Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have been busy looking at all the quilts on the quilt festival – so many wonderful quilts it is amazing to see.  Thank you all who have left comments on the quilt I posted about.  I am trying to work my way through the entry’s and think it will be several weeks before I get caught up.

I had not kept up on posting photos of my Dear Jane blocks from “Insanity Revisited” lately.  I have completed 3 more leaving me with 20 blocks left to make before getting busy on the border.  I would like to finish the blocks before we leave on our summer trip – then I will take a 2 month break from Jane and get started on the border in the fall.

Row 12 block 4

Row 12 block 5

Row 12 block 6

Not perfection – crooked pieces but I really have reached the point of not caring!!  After all with 100% cotton batting when the quilt is washed it will shrink up a little and I have learned from the first Jane that the imperfections are not really all that noticeable so why worry about it :)

I have gotten started on the Bow Tie Medallion quilt and found something  funny that I had forgotten about.  I took a picture of this same quilt only 2 months ago at the once a month evening group Cutting Loose meeting in April and had totally forgotten about it.  Dee made the quilt and showed the top at the meeting. I had posted a photo of it here.  She had shown quite a few quit tops that evening and it didn’t register to me until I happened to be looking back through photos the other day and there was the quilt top that I am currently making – different colors of course but the same quilt.  I have made 12 of the large blocks and about 3 or 4 of the blocks with the smaller ties.  I was going to hand piece and started out that way but after only making one block I realized with the Kona cotton background fabric that I am using it will be better to machine piece.  Kona cotton has a little stretch to it and with handling it so much with hand piecing I was going to have a problem with the blocks being square.  I will machine piece it instead and continue to enjoy hand piecing with the Dear Jane quilt.  That will give me a variety – hand piecing, machine piecing and hand quilting the Christmas quilt — all of that should keep me busy for the next 5 weeks or so before our trip.