Thursday, May 20, 2010

I  need to think outside of the box.  – that is something as quilters we should all do once in awhile –  I have some fabric that I normally wouldn’t have bought as it is not what I normally work with.  I won a really nice stack of fabric last year from a give away on someones  blog.  And I do mean a really good size bundle.  15 fat quarters and 19 strips 5 inches wide by 44 long.  It is from the  Windham company the “Williamsburg Centennial Collection”.  Very nice fabric but not the style I normally go for (moda marbles, almost solids, batiks ect. )  I am trying to figure out what quilt pattern to use with it and have books pulled off of the shelves looking through many patterns all day.  I’m narrowing it down but still not sure what I want.  I have been looking at this fabric on my shelf for about 6 months or longer letting it run through my mind for an idea to pop in my head.  Today I took it down and pressed it all looking at it some more thinking by having it close and running it through my hands I would have an idea pop in my head — it didn’t work!!

These are fabrics:

fat quarters on the right, strips on the left.

another view of the strips

the fat quarters

Does anyone have a pattern that just jumps out of their mind saying that it would look great with these fabrics?  :)  LOL   I know it is my fabric and I need to make up my mind.  I am thinking scrappy with a off white background.  I love scrappy quilts and there are plenty here to make it scrappy.  Any suggestions will be appreciated – I’m not saying I will go with it of course as it might not be a pattern I like, but it will help having more ideas to choose from.  (I am thinking a fairly intermediate level pattern, I might possible end up hand piecing – but maybe not so not a lot of sharp points).

I got one more Dear Jane block done for the “Insanity Revisited” quilt:

Row 12 Block 3