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As I mentioned the other day I am hosting a giveaway for another quilter who does not have a blog.  Teri Dingler from Alabama has these gifts for one lucky winner!

The Gifts


1.  Leave a commentone chance

2. Blog about ittwo chances

3. Tell someone and they mention your name and you will get an extra chance for each person that mentions your name.

The winner will be announced in 1 week – on Monday the 22nd of March


(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Sequana Mar 15, 2010

    How NICE of her! A really good giveaway too.

    I don’t have a blog either. I should do a giveaway this way.
    .-= Sequana´s last blog ..Wild Life =-.

  • Rhonda Phillips Mar 15, 2010

    What a great giveaway! Please enter me!

  • Doina Mar 15, 2010

    Great giveaway! Please count me in! Beautiful fabrics and patterns! I put a link on my sidebar.
    .-= Doina´s last blog ..Set grena si un alt premiu castigat =-.

  • Mariana Páscoa Mar 15, 2010

    Count me in! It’s so good that you are doing this favor for someone who doesn’t have o blog of her own! It’s really nice of you!
    .-= Mariana Páscoa´s last blog ..Dear Jane #7 =-.

  • Anya Mar 15, 2010

    How generous of her to offer that and for you to offer to put it on your blog. Thanks for the chance!
    .-= Anya´s last blog ..Teenagers Need Comfort, Too =-.

  • call me crazy Mar 15, 2010

    What a nice thing for your friend to do! Great giveaway too. 😉 Thanks for the chance! I hope this doesn’t post twice~ the page is having trouble loading for me. :-/
    .-= call me crazy´s last blog ..Fun Times! =-.

  • Becky in VA Mar 15, 2010

    Thanks to you and Teri for the give-a-way! What fun. I don’t have a blog. If I had a blog I’d never getting any sewing done.

    I sure appreciate all of you who do blog. Thank you.

  • tubakk Mar 15, 2010

    Thanks for this give-away. I.m lucky to have a chance to win these beatiful fabrics.
    .-= tubakk´s last blog ..Blomstring i mars =-.

  • Miri Mar 15, 2010

    How very nice and generous of Terri to offer this giveaway!

    You’re a good friend to host it for her! 🙂
    .-= Miri´s last blog ..I’m back after a crazy couple of weeks! =-.

  • Shirley Mar 15, 2010

    I so totally love giveaways. Please enter me.
    .-= Shirley´s last blog ..Card Party Last Night! =-.

  • Merete Vatshelle Mar 15, 2010

    What a generous giveaway! Please count me in :o)

  • Merete Vatshelle Mar 15, 2010

    I also blogged about it on my blog.

  • Sandra Fuqua Mar 15, 2010

    Thanks for the chance. Hope to win!

    Sandra Fuqua

  • Oddbjørg Pedersen Mar 15, 2010

    So nice of Teri – and you to offer this give-away. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.
    .-= Oddbjørg Pedersen´s last blog ..Friday Night Sew-in =-.

  • Regina Chronister Mar 15, 2010

    I would love to win thanks Karen

  • Karen L Mar 15, 2010

    Karen, Well what quilter wouldn’t want to win this give away! After all, part of the prize is fabric and we all need more fabric!!! Where to put it is the problem. What a nice thing for Teri to do and for you to host.

  • Bente Mar 15, 2010

    Flott Giveaway!
    Eg vil gjerne vere med.
    Bolgger om giveawayen på bloggen min.
    .-= Bente´s last blog ..Strikk =-.

  • Joyce Barham Mar 15, 2010

    Thank you Teri for the giveaway and thank you Karen for hosting it.
    Please count me in!

  • Hannele Mar 15, 2010

    Nice giveaway, let’s hope for the best 🙂
    .-= Hannele´s last blog ..Tilkkuja 20 v Tampereella – Finnquilt anniversary in Tampere =-.

  • nanette Mar 15, 2010

    I’m terrible at following directions so I’ll just say hi and good luck to the winner.
    .-= nanette´s last blog ..Quilt Walk Quilting Retreat 2010 =-.

  • Patty Mar 15, 2010

    Wow, that’s really nice of her. I love the fabrics
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  • Tara Mar 15, 2010

    Karen L told me about this and I have to get in on it. I’d love to win!
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Picky vs. Not Picky =-.

