Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Great Day to Read

by Karen on June 20, 2009

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Today was another day that ventured into the 90’s and humidity was here also.  It isn’t so bad when it is dry heat (although I do not like to bake in an oven) dry heat is tolerable where as with humidity you just drip!

I pulled a book on the shelf today that I hadn’t read in forever.  I had completely forgotten what it was about – it was published 1993.  Have you read Barbara Bickmore?  Here is a link to her site and books.  I do not think she has anything new for years now but I enjoy the couple that I do have.  The one I am reading is called “Distant Star” it takes place in the 1920’s in China.  I have one other of her books and that one takes place in Africa.  The one good thing of collecting so many books is I can almost always find a book to read — the bad thing of having so many books is dusting them!!  LOL I am not very good at that and sometimes when I pull a book off of the shelf to read I have to dust off the top of it before I sneeze!

I got some more done on the “Circle of Cactus” I will take a photo of it tomorrow when more progress has been made.  I think I will be sewing the body of the quilt together by the end of the week!  This is the 5th appliqued block and all blocks will be finished size of 16 inches.  There is sashing between them and then an applique border.  I will get all of what I have done sewed together and then start work on the border.

It is my grandson’s 9th birthday tomorrow the first day of summer.  Last night his dad took him to a business dinner 3645739700_8415124f18with him.  My son-in-law is in the bug business.  He trains others on how to get rid of bugs safely for businesses and homes.  Last night his company had a company dinner and the appetizers were beetle grubs!  yuk is what I thought, my daughter passed on the dinner but my grandson was pleased to take her place — boys!   here is my bug guy.  He said it was cruchy and tasted like shrimp – I don’t know if I believe him :)