Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keep the comments coming!

by Karen on March 16, 2010

in quilts

Wow slightly over 50 comments already on the give away I am hosting for Teri – keep them coming!!  Leave a comment on the post from yesterday.   Some people have asked me how this give away came about and who is Teri?  Teri is from Alabama and was one of the winners of my last give away.  Teri says she is not  computer literate enough to have a blog :)  I think a lot of us feel that way.  It took me sometime to get it figured out and I have my computer master in the same room with me most of the time and I am still bugging him with questions of how do I do such and such!  It comes hard for some of us.  I have asked Teri some questions and will try to post a little bio on her this week.  I really do not know her real well and we can find out together.  We have not met in person – just through e mails as so many of us do.

Sometimes when I have a giveaway I try to thank everyone with a e mail of thanks when I get the message – in this case so many having been coming in at the same time I have not had the chance to do so.  Let me say thank you to all of you now for stopping by my blog and visiting.  Such nice comments everyone leaves.  Good luck to all of you.  I am looking at blogs every chance I get to see all the new ones that I have not seen before.

I have a new photo of my Christmas Quilt which is coming along slowly as I am working on so many other projects all the time.

Christmas Baltimore Album in the works

You see this block in the center with the white flowers? When I get to the middle of it I will be half way done with this quilt. Like I say it is moving slowly - I'm not rushing it and in fact have been neglecting it - I have been working on so many other quilts but this is a Christmas quilt I figure I have until the middle of November before I need it - hopefully I will be finished with it before then!

Yes I need to straighten out under the frame once again – somehow things constantly get tossed under the frame – out of the way you know :)

Before I forget Jackie is having a give away on her blog Canton Village Quilt Works - go on over and see what she has.