Thursday, July 1, 2010

I know I have a lot of sewing things packed to work on the next two months but the Star Crazy BOM instructions for the July assignment came out today and I thought I would cut and get things ready to work on.  If I get around to them on the road I will hand piece.  If I don’t get around to them they will be already to work on when I get home.  I have them  in a ziplock bag complete with instructions – they take up such a tiny bit of room :)

see doesn't take up much room at all - I will lay them flat under my jeans :)

the 5th triangle - started last night and finished this morning on one of the many breaks I have taken. Amazing how much stuff I can fit in that small refrigerator! Also getting the last of the laundry done.

From the comments on trash that you all left I can see all agree that people need to be neater about litter.  I wonder how much trash along the road I will see this year – if I see some interesting stuff I might just post again about it!!  Where is the cleanest state I wonder?

I will be blogging as I can along the road and reading as many blogs as I normally do if I have good connections.  Time to time more days than normal will go between blog posts but I will post as I can and put photos of where we are and what we see along with my quilting projects so you all can see if I am getting anything done :)