Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No News

by Karen on May 19, 2010

in Dear Jane -- or Insanity as I call, quilts

No news today.  I spent part of the day working outside and part of the day reading.  I still have part of my book to finish – maybe a quarter of it?  I’ve been good though and not spending hours on end just reading :)

I need to get another Dear Jane block prepped and ready to work on.  One thing I had been working on the last couple of days was putting a label and a wall hanging sleeve on the first Dear Jane “Insanity”.  I had finished it you know back in November but never got around to putting the sleeve and label on it.  I plan on delivering it to Melanie and Ric soon so really needed to get that done.  They plan on hanging it on a wall as they have a dog who believes she is mistress of the house and sleeps on the bed and the couch so they do not want to put it where Patty could sleep on it and possibly damage it without really meaning to —  I got the sleeve and label on so now that is finished.  I am caught up on labels.  I used to do that immediately after finishing a quilt but this past year I have been lazy :(

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and my reader has so many on it it is pitiful.  I need to go through it and start culling out the ones that rarely blog and cut it back somewhat.  I have never gotten more than 120 on my reader but that is way too many blogs to keep up with!!  Especially when we travel and I’m not on the computer so much.  Then I tend to run through it and look for the ones I am in the most touch with the authors and the rest I just delete.   When we travel I need to try to get that reader down under 50! (hmm I wonder if I can do that – probably not).

Time to get off of here and get a DJ block prepped to work on while Criminal Minds is on tonight!