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My good friend Mary Ann in Denmark is having a give away in honor of her 50th post and for her grandson’s birthday.  Hop on over and see what she has.  Mary Ann is one of my Dear Jane pals – we both started quilting on our Dear Janes at just about the same time.

I didn’t get the Christmas Baltimore Album block completely prepped today like I had hoped I would.  To many other things going on.  I did get a bit more of the quilting done on the guild challenge – it won’t spoil anything to say it is a wall hanging.  It is coming along nicely.

Tomorrow the cold weather comes back to our state.  So much for early spring in Arkansas!  One week in the 70’s the next in the 40’s so is life in Arkansas.  I’m just glad it not a blizzard and/or ice knocking down houses like it is by the Great Lakes area in  the Northern United States.  I’m sure it won’t be too cold and all the flowers will make it through.  It will be near freezing at night I’m sure.  Several years ago we had a killer frost in late April — I had to run around outside covering up so many plants to save them through two nights of low 20 degree temperatures – hydrangeas, strawberry’s, roses, clematis, it seems I had even gotten my Boston Ferns that year that I hang on my porch and the ferns had to come in the house – which is small.  My brother lost most of his blueberries that year on his farm.

Well like I say it won’t be like that!!  By Sunday or so we will be in the 60’s again.  I like those temperatures.

I didn’t finish Row A quilting on Dear Jane – I was going to do it last night and didn’t.  I will continue work on that this evening and post a photo tomorrow.  You will be saying what the heck did she do today then – nothing is done!  I cleaned my house, did laundry, —-  and I treated myself to a much needed therapeutic neck/shoulder massage by a license therapist.  I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis (among other medical problems) that settles into my neck and shoulder area frequently.  I tried massage therapy about 8 months ago and it helped so I thought I would try it again.  The lady I had do it last time was no longer at the place she worked and I couldn’t find her but I found another and she is just as good!  I might go one more time next week if it is still bothering me a lot.  Last year I went once a week for three weeks and it did wonders.  I can’t say enough good things about getting a massage – if you have never had one treat yourself you will enjoy it and want to go back for more!

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  • CJ Mar 10, 2009

    Karen, have you tried Beth Bonner for massage? She works out of her home, super nice lady!

    CJ’s last blog post..Fabrics from the Batik Butik

  • Karen Mar 10, 2009

    CJ I went to Susan Hibbard, she has 12 years of experience and was good. I’ll go back to her if I need to.

  • Karen Mar 10, 2009

    for those that might wonder at CJ recommending someone – we live a hop, skip and a jump from each other but have never met 🙂

  • Crispy Mar 10, 2009

    Well hooray for you Karen, everyone needs some “me” time be it sewing or getting a much needed massage. I’m pretty darn sure you will get back to your projects when you feel like it. We didn’t get as much snow in our area as originally thought but what we got is in BIG piles across all the roads. The farmers are so funny, they come in the store saying so n so had to pull them out of a drift and instead of turning around and going home, they come into the store and start telling me they will probably get stuck again on the way back. All for a loaf of bread LOL.

    Crispy in windy snowy North Dakota

    Crispy’s last blog post..On Pins and Needles

  • Mary Ann Mar 11, 2009

    Karen, sure hope your neck is feeling better soon. A massage always seems to do the trick!!
    All the best!
    Mary Ann

    Mary Ann’s last blog post..Birthday Give-Away!!!

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