Friday, April 30, 2010

Pineapple Scrap Blocks

by Karen on April 30, 2010

in quilts

Last year, I don’t remember when, I had an idea to use up some of my scraps by making scrappy 6 1/2 inch pineapple blocks. The idea is to eventually make enough of them for a queen size quilt.  Only problem is I am slow at paper piecing which is the method I am using.  I actually worked off and on all day on one block!!  Of course the rest of the day I was blowing my nose so maybe it is possible I could have finished two blocks instead if I wasn’t grabbing Kleenex?  I am estimating right now that I need about 256 blocks to make a quilt that is about 100 x 100 inches large.  I have 5 finished – 4 of them from last year LOL.

I will continue to work on this quilt for several years I bet.  I had sore fingers from quilting and just didn’t feel like working on any of my other projects today so went back to this one.  I used the Singer Featherweight.  I thought I needed some practice with the machine as I had not used it since Bea had worked on it.  The machine worked great although at first I thought I was going back to the same old problems with tension but then realized when I put it in the storage bag that I had bumped the upper tension dial.  Got that back to where it should be and practiced threading and putting the bobbin in and then got started sewing.

Learning how to use my new phone has been interesting.  There are aps for everything it seems but I do not want to spend money on buying them.  We found one ap for the weather channel that is free and you select gps and it finds the location wherever you are and tells you what the weather will be and shows you a weather map too.  That sure will come in handy when we are traveling.

I will select the winner for the give away tomorrow and then mail it out on Monday – good luck and thank you to those who participated.  You still have time this evening if you want to get in on it.