May 2010

I got a very simple block finished this morning – it could have been more difficult than it was if I had pieced it instead of applique – but I decided to applique this block instead making it so easy it didn’t even take any hour to make.  The last row - only 13 more blocks are left to do — then of course the border.  We can not forget the border LOL.  Some people leave the border off as by this point they throw in the towel :) and wimp out (just teasing!) or just because they don’t feel like it I guess.  To me though the border with the triangles and the scallops on the edges really ties the whole quilt together and makes it finish so nicely so onward I will go!

Row 12 Block 13!

I did get row 12 sewed to the other rows but I didn’t get a photo of it.  I will take a photo of all 13 rows when I get this last row finished.

I hope in two more weeks I will be done with all of the blocks and then I will fold it away and start preparing several applique blocks to take on the trip.  Also I need to finish drawing lines for quilting on the Baltimore Bliss and baste the quilt together.  Hope all have had a good weekend.


Well I did it – I brought the Dear Jane quilt to North Little Rock today and delivered it to my daughter Melanie:

you can hardly see her but there she is under her new quilt

I finished one more block last night –

Row 12, Block 12 (L-12)

14 blocks left to make and sew the final two rows together.  Then it will be set aside until the fall most likely and then I will get started on the borders.  Now if I can just stay motivated to keep to this schedule!!


Moving right along, one more block done this morning and working on another one this evening, here is block 11 from row 12:

Row 12 block 11

I have not gotten done with a lot today other than getting the grass cut this evening.  In the heat of the day work I did some quilting on the Christmas quilt !!  It will get done one day :)

I was looking through projects trying to figure out what was coming up to finish or work on some more and realized it is actually almost the end of the month so the Star Crazy patterns will come out in a couple days and then I can get the June assignment done.  I’m trying to decide what to bring along to work on when we travel this summer.  I am getting the Baltimore Bliss quilt ready to quilt and will bring the hoop and the quilt along to quilt on the road.  I have more of the design to draw on the top, then baste and it will be ready to travel.  But knowing me I need one other project to work on for when my fingers get sore of quilting and for variety- we do have some down time for sight seeing and hiking after all.  I do not want to bring the Dear Jane triangles to work on – I know I need a break if I get done with all of the blocks before we go.  I think I might prep a block or two for the Red and Green Traditional Applique as I only have one block for that quilt completed.  If I prep a block or two all I will need to bring with me to work on that is thread and needle – I will of course already have needles and thimble packed so really will take up very little space.  I think I will do that.

Well that was easy to decide LOL.  I will get busy prepping some blocks in between working on other things this month.  The Bow Tie Medallion is coming along nicely although no rush so although it is coming along nicely it is coming along slowly :)  I just counted up blocks and I have 21 of the large ties (need 140 for queen size) and I have 12 of the smaller ties and I need 56 of those.  So many more to go!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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Two more examples of small block sampler quilts – only difference between these and Dear Jane is the size of the blocks are a little larger and also they use more traditional blocks that most all have heard of.  The Dear Jane blocks seem very unusual almost like Jane wanted to make the blocks as difficult at moments to make as possible – maybe to distract her from the war news going on around her?

I had heard of the Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler patterns – by Jennifer Chiaverini for some time and have meant to pick up the book for ages and never got around to it.  The Farmers Wife by Laurie Aaron Hird is newer and has only been out for about six months I think.  Astrid from Grandma’s Red Needle had mentioned the other day that she has both books and is intending on starting to make them soon.  We send e mails back and forth from time to time and discussed me making one of these sometime in the future after my second Dear Jane is finished and I thought no time better to track down copies of the books and start looking them over.  More sampler books that I have are “Nearly Insane” and “Just Plain Nuts” by Liz Lois (I just love the names of these books!).  Maybe instead of doing each quilt from each book I should pick out patterns from all four books and combine into one large quilt?  All of the blocks from these books are six inch blocks I believe so that would make it easy to mix and match.  If or when I get around to starting this new venture it would be a scrap quilt with a white/cream background like the first Dear Jane quilt but the difference would be that I would make this one much larger so it would fit on a queen or king size bed.

