters embroider over the top of the quilt.

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