  • Nancy Phillips Mar 15, 2010

    Thanks for the givaway. I also do not have a blog, but I enjoy
    reading other peoples.

  • tammy bowser Mar 15, 2010

    I want in! She picked some great things to giveaway.
    Thanks Tammy
    .-= tammy bowser´s last blog ..The Under the Sea, BOM =-.

  • SherryR Mar 15, 2010

    Thank you both! I’m off to my blog to mention this!

  • Sherri I Mar 15, 2010

    Thanks to you both! It would be great to win.

  • Pokey Mar 15, 2010

    These are all so fun, thank you Teri and Karen! I’ll post the giveaway today. pokey
    .-= Pokey´s last blog ..Some Progress, and My Friend, Ginny B. =-.

  • Lisa Mar 15, 2010

    What a nice giveaway! Aviary is so lovely and I cannot wait to see A Breath of Avignon in person at my LQS or the charm pack if I am fortunate enough to be selected. No blog, which allows me more time to read the blogs of others and/or to tell others about your generosity.

  • Pokey Mar 15, 2010

    Come read about it at
    Thanks again!
    .-= Pokey´s last blog ..Some Progress, and My Friend, Ginny B. =-.

  • Melissa Mar 15, 2010

    I sure hope Teri is reading these comments! Thank you Teri!!!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Since We Are Talking Birds… =-.

  • Deb Mar 15, 2010

    i think it is great that she’s giving these items away, plus it’s wonderful that you would give her the outlet. I would love to win. Thanks!
    .-= Deb´s last blog ..Reason # 257 =-.

  • bingobonnie Mar 15, 2010

    I learned about your giveaway from Sherry over at

    so… that is what a creative grids ruler looks like? I don’t own any but have heard lots of good things about them 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  • SewCalGal Mar 15, 2010

    Hymm. I tried to leave an earlier comment, but received a weird error message. Not sure if it went thru.

    But, I have posted insights on your giveaway on my blog where I share insights on contests and giveaways (

    .-= SewCalGal´s last blog ..Can you guess the Designer ? Part 1 & Part 2 =-.

  • Debbie Mar 15, 2010

    Thanks, Karen and Teri. Those are nice Modas. Thanks for counting me in.

  • sharon Mar 15, 2010

    Teri thank you for having a give away and Karen thank you too for hosting! I too am blogless, so I think that is a great idea! Sharonj.

  • Lotta Mar 15, 2010

    This is a great giveaway and I sure hope I win! It’s so generous to give this away,
    Lotta in Sweden

  • Elaine Mar 15, 2010

    How sweet of her to leave a giveaway on someone else’s blog! WOW!
    Would love to be included and really could use that quilt grid.

  • Solveig Mar 16, 2010

    What a lovely give away. I hope I am the lucky one;o)
    .-= Solveig ´s last blog ..Mars er mars…. =-.

  • DianeH Mar 16, 2010

    How wonderfully generous! I hope your dear friend is able to have a blog soon. Thank you for putting my name in.

  • Rosa Robichaud Mar 16, 2010

    Please put my name in the name, in hopes that it will be drawn. *grin*

    And YES, your friend is VERY generious!

    Rosa Robichaud

  • Lesly Mar 16, 2010

    Lovely giveaway – Please enter me for a chance!

  • Marlene Mar 16, 2010

    Wow what a fabulous giveaway! Count me in also. – Marlene

  • Wilma Eichler Mar 16, 2010

    Love the stuff your friend is giving away. Hope I win. Oh, Pokey sent me!!!

  • Anita Amodeo Mar 16, 2010

    What a great giveaway. Thanks for offering it for your friend.
    .-= Anita Amodeo´s last blog ..REMEMBER I WON TWO GIVEAWAYS… =-.

  • Joanne Lendaro Mar 16, 2010

    Fantastic giveaway!! Please include me!

  • Shellie Leskinen Mar 16, 2010

    Im in. How fun. I love charm packs. The patterns look wonderful.
    .-= Shellie Leskinen´s last blog ..Jelly Roll Sampler Block 1 =-.

  • Shellie Leskinen Mar 16, 2010

    Blogged it!!! Very fun giveaway….. cant wait!!!
    .-= Shellie Leskinen´s last blog ..Jelly Roll Sampler Block 1 =-.

