Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quilting and Spring

by Karen on February 3, 2009

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daffodil bulbsI mentioned the other day that we were having a taste of spring.  Well of course now it is quite chilly again and maybe down to 19 degrees tonight but I thought I would show you all my daffodil buds.  The flowers will not open for several more weeks.  Almost every year we have daffodils open with snow on the ground.  This variety is a very early one – and this is Arkansas (known for weird weather :) )

Here is a photo of a hyacinth peaking out of the old fall growth as well.  You have to look closely but it is pretty much in the middle of the growth.  This one hasn’t been growing much and has stayed the hycinath bulb and ground coversame size for awhile now.  It is the only one I could find, I guess the others realized it was too early to be peaking up out of the ground.  This ground cover greenery stays green all year round.  In the spring it will have purple flowers on it.  I usually leave all the old fall leaves on the ground to help protect the plants and then clean it up when I know spring is really here.

I quilted quite a bit today and got closer to the end of the scrappy Irish chain but still about 10 hours at least to go on it.  The end is very much in site though.  Now of course I wish I hadn’t put the feather border on it as it will take some time to finish that up – so much quilting .  I also spent time putting the block together that I cut out for the Dear Jane quilt yesterday.  It is almost finished and I’m going to spend some time this evening finishing that one up.

mugs-004Another mug for today.  This is another wooden mug.  I keep a bunch of quilting pin in this one.   I picked this one up at Epcot Center at the African exhibit at Disney in Orlando, Florida who knows when — it has been some time maybe 8 years ago?  I do know though that when I did a search right now that they no longer have an African exhibit there.  The park is also known now as Epcot Theme Park.   My husband had a business trip in that area and so I went with him and we enjoyed a week in Florida in the middle of winter.   My youngest daughter and her family who live in Wisconsin are there right now doing the same thing.  Son in law has a business trip and the family went along and tacking some extra days on to see the Magic Kingdom and maybe Epcot Center as well.  I’m not sure what they are seeing other than the Magic Kingdom but that was mentioned to me before they left.  I’m sure I will find out later what they saw.

Yesterday’s question: to calculate the finished diagonal width (one corner to another diagonally) of a square quilt block, multiply the finished length of a straight side by?  the answer is B – 1.41 Here are some more “how to’s”
on diagonal corners.

Question: When you sew strips together to make a long, continuous binding, you should assemble them end to end with a 1/4″ seam allowance. TRUE or FALSE