Friday, February 13, 2009

3 roller quilting frameWOW!! I can not believe I started this quilt just about 4 years ago and finally now will be starting to quilt it soon.  I took photos as I was loading it onto the frame so you can see the process.  (all of these photo’s can be clicked on to take you to a larger size)  The backing is a blue swirl.  I had already rolled the quilt battingtop on to the back rail when I remembered I was going to take photo’s.  The backing is then pinned to the middle rail, then you roll it up and pin to the front rail.  I always roll it back and forth a couple times to make sure all wrinkles are out and that the fabric is resting smoothly.  Next you lay the batting over the backing and smooth it all out trying to batting on frameget it to rest evenly.  Pin the top of the backing to the middle roller.  Carefully roll the middle roller and the bottom roller at the same time until you have all of the backing rolled on to the middle roller.  When you have rolled the batting all the way up on the middle roller, release the middle roller so that you have enough slack and gently pull the batting into place to be pinned onto the bottom roller.  By doing this you now have the backing and batting on the same two rollers and itjane2 is pinned in place evenly.  Sometimes if the two are not resting evenly with no wrinkles I will roll it back and forth a couple times going from having it all on the front roller to the middle roller and then back again to the middle row where it will stay and I gently smooth it out to get it right.  When you know you have the backing and batting ready you release the tension on the back roller and pull your quilt top down over the two layers and pin the quilt top to the front roller on top of the backing and batting.  I have two pieces of fabric one on each side that I pin the sides of the 3 3276651085_2d281c8e0elayers together.  This makes sure that the tension is right and it is all pulled gently together to make it smooth with no wrinkles on the back.  If you notice as you are quilting that you do have wrinkles on the underside you can gently pull and push them to the side and adjust the cloth strips.  I told you all that this quilt will have scallop edges here is a photo of that too.  I added a 3 inch border to all sides – this is the only part of this quilt that is sewed by machine.  Because of  the tension of the ends of the quilt I wanted to make sure it was a little stronger while working on so I thought I would machine stitch that one part.  I drew the scallops on with pencil and then when all the quilting is done I will lay it out and cut on those lines before I put the binding on.

I think I mentioned that I will not start to quilt this quilt until February 23.  The reason for this is that it will be the 4th anniversary since I started this quilt – so maybe kind of silly but I wanted to start quilting it on that anniversary.  The quilting sure will go a lot faster than the hand piecing did!!  This is also my older daughter’s birthday and she has shown so much interest in this quilt that it will eventually be her quilt.  I will need to enjoy it for a time though before I give it to her :)

That is about 10 days away so maybe I can make some progress on the two smaller quilts that I am using the smaller hoop on.  It sure will be nice to finish up a couple of these other projects.  Between quilting on this quilt and applique work on the Christmas Baltimore Album blocks and hand piecing my second Dear Jane I should be able to stay busy! Especially with spring in the air and coming in fast now.  There will be so much yard work to do and then we will start traveling a little again also.

I gave the answer to the day before yesterdays question earlier so here is a new question:

Quiltmaking templates can be made from:

A- cardboard

B- plastic

C- freezer paper

D- vellum

E- all of the above


I didn’t get a post done yesterday as I was very busy quilting on the scrappy Irish Chain quilt.  I am working on the final border and only have about an hour or two of quilting left to do on it.  I hope to finish it today.  Also I was cutting the backing and batting the correct size for “Insanity” and getting the final border on that quilt. I also drew the scallop edges on that quilt.  The quilt will hopefully be put on the frame this weekend.  I’m not actually cutting the scallop though until I take it off of the quilt frame.  I will post a photo after I get it on the quilt so you can see what I am talking about.  This will make for easier quilting on the frame.

It was a busy day – working on those two quilts plus I attended a workshop for the quilting guild that I am in and participated in the work day on the raffle quilt that the guild is making!  Whew what a busy day.  Today will be busy also.  I have to get to the fitness center for a workout.  I don’t go for loosing weight or weight management or whatever you want to call it.  I like to keep toned and fit as much as possible for my age group (I’m 56).

The answer to the last questionWhich of the following sewing machine needles are the thickest?

The answer was C 18/110

I will try to post later this evening and maybe the quilt will be on the frame — and then again maybe not – if it is I will post a photo of it.

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