Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am still waiting for my batting to arrive and trying to be patient so I am busily working on my little blocks for the “Insanity Revisited” last night and this morning I got this checkerboard block finished.

This is my preparation work. Kind of like a paint by number.

here are rows of little blocks sewed together. Then the strips are sewed together and the border in place.

The finish! 40 pieces in this 5 inch block (4 1/2 when finished in quilt). I do not know how fast this block can be made by machine. This one including the preparation work took me about 2 1/2 hours to make. Normally the blocks depending on how many pieces and level of difficulty take anywhere from about 40 minutes to 3 hours. I just noticed a couple threads sticking to the block - sorry I would have taken a better photo if I had noticed it.

Some of the scraps that are going into my March Star Crazy BOM blocks. I still need to go through my scraps to find more bits and pieces. I have some cut out and I'm sure tomorrow or the next day I will get to work.

This was yesterdays weather! The little boy has gotten out of his winter gear and into a tee-shirt - 72 degrees for a high yesterday. Today was cooler it only got up to 68 here and that was a very short while. Still all in all a very nice day although thunderstorms are going through part of the state, might miss us though.

Tomorrow I am going to be sewing at my friend Julie’s for part of the day.  She is on the last blocks of row 10 for her Dear Jane.  She is catching up to me rapidly!!  She started to hand piece her Dear Jane like I do but then decided that she was never going to finish it if she did that so by row 5 or 6 I think it was she started to machine piece instead.   We used to meet once a week but we have gotten out of the habit  over the past year and now only meet about once a month.  I need to look over my things and see what to bring to show her – we tend to have a little show and tell of quilting things even though it is not a big group meeting LOL -We quilters always tend to show off our things don’t we whether it is quilts, fabric or books and pattern.  I will be working on another Dear Jane block or two so maybe more blocks to post tomorrow.