I wasn’t going to blog this evening.  I am tired.  I left the house about 9 this morning and drove to North Little Rock to 3699121077_43e2f4367espend the day with my daughter.  Melanie has been growing some cucumbers and wanted pickles.  She had never made them so wanted a mom/daughter day – “show me how to make pickles mommy” LOL, ok not quite those words but kind of 🙂  I had the canner, the jars, the lids, the recipe — she had the cucumbers, spices & vinegar.  Kind of an even trade.  When I arrived we first went to the river market area as the farmer’s market is held there.  We checked to see if they had some small cucumbers to add to hers – they didn’t and turned out we didn’t need them.  But they did have tomatoes and we got some to try our hand at ketchup – I had never made that but thought why not give it a try.  I left most of the pickles with her but I did bring home 3 jars and a jar of ketchup.  We only got 2 pints out of the tomatoes so we split it.

Here is Melanie on the left working on the pickles.

I got home a little after 7 this evening!  I spent some time approving all of the entries that came in today for the drawing – my god people – I have got over 70 of you to pick from and there is still tomorrow!!! That is way more than I ever thought would come on over to this.  What fun it will be seeing who the two winners are on Saturday.

My daughter’s dog was feeling somewhat neglected during the day as we were too busy to play with her.  Here is the dog3699130347_c290d5fc92 Patty on the couch and on the couch is a quilt I make Mel years ago and a wall hanging on her wall.  She doesn’t quilt but she likes them!  She will be posting about our 3699939090_c3e702434dday on her blog with photo’s – her DH took a bit of photo’s and I will have to wait until tomorrow to see what they are like.  She will probably post later tonight or tomorrow.

I managed to get in a couple stitches on the “Insanity” quilt last night on the quilting frame but not enough to bother taking a photo of – maybe later in the week.  This morning before I left I did work on the border a little more of the Christmas quilt.  It is coming along!

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  • Crispy Jul 7, 2009

    All mommies hear those “show me” words when our children ask for our help and as the good mommies we are, we drop everything and go help LOL.


  • Melanie Jul 7, 2009

    I can’t believe you posted already. I went through my photos and edited some and have them up on a facebook album, but will pull together an article for the blog tomorrow.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..The Literal Fruits of my Labor =-.

  • Karen Jul 8, 2009

    Mel I wasn’t going to post until today, but then I was so tired it was either stay up and blog or go to bed too early!

    Crispy you are so right, no matter what the daughters want when they call I tend to drop everything 🙂 I sure love my girls and wish they lived next door (well maybe not that close LOL)

  • Regina Chronister Jul 8, 2009

    poor patty she just wanted a pickle and help. Regina

  • Marlene Jul 8, 2009

    I had completely forgotten you are in Arkansas (forgetful is becoming my middle name!) so it was funny to realize it when I saw your post. I haven’t made pickles in years but I might try it again this year. Have you ever made freezer bread and butter pickles. It’s really easy and your daughter might like to do that. blessings, marlene
    .-= Marlene´s last blog ..It’s a Beautiful New Flag! =-.

  • Susan Jul 8, 2009

    I’m intrigued as to the American way of “canning”. As a family we watched a “Walton’s” episode the other night and mixed in the story was the fact they were canning peaches.

    Did they used to just boil whatever produce, almost like stewing them, then put them in jars, and let them seal that way?

    I do my own bottling but it’s different to that. We have varying size jars in which we put the raw cut fruit. Fill up with a sugar syrup – light medium or heavy; next put on the rubber rings; then the metal lids, which are then clamped down with clips. They all go in a large drum. Water is put in upto 3/4 the way up the jar. The drum has a lid put on it, which is then left to build up to nearly boiling point and held there for 45 minutes.

    The jars are taken out and left to cool, which vacuum seals the lids down. The clips are then removed about 36 hours later and the jars can go onto the shelf.

    W Australia
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Christmas in July =-.

  • Karen Jul 8, 2009

    Marlene I have not tried the recipe you mention. You should post it on your blog or send me the recipe and I might give it a try. I had forgotten you were in Arkansas too – I added your blog to my google reader.

    Susan I think we do it close to the same way as you do. With fruit you put the fresh fruit in the jars and fill it with the sweet syrup. our lids for our jars sound different but basically the same. I use a boiling water bath and you leave the jars in for varied amount of minutes depending on what it is. Are you using a pressure canner? Some people use that here. I have seen the kind of lids you are talking about for your jars though – there are different kinds of ways to do this I know, I just do it the way my mom taught me years ago.

  • Melanie Jul 8, 2009

    I finally posted up my blog of our day Mom!
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..Learning from Mom–Dill Pickles and Ketchup =-.

  • Karen Jul 8, 2009

    poor Patty just wanted attention – when Ric went to get hamburgers for us and we sat down to eat Patty was right there wanting hers too 🙂

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