Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm & another Free Give Away!

by Karen on January 27, 2009

in quilts, weather

Sorry I didn’t think to get any photo’s today of all the ice we are getting today.  Luckily we did not loose our power! At least not yet that is.  Actually we have been lucky in that our temperatures have stayed at 32 all day over here and although we did wake up to ice all over the place it isn’t as thick as it could be.  A lot of our area does have power outages though and North Arkansas has a lot of outages.  We are to get cold tonight and a little snow.  I sure hope we do not loose our power tonight.  I will try to post some photo’s tomorrow of our ice and maybe snow.

If you want to get in on another free give away go to Fabric, Family, Fun and get a chance to win some fabric from her on line shop.  I had not come across this site before so I need tlittle coffee mugo go back and look and see what all she has in her shop.

I have been quilting on the quilt with the minature double wedding ring in the center.  Seeing as I have no other photo’s today I will post another photo of one of my mugs from the collection.  This tiny mug is 3 1/2 inches tall.  I got it at a museum gift shop in Little Rock called the Historic Arkansas Museum.  This museum gift shop is where I sell a quilt now and then.  It was totally unique that I had to have it.  I have it on a shelf with a little man made out of wood that my youngest daughter picked up for us when she was in the Middle East about 15 years ago.  I believe it was in Oman that she got it and the worry beads that are wrapped around the base of the cup came from the same area.

Yesterdays question was Why is quilting thread often pulled through a block of wax before it is sewn into the top of the quilt?

Answer is The wax makes the thread stronger

That was the last question in this series of question which stated it was for beginners!  I know I had some of them wrong and I have been in this business of quilting for well over 20 years.

I searched around for a new series of questions and found a mixed batch of really hard to fairly easy.  I am going to mix them up a bit to give a variety.

Question: The 1000 pyramids quilt is assembled with equilateral triangles. True or False