  • Michelle Mar 16, 2010

    What an AWESOME giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..The WINNER is… =-.

  • Hennie Schutter Mar 16, 2010

    What a very nice gift, i love the fabrics. I love to join it.

    Hennie from the Netherlands

  • Deserae Mar 16, 2010

    I would love to win!!!

  • Liz Mar 16, 2010

    Hi! Fun giveaway, and a gracious thing to do for a friend! This is my comment and this is my blog where I mentioned your fab giveaway… … (I had already posted this morning before discovering this giveaway from pokeydotquilting, so please scroll down to the middle for your ditty). Thanks a mill!!!
    .-= Liz ´s last blog ..Party On! =-.

  • Julie Mar 16, 2010

    Lovely prizes. And a very nice thing for you to do 🙂

  • Eleanor Seltzer Mar 16, 2010

    Hi, I too do not have a blog – first don’t have much to blog about that would be of interest to anyone and secondly don’t have the computer expertise to do it either. But, I surely would like to win a giveaway one of these days. Perhaps this is the one!!!

  • Christine Mar 16, 2010

    Hi, I can’t believe anyone does not put their email down for this, I thought it’s required to leave a comment?

    Great gifts, and it’s kind of fun to have a ghost-give-away-blogger, i.e. you. Makes Teri very mysterious 😉

    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Progress On Red & Aqua And SITD Musings =-.

  • Laila Mar 16, 2010

    Great giveaway! Please count me in! Lovely fabrics and patterns! I’ll put a link on my blog sidebar
    .-= Laila´s last blog ..Fiks ferdig 🙂 =-.

  • bonnie Mar 16, 2010

    A lovely giveaway and you are so wonderful for hosting it for her.

  • kate Mar 16, 2010

    That’s a great idea! What a fun giveaway.

  • chris Mar 16, 2010

    Hi Karen, I’d love to win just for the creative grids ruler alone. My 6.5″ ruler is getting worn out. I’ll post about Teri’s giveaway on my blogs.
    .-= chris´s last blog ..Icy Snow Dyes =-.

  • marta Mar 16, 2010

    Que afortunado poder participar en este regalo, generoso, bello y útil.
    Gracias por compartir ponga mi nombre en su regalo.

  • amber johnson Mar 16, 2010

    How sweet of her! Tell Teri “Thanks for the giveaway!” Looks like great prizes! What’s the occassion?!?

    Oh, and Pokey sent me from Pokeydotquilting! Be sure to give her an extra entry please!

    You can reach me at or my blog
    .-= amber johnson´s last blog ..A {SWEET} quilt =-.

  • Mary Ann Mar 16, 2010

    Ooooh, I’d love to enter this give-away!!! How sweet of your friend to offer these great prizes and also to you for sponsoring her!
    All the best to you both!!
    Mary Ann
    .-= Mary Ann´s last blog ..Star of the West…March Block of the Month! =-.

  • Mary Mar 16, 2010

    We need to convince that quilter to start a blog. It’s always so nice to see what others are doing.

  • Angie S. Mar 16, 2010

    How neat! I just found your blog from Red Pepper Quilts and you’re doing a give away for someone. What a nice thing for someone to do! I have only been quilting for about a year, but…..with 5 kids and a full time job I’ve not gotten to do as much as I would like to. I have been doing a little more here lately. Just finding time for myself. I would love a chance to win! I never knew how much I would enjoy quilting. I have only finished one quilt but am working on 3 others. Wish I hadn’t started that many but it just kind of happened. Anyway,

    Thank you for the chance in the drawing.

    .-= Angie S. ´s last blog ..Dinner! =-.

  • Angie S. Mar 16, 2010

    I just posted about the give away on my blog.

    Thanks for the chance to win!! 🙂

    .-= Angie S.´s last blog ..Dinner! =-.

  • Arlene Mar 16, 2010

    Neat items for a give away would love to win.
    .-= Arlene´s last blog ..New Purse =-.

  • Gwynette Mar 16, 2010

    How nice of her to offer gifts for ‘your’ blog readers. She may be the smart one…. she has more time to quilt by not blogging. LOVE your Christmas quilt!!! Take care and quilt happy.

