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I belong to an on-line quilting group with yahoo and the list volunteer is always putting so many links to different things that are interesting that I thought I would start to share them with you all.  Some of them I am interested in and some things I am not.  One of the good ones that she shared today is free quilting patterns at this link for Quilter’s World.  If you want some free patterns you might want to check them out.  Normally you must download a file but you do not pay for it.  Just follow the directions and then you can print out your pattern.

I sewed a few of the “Insanity Revisited” blocks together with sashing today but other than that didn’t do anything in the line of sewing or quilting.  I will quilt again on my “Insanity” in a little while.  I am about 1/2 way done with the first border so it is coming along nicely.

Reading the new John Grisham book the other day got me thinking of some of his other books and I am now started on the book that I read first of his.  His second novel “The Firm” the very first book I read 2nd or 3rd.  It seems it hadn’t done well until some of his other books came out and then it was reprinted and did well enough to be turned into a movie, “A Time to Kill”.

Tomorrow I am trying two new recipes.  The sourdough pancakes that I got the recipe from on The Dakota Country Kitchen that we will have for breakfast and a new recipe that I found somewhere on line for sourdough rye bread.  I will take pictures of the bread tomorrow and share the recipe after I make sure it turns out good   🙂   I would hate to post a recipe that fails.

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  • nanci Feb 28, 2009

    Hi Karen, if you like JG, then try David Baldacci, I think he’s a great writer and has had me looking for his books all the time! I also like Harlen Cobin. Great recurring characters in his books too!

    I like looking at other sites for quilt patterns etc but they usually take more time than my cup of coffee or two allows, but a great place to visit on Saturday mornings when the house is quiet.

    nanci’s last blog post..NOW THIS IS A CHALLENGE!

  • Crispy Feb 28, 2009

    LOL, I know what you mean about not testing a recipe first. The worse thing is to try a recipe from a customer and it turns out really nasty and my dh will eat almost anything. I was hoping the customer would forget but he didn’t and I just made it sound like I must have goofed LOL.


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