Thursday, April 30, 2009

May I rest now

by Karen on April 30, 2009

in quilts

I thought I only had food and clothing to pack in the motorhome today but god, I have made I don’t know how many trips back and forth from the house to the camper with my arms full of stuff.  You would think we were going to be gone for a year!

Some people say oh throw a couple pair of shorts, jeans and t-shirts in and your ready to go.  I’m afraid I do a little more than that.  What will the weather be like at this time of year – will it rain, will it be cool days on end or warm.  I put in t-shirts, sleeveless t-s, jeans, Capri’s, a couple sweatshirts, a rain jacket, several pair of shoes — the list goes on and on.

Then there is the house – clean out the freezer (put in camper freezer) toss food that you don’t want to bring and that will go bad (not much there, I planned ahead), do laundry, run the dishwasher.  Make sure the bills are paid, stop the mail, give girlfriends a tour though the motorhome (one had seen it the other hadn’t – say goodbyes).  Make sure little brother has the key to the house to be checking on things.

And of course there is the quilting things – didn’t double check that I think I 3 or 4 times checked to make sure I didn’t forget anything important.   And books to read for those nice days when you are reclining outside under the awning.  Movies to watch on rainy evenings, scrabble and deck of cards.

I’m I allowed to scream!!  Finally after two days of going through things I think I have remembered everything and then I bet two or three days from now Mike will say “where is —-” and “I will say didn’t you pack it?” and he will say“didn’t you  :)and then Wal-Mart with their low prices or some other close by store will come in handy and we will be helping the economy out!

Did I say how glad I am that we no longer have small children traveling with us?  Pets?  I would still be running back and forth!  (adult children with their spouse & children and pets would be a different story because they would have to have their own motor homes and meet us some place which would be fun and they would pack their own stuff!)

I will write and post pictures when I can and check in on all the blogs I like to read.   I will be quilting on the road for the next month (actually piecing and applique but what the heck we will stick with “quilting on the road”)