Friday, March 12, 2010

The Search

by Karen on March 12, 2010

in quilts

I found out from Becky (no blog) that Elly Sienkiewicz’s book “Papercuts and Plenty” a Baltimore Album type of book is where most of the patterns for the quilt I showed you all yesterday are from.  It is an out of print book but that hasn’t stopped me.  I searched and found the best price for the condition of the book and have one ordered.  There are lots and lots of patterns in the book so it will be worth while.  When I make it – eventually – next year maybe? — I will have plenty of blocks to choose from.  I was going to look at the library but we have a small library and if I am going to spend time making this wonderful quilt – or one similar I will want to be wandered back to the book for a look see constantly so better that I order it.

I got starting quilting the “Sew Charming” quilt that I finished the top of  back at the end of September.  It is full of polka dots so I will be going dizzy at times quilting it I think.  I am using black thread.  I had thought to go back and forth with white in some areas and black in others and tried that out – did not like the white thread and picked it out and redid that area in black.  It shows up really well on the back too and I like that.

the begining of quilting

the look on the back. Oops I just noticed I forgot a straight line - it must be on one of the black strips I will have to go back to it and make sure I get it done before I move to another section.

The part I am done with.

I’m keeping it nice and simple.  I want to get done with this one so I can get to the Baltimore Bliss next.  I have decided to add one more border around the Baltimore Bliss and have a scalloped edge on it.  I like the scallop edge so much on the Dear Jane that I decided it will look nice on that one too.  I have found that I do not like having so many quilts waiting in line to quilt and therefore I am spending the next several months doing a lot of quilting and little sewing other than the monthly BOM on Star Crazy – most of the pieces for March are cut I just need to sew them – – I will also work on the small Dear Jane blocks.  I think the Red and Green Applique and the Little Brown Bird are both on hold for a couple months until I get this quilting caught up a little.