Another stormy day!


3620558423_024c4df55fYesterday shortly before 2 in the afternoon we had a severe thunderstorm with straight line winds.  I had been in the near by 3621299691_a4ab5f52b2town 12 miles from our house getting some groceries and odds and ends shortly before the storm struck.  I thought I had enough time to get home so set out for home.  I didn’t get far before the storm struck about 15 minutes before the weather forecasters said it would – they need to fix that and get more accurate LOL – really they do a pretty good job.  I had to pull over into a parking lot in a small shopping center 4 miles from home as the rain and wind was so bad it was dangerous to stay on the road.  While I was in the parking lot I could see the wind picking up a metal carport that was by the 3621306081_f87c13e60dhardware store.  Having no idea where the heck the wind was going to set this carport down at I decided to get out of that parking lot and continue on for home.

The rain started to clear up the closer I got to home.  But I had to turn back when I saw this -( photo on the left.)  Mike took this photo later in the afternoon.  When I saw it right 3622120664_c745ae7523below the hill in the photo where you can’t see there were more lines down across part of the road.  I had to turn around and take a long way home – trees were down everywhere.  One tree was blocking the road but I managed to get around an edge of it and made it home finally.  I thought for sure we would have house damage as there were so many trees down everywhere but our house came through it fine and so did the workshop and the camper!

We did loose a tree though and branches off of others.  The top right photo 3622114626_225ecf6934shows several branches that came off of a very large pine tree – the next photo on the right shows the top of a pine tree gone – the top in mangled up in a area below that is so full of brush that I couldn’t quite see the top of the tree!  The photo on the left is a maple tree that came down – it was kind of crowded where it was at so it was not a big loss.  This photo on the right are branches and the top of the sweet gum tree, as the top of the tree came off it took several of the lower branches off of it as well.

3621378800_f0951d181eBut we consider ourselves lucky after driving around the neighborhood and seeing all the tree damage at a house about a mile away from us.  Look at all the trees they lost in their front yard – it doesn’t look like the house was damaged – lucky for them.  This photo on the left is of that house and trees (not ours – this is about a mile east of us)

Our power is out and the road going into the nearest house was blocked off as of last night because of the downed power lines in the top photo.  We have not ventured out this morning to see if the road is open and will check that out later.  We do have a generator going to run the refrigerator and a few other things in the house and will continue to do that until the power comes back on.

Our neighbors lost a tree in the front yard.  We went over to speak to them discussing the storm damage last night.  Weird but the carport that I saw lifting up in the parking lot that I had pulled into to get off the road — that carport landed on their daughters car!  Sounds like it might have totalled the car.  I had know that our neighbor had a small shop in that shopping center but she had closed her business recently.  I had not known that her daughter had bought the business and opened under a different name and that is why her car was there.

I’m glad I left the parking lot when I did as I was very close to where that carport landed!

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  • Crispy Jun 13, 2009

    OMGosh Karen, I’m so happy you listened to your inner voice and left that parking lot. Those storms are more scary than a tornado…at least you can see them coming. The trees are sure taking a beating this year between the ice storm and this storm too. I’m happy all is well at your home.


  • Ranette Jun 13, 2009

    Wow sounds like bad weather was everywhere yesterday….we had terrible hail for about 20 minutes in the morning and some pretty severe wind gusts as well, though not as bad as it was at your house.
    This was the 3rd major hail storm this year for us…most of our neighbors have had new roofs put on in the last several weeks (I’ve been procrastinating over which roofer I like) and now they’ll have to have new ones I think.

    Glad you faired okay in the storm and that you have a generator. We almost had one built into our house, but we went for the lightening protection system instead. Good thing as we were struck about a year after we built this house!

  • Marlene Jun 13, 2009

    I’m so glad you’re all ok Karen. It stormed here too and we were taking a boat ride! Thank goodness we got to the dock just as the hail hit, but then we had to run the gauntlet of the huge trees that were swaying back and forth and losing small branches and leaves to get to our house. I was so afraid that a big limb would come down on my head! blessings, marlene

  • Karen Jun 13, 2009

    Marlene where are you located – that would be scary having been out on the water in a boat – glad you were able to get to safety!

    Ranette I’m glad we didn’t get hail! I would have hated to get damage to the motorhome and cars from hail and maybe the roof too.

    Yes I’m glad I left that parking lot too Crispy, we drove past it late yesterday and noticed that both of the car ports (I had only seen one, but there had been two) had been tossed to the center of the parking lot

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