Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hiking in the Teton Mountains

by Karen on July 15, 2010

in quilts

Today we got in a good hike – maybe a little bit too much for my hips as I am aching tonight from my chronic bursitis.  No hiking tomorrow.  We will look over the town of Jackson a little, do more laundry (it never ends and not a lot of room to store it) hit the grocery store once again – all the mundane chores normally done at home but in a cute little resort town instead.  We are not really all that far from Jackson and I plan on going back Saturday morning as there is a farmer’s market in the square and I want to see it.

Here are photos from today’s hike:

A very pretty view.  We hiked the trail that goes around String Lake.  Some of the trail follows the lake closely and then all of a sudden it seems to head up higher.  Total hike was about 3.7 miles.


another view of the water.


look how clear this water is!  You can see the bottom perfectly.


A bridge we needed to cross – although this is a lake trail there are a lot of little side rivers I guess you could say that feed in to it and this was one that needed to be crossed.


This is part of the trail that goes through the trees and up into the mountain a little away from the river.


The smoke in the distance is from that small forest fire I mentioned we saw – it is still burning but less than it had been and it getting under control and almost out.  We have had firefighters staying in our campground for two nights now – they have little tents up and sleep and then go back to work.  We could see this from the trail today.


One more view from the trail.  


I took a lot of photos of the wildflowers also and will do a post separately on them and schedule it for tomorrow.  Our internet connection here is very slow but workable!  Once again thank you all for all of your comments.  I am trying to keep up with reading blogs also but haven’t done a good job at it.  I also have not been doing very much quilting or sewing since we left home 13 days ago.  I have one star block completed and one appliqué block.  I’m sure I will get to it one of these days.!!  It got quite warm today after having a low of 35 last night.  It is warming up though and not as cold in upcoming nights – I think more in the 40’s.  Tomorrow though is to get up to 86 – wonder if it will