Friday, December 11, 2009

We need some snow

by Karen on December 11, 2009

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ACHR1018I think if we have snow close to Christmas it will look perfect – Christmas without snow doesn’t look right.  I guess this is because I grew up in the north.  We rarely have snow at Christmas time in Arkansas.  When we do have snow it doesn’t last long.  This Victorian piece of clip art on the side here represents what my grandchildren in Wisconsin have been playing in this week – they had about a foot of snow in that snow storm that hit the Great Lakes Region earlier in the week.  Now I am not saying I want as much snow as they have :) but a little would be nice.

Here is a photo of what my son-in-law was doing part of one day this week.

looks like fun doesn't it!  They got themselves a snowblower for Christmas.

looks like fun doesn't it! They got a snow blower for Christmas. Good thing they decided to get it a couple days before the snow came - or he would have been out there with a shovel. A little early for Christmas but what the heck - they needed it. (the snow blower that is not the snow!)

I have actually not been working on much quilting the past couple of days.  Instead I have been reading a book by Linda Howard.  I needed to rest my fingers for a couple days.  All that needle poking tends to get to them sometimes.  I did finish the Christmas tree skirt and it is under the tree waiting for presents to arrive.

I found a new pattern – well maybe it isn’t new, it is new to me – I am thinking of making something like it out of that box of Moda Sampler Squares that I mentioned awhile ago.  This pattern uses yo-yo’s and I don’t want to make them but just plain circles to applique where the yo-yo’s are in this pattern.  I have not decided for sure if this is the one I will use or not.  Here is a link to it at Bunny Tales blog spot.  Here is a link to the pattern and the photo of the whole quilt is at that link.  I think it is really cute.  I had planned on using gray and white for my background but now I am not sure what I am doing!!    I really like the all white background in this photo.  The design process is now totally up in the air.  I am going to order the pattern and decide for sure after I receive it as to exactly how I will make it.  If I do make it I think I will add an extra piece of batting behind each circle to give the circles more poof.  I am also not sure if I will be making a small quilt as the pattern is for or if I will do a queen size – I haven’t done a queen size quilt for awhile and maybe I am ready to get back to making a really big quilt!  This will be a totally scrappy look quilt as whatever I need for the other colors will be pulled from my scraps although I will need more white as all I have are small pieces and might not have enough.