  • Astrid Mar 16, 2010

    Hi Teri & Karen,
    What a great idea and the give-away is so great too! Please count me in! I’ll add the photo of the give-away to the sidebar of my blog – NOW! 🙂
    .-= Astrid´s last blog ..Rearranging part of the garden =-.

  • Rachel Mar 16, 2010

    I posted a blog with a link to your giveaway. Thank you to your friend! I am excited. I am also excited to start following your blog!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Attention Quilters! =-.

  • What a sweet give away Teri!
    .-= Mary on Lake Pulaski´s last blog ..March Goals for Charming Guys and Girls Quilt Club =-.

  • Anna Mar 16, 2010

    What a nice giveaway that you are hosting for your friend. Your winner is going to be thrilled with your prize. Perhaps with encouragement Teri will take up blogging. It is a great way to meet other quilters. I was not sure that I wanted to blog but I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people from around the globe.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..My grandfather Henry’s Century…. =-.

  • Helle Sabella Mar 17, 2010

    Thank you to both of you for the chance to win the lovely giveaway! I really like your circle quilt, Karen.
    Regards from a Norwegian in Seoul,

  • LizM Mar 17, 2010

    What a great giveaway, I’d love to win!

  • Eva SB Mar 17, 2010

    Thank you and Teri for a beautiful giveaway
    .-= Eva SB´s last blog ..Dark Faerie Tales – 500 Followers Contest =-.

  • Vicki Mar 17, 2010

    Nice way to have a giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity:)
    .-= Vicki´s last blog ..Fixer-upper? =-.

  • Deanna Mar 17, 2010

    I would like to do this same thing at some point. I am a non-blogger who enjoys my daily blog read and this is a lovely way to give something back. The fabric is beautiful, the fabrics intriguing and the ruler doubtless practical. Thanks.

  • Wanda Mar 17, 2010

    It really doesn’t take me a bribe to comment on another quilter’s blog as it is fun to make friends along the way. Obviously many of us quilter’s have lots to give. It’s great to pay it forward with so many lovelies! If your friend needs help setting up a blog, let me know and I will be glad to help.
    .-= Wanda´s last blog ..A New Blind Challenge =-.

  • joscountryjunction Mar 17, 2010

    I love giveaways….especially winning.
    .-= joscountryjunction´s last blog ..A Finished Madeline =-.

  • nanci Mar 17, 2010

    I was having coffee at Pokeydot quilting and here I am. wishing myself some Irish Luck today!
    .-= nanci´s last blog ..THE LAST ORANGE QUILT, I MEAN IT! =-.

  • courtney Mar 17, 2010

    just found out about you from rachel @the borman5, plus 1! can’t wait to start following you!
    .-= courtney´s last blog ..Man Of Letters =-.

  • courtney Mar 17, 2010

    i hope hope hope i’m the lucky winner! 🙂
    .-= courtney´s last blog ..Man Of Letters =-.

  • Grace Mar 17, 2010

    Lovely! Please count me in! thank you!

  • Very nice give-away! Thanks!
    .-= Jeanne Turner McBrayer´s last blog ..CyberBee Pin Cushion Swap =-.

  • Brenda Mar 17, 2010

    I would love to win.
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..I’m still here =-.

  • Brenda Mar 17, 2010

    I just added a comment on my day’s post on my blog about you and this give away…..good luck to all and congrats to the winner!!
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..I’m still here =-.

  • Betty Mar 17, 2010

    Could I be lucky enough to win this wonderful giveaway. Thank you.

  • Betty Mar 17, 2010

    What a nice giveaway. Could I be lucky enough to win this one? Thank you. I just posted info about your giveaway on my blog.

  • GerryH Mar 17, 2010

    An interesting twist on a Giveaway !
    Guess I’d better go blog about this cool prize.
    Hugs to you both,
    .-= GerryH´s last blog .. =-.

  • GerryH Mar 17, 2010

    Okay, I’ve just blogged about Teri’s giveaway, provided a link to your blog Karen.

    Now don’t let me forget, Betty from Luv2Sew sent me.

    Hugs to Karen and Teri,
    .-= GerryH´s last blog .. =-.

  • rosamaría Mar 17, 2010

    your not bloger friend is so generous!! thanks both of you for the chance to win!!

  • Holly Mar 17, 2010

    How awesome of your dear friend to give away such cool items. Please enter my name in the drawing.
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..The Master Make Over =-.

  • Alberta Price Mar 17, 2010

    I also dont have a blog but I love to read them in the morning with my morning coffee before I start a project. I would love to be in the giveaway drawing..thanks very much.

  • Kris Mar 17, 2010

    I love this whole blog, making it a fav. Some great ideas and so pretty!

  • SheilaC Mar 17, 2010

    What a wonderful, generous give away!!

    Thank you so much!


    shecarita at yahoo dot com

  • Amanda Harker Mar 17, 2010

    Super cool! Thanks for the giveaway. I love quilting, if only I had a lot more spare time. 😉

  • Crystal Lynn Mar 17, 2010

    ooo, sign me up for this giveaway!!
    .-= Crystal Lynn´s last blog ..Easter Dress Maybe =-.

  • Barbara Mar 17, 2010

    thanks for a lovely gesture in helping her with the giveaway. It would be exciting to win.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog .. =-.

  • Diane Mar 18, 2010

    What a generous giveaway! Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Thank you, Diane

  • Beth Mar 18, 2010

    wow this blogging world sure is amazing please enter me in the draw
    hugs Beth

  • Beth Mar 18, 2010

    opps here is my email
    hugs Beth
    .-= Beth´s last blog .. =-.

  • Shelley Mar 19, 2010

    What a wonderful giveaway – I would love to be in the draw!
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Postcard Challenge =-.

  • Riel Nason Mar 19, 2010

    What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
    .-= Riel Nason´s last blog ..Welcome =-.

  • Nancy B from Many LA Mar 19, 2010

    How nice of both of you!

    nrbird at

  • Hanne Mar 20, 2010

    What a lovely giveaway!Please enter me in the giveaway.
    I posted a blog with a link to your giveaway. Thank you, have a nice day:-)
    .-= Hanne´s last blog ..Vår- symysterium del2 =-.

  • Hazel Spindler Mar 20, 2010

    Great giveaway. I found this site through links by Diane Gydynski. Putting it on my “favorites” list. Please enter me:

  • nanci Mar 20, 2010

    oh gosh, this should be fun. I can’t imagine you doing another large quilt for a bit…

  • Susan G Mar 20, 2010

    What a great thing to do for your friend! I don’t have a blog either, but I really enjoy reading other’s. Please enter me in the giveaway.
    Susan in NC

  • JOFRID S. SÆVERÅS Mar 20, 2010

    It is good to have nice friends. Lovely giveaway. I have bloged abuit it on my blog. that gives me two tickets. Have a nice Weekend. Hugs Jofrid
    .-= JOFRID S. SÆVERÅS´s last blog ..Vårmysterium og 1. mars OPAM =-.

  • Debbie Mar 21, 2010

    Oh goodness, what lovely pressies. I love Aviary, it is just so pretty. Sorry I don’t have a blog but I will tell my patchwirk friens, I have a few.Thanks again.

  • Patty Simmons Mar 21, 2010

    I’d love to win! GerryArt is the blog where I got the link to your site.

  • rosa Mar 21, 2010

    WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
    saluti dall’italia public the post on
    Hugs, rosa

  • Ukka Mar 21, 2010

    Hi!What a sweet Candy!!!Fantastic!!!I am a follower also and added a link to the sidebar
    Thank you so much for the chance to take part!!!

    Greetings from Russia,
    .-= Ukka´s last blog ..???????? ??? ?nette=) =-.

  • Ashley Mar 21, 2010

    I love the look of the Grandma’s Scrap Bag pattern. Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway!
    .-= Ashley ´s last blog ..Lucky Find =-.

  • Berit Bunæs Mar 22, 2010

    What a lovely giveaway.
    Count me in.
    Hace a nice day!

  • Sandra Mar 22, 2010

    I am fairly new to quilting so I would enjoy the give away and use it to try something new. I completed a quilt for Quilt For Kids.Org last week. That was fun and had new techniques I hadn’t tried before. Hopefully this comment will post, I received your email asking if I had tried once already. SandraJ
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..Quilts For =-.

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