Friday, June 5, 2009

Last year in the early spring I had read that  propagation of  hydrangea plants could be done in several ways.  One method was to cut a stem and put it in water to root and another method was to take a lower branch and gently bend it down to the soil and place a rock or something on it to hold it to the soil.  Leave the stem on the soil for several months and then check and see if it had developed roots.  If it had roots cut the stem off of the mother plant and dig the rooted plant gently out of the soil and plant where you wanted it.

I tried both methods.  I rooted 5 stems in water and they all developed roots after several months.  When the stems had good size roots on them I planted each in a small pot until a root ball formed.  At the same time I was doing that 3598785219_5d9e7bc54fmethod I had done the other as well with two stems bent to the ground.  Both methods worked and I had 7 plants to plant last fall in the new flower bed that I had made.  I thought this was really neat – have you priced decent size hydrangea plants?  Too expensive in my opinion if I could do it from my own plants!

3599596330_d3e0bbffd8My “mother” plant is a BLUE hydrangea — BUT — all new 7 plants (6 of which have blossoms) have PINK blossoms.  I thought that was kind of strange but I had thought that I had read somewhere that soil ph plays a part in color.  I checked with the “grumpy gardener” and sure enough that is what happened.  The ph balance in the new garden is different from the soil where the blue hydrangea is and that made the difference.  I am satisfied though 3599595214_53468f9475with my pink hydrangeas and really like the color.  It is nice being able to have a bouquet with both colors in it.  I was surprised at how many blossoms are on the small plants already though!  I really didn’t think I would have many blossoms – all but one plant has them.   My blue hydrangea is about 15 years old – I am so glad that I was able to root plants from it.

Now the other part of my title says “beginning of the berries”  I finally got started 3599597136_5f0ed6edc3today making the berries for the Christmas Baltimore Album block!  I got 14 berries made today and I have placed them on the block to see what it will look like.  I have more berries to make but this will give you an idea of placement.  In the wide open space in between the leaves – don’t know if you can see where I mean?  There will be groupings of 3 berries.  Close up by the red where I have one berry all around the flower there was supposed to be groupings of 3 berries there also – I guess I made my flower too big because no way will 3 berries fit in those spaces in clusters without looking way too crowded so I am saved of having to make 56 berries and will make a total of 40 berries instead.  I am going to go ahead and make the clusters of 3 for the open spaces in between the leaves though (8 areas).  I will post another photo when I get the berries done.