Karen on March 19th, 2010

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I thought for several days about what to make with the charm squares that Teri sent me the other day.  I found a book that had something like what I want in it and I am in the process of changing it a bit.  I have discovered that I like my dining area so much better for a design area than the sewing room table (more room) that I have moved by big cutting mat to the table in there and go back and forth between the dining area  and the sewing room.  I get some added exercise to and don’t get stiff.  Here is what I have come up with so far:

the charms - I do not work with pastel colors a lot but there was something about these Moda Aviary squares that I loved when I saw them. The fabric is so soft also - love it.

pulling the design together - laying things out, deciding on size - I have some books out for reference to the design that I like, paper to draw ect. I end up like always though and just start cutting and placing and measuring until I get what I want when I am not going by a particular pattern exactly.

there is a piece of creamy butter fabric in each strip. On that strip will be an applique flower or design, there might be a little embroidery on it also.

I will make four "blocks" this size to make one large block. I am going to do the applique first though before I join 4 blocks together. This one measures 23x25. So when the four are joined they will be about 46 x 50 and then there will be a border of some type around it. I am pretty sure I have enough charm squares to do this. If not and I am a couple short I will be searching through the stash to find a couple pieces which I should be able to do with no trouble.

So I will leave all of this stuff out on the dining room table and work on it for the next 3 days – I hope to do one of these units a day and then start on the applique – but if we do any running around this weekend it might end up on the table for a week :)  This took 2 1/2 hours to do – in other words I spent the whole morning on it  – which I normally do not do.  Normally I am only sewing for an hour here or there in the day and evening.

I did take a break and went outside for some photos:

spring - don't you just love it - but darn all those little bugs are coming back already!

pretty yellow

hydrangea - I planted these last year from rootings off of my big plant - I rooted 7 plants and they all came back.


the cool weather plants are planted - peas, carrots, beets, two kinds of lettuce, spinach and radishes - we will be gone half the summer so I am not doing other veggies right now. I am going to spread plastic over the fencing to keep it warm as we are to get some cool nights coming up still. When I cut the grass the first time I will have Mike put the mulcher on and I will put mulch over the weed mat to hold it down and take the rocks up then.

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