Wednesday, January 28, 2009

F-3 SnowballI got another of my Dear Jane – “Insanity Revisited” blocks done today – a very easy one it took under an hour to hand piece it.  It is called Snowball.  I tell you as others will agree I’m sure – some of these little blocks are so easy! and then you get a tough one that takes almost 4 hours to make.  I could have made another block today but I spent some time quilting at the big frame today, the quilt is coming along slowly but I will still be able to finish it by my February 22nd deadline.

On the subject of cats.  I have 3 cat coffee mugs.  They are a little unusual.  I will start with the oldest first – this was one of the first two of the mugs that started my collection.  This one was picked out by my oldest daughter at a craft fair god knows how long ago – I’m guessing – 20 years? 25?  It is a one of a kind – I have never seen cat muganything like it again.  Looks like that cat is getting ready to drink whatever gets in this mug.  I have actually never used it for athe catnything – the cat very much gets in my way!  but it has always been sitting out where I can see it.  I will show the other 2 cat mugs tomorrow.

I have been told that some like all of my quilt questions no matter if they know the answers or not so I will continue to post them for awhile.  This last test that I found has really tested me!

Yesterday’s question was:  The 1000 Pyramids quilt is assembled with equilateral triangles – true or false?  The answer is  True click on the link and it will lead you to instructions on how to make it and you can print out a template.

(I guess I should point out that I have no connection to the links I provide.  They are just found from searches on the net – I do not mean to advertise one page over another – I just pick one that picks my fancy.)

A new question – I don’t have these numbered – I’m taking them out of order:

When you applique, concave curves, lines that curve inwards, are easier to turn under when you make perpendicular clips along the curved seam allowance – TRUE or FALSE


Photo’s from our ice storm

by Karen on January 28, 2009

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As you will see on these photo’s that our ice storm wasn’t nearly as bad as north of us — just 50 miles up the road people are without power all over the place.  Two of my nieces posted photo’s to me that showed all the ice in the northern part of the state and in southern Missouri and we were lucky – it is very thick ice up there.

ice storm

icy pond from rain

icy trees

dogwood tree


trees birds

I’ll post another entry in the blog later today with the quilting question of the day and answer to yesterdays question.  Today we are getting out of this house and will be getting in a work out at the fitness center and see how it is around us for ice.