Whatever I decide it certainly will not be until I am finished with the second Dear Jane quilt “Insanity Revisited.”

The new books:

I buy most of my books from I have no local quilt shop to support so it doesn't really matter where I buy from. I have noticed in recent months that Amazon quite often has prices for new quilt books priced lower than the used copies!! You might want to check them out. I saved on both and got the two combined for the price of one. I also buy books from the American Quilters Society but I admit to saving money when I can and buy where I can save some dollars.

I visited my mother yesterday for the day and have Lifeline in place for her and all the paperwork done.  While I was visiting one of my brothers – David – stopped by for a quick visit with mom as he was in her town for business from work.  I missed seeing him last time I was there so that was a nice surprise as I hadn’t seen him since Christmas, he was surprised I was there as well as I had intended to contact all siblings once again after I had things set up to let them know their share on the price, the appointment was set up much faster than I had anticipated.  David  lives a bit further from my mom then quite a few of the siblings do that live in Arkansas.  It was a nice surprise for mom too.  I had talked to one of my sisters a couple days before so Mary had stopped by for a short visit also.  After all left and it was just mom and I we went out and got a little shopping done, got something icy to drink it being such a hot day and then went back to her apartment for a short while before I took off for the 2 hour drive back home.  I think she will be pleased with Lifeline and feel more secure knowing that if she falls or is very sick and can’t reach a phone that they are within a button’s reach away.  I recommend all of you with elderly parents look in to this product  – I have no affiliation with the company – just pleased with all I had heard about it and the person who came out to install and talk was very nice.

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day Weekend here in the states.  Sunday we are going to Little Rock to visit with our daughter and son-in-law for part of the day and to deliver “Insanity” (Dear Jane) to them.  Melanie has been waiting for its arrival for some time now.  When I finished it in November I told her I needed to enjoy it for awhile before it left my house for her house – I thought six months of agony on her part was plenty :)


Bow Tie Medallion

by Karen on May 26, 2010

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In between working on the “Insanity Revisited” blocks and quilting on the Christmas Quilt I have been cutting and piecing blocks from the 1800’s reproduction fabric that I told you all about last week.  This is what I have done so far:

not the normal kind of fabric I usually work with.

This is not even a quarter of the quilt according to the photo in the book.  I will keep making more blocks and see how many I come up with.  I will end up having to get my design wall out and set up in order to do a good color layout when it comes time to put it together.  I have not been totally concentrating on this quilt but just sitting for short periods of time at the featherweight and making two or three blocks and then get up and do something else. No rush!  It won’t get quilted for quite some time  as I have that big quilt waiting in line before it that I made earlier this year with the circles “Going in Circles”.

Now to get started on that “Insanity Revisited” block that I mentioned yesterday with all the Y seams.  As much as I would like to skip this one it needs to get done so I will struggle through LOL


More Blocks

by Karen on May 25, 2010

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I got another one finished last night and then another one during the day today:

Row 12, Block number 8 - another easy one - because tomorrow it is a doozy!

Row 12, block 9

Block number 10 (L-10)  is a wild piece – 42 pieces I believe and a lot of Y seams.  I might get to it tomorrow or that one might wait until Friday – we will see.

Thursday I am off to see my mom once again.  I am helping her get “lifeline” set up.  That is the company that helps older people stay in their homes longer taking care of themselves.  It makes them feel more secure.  One wears a necklace like pendant that has a button on it – if you fall or need immediate help you push the button and it connects you to an emergency number where they have your information already saved on their computers – they know where you live and can send you help immediately.   I told my siblings I would get it set up and take care of the monthly payments.   We are dividing up the yearly amount and all kicking in an equal amount to help mom out.  I tell you this is once again a great time to have a large family – 10 siblings dividing up something like this comes to about $42.00 a year for each of us – very affordable and we have the safer feeling of being assured that mom can get help right away if she falls and not be laying on the floor without being able to get to a phone.  Mom has not fallen yet and so we are glad of that but better to think of something like this and have it in place before a fall does happen.  We all need to think of things like this as our parents get into very old age – this will extend the time that mom can maintain independent living.