Friday, March 26, 2010

What did I do Today?

by Karen on March 26, 2010

in Joseph's Coat

I don’t know what I did today but the day is about gone and I feel like I have accomplished nothing!  I did laundry and worked a little on the applique flowers.  I am a quarter finished with the applique on the baby quilt so I know I have done a little work these past couple days.  I bet a lot of you have the same feeling of having done nothing some days.

It was pretty outside and I wandered around the yard pulling a weed here and there.  I did discover that I have 5 tulips buds!! The winter was cold enough after all to have something come from it.  I have flowers and plants coming up all over the place.  The peonies which were not above the ground just two days ago when I looked are now about 3 inches high.  The garden is growing and I have lettuce, beets, and radishes above the ground.

I have not touched the Christmas quilt in days once again and have not touched “Insanity Revisited” (second DJ) in weeks.  I am going through a slump! LOL   I have been working on a list for the Quilt Show in Paducah next month — what to look for at the vendors :) my little list has been growing as I have been thinking of this and that and know I will save on shipping and handling if I can find it at the vendors instead.

I had some funny e -mails to me about the large family I came from!  I know a lot of you are not from huge families and to me it seems so normal :) having lived it.  Someone wanted to know how many years apart between the youngest and the oldest – 17 years – 1 set of twins – I was the 3rd oldest – I was learning how to diaper when I was about 8 and that was with cloth diapers and pins! Laundry day was every day and one washing machine and no dryer – a clothesline was available in the warm months and clothes drying racks in the kitchen and bathroom the rest of the time.  Someone wanted to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms – 5 bedrooms 1 bathroom, we lived in an old farmhouse in Wisconsin next to Lake Michigan.   My mother didn’t get a clothes dryer until the family moved to Arkansas in 1971 and that is because it rained a lot and with the humidity it is hard to dry clothes outside here a lot of the time.

Of course because of the age difference some of us were out of the house shortly after the youngest ones were born.  When I got married at 19 my little sister (the baby) was 6.  My oldest sister has a son who is 2 1/2 years younger then that little sister.  Our generations very much over lap – my little sister’s youngest child a girl is the same age as my granddaughter (7) they are two weeks apart in age.

So I think that answers most of the question – no I don’t recommend having that many children and none of us came close to replicating it – but my parents were Roman Catholic so maybe that answers the last question – no we were not Mormon – we were Catholic :)

Now I guess there is still some time this evening to get some sewing out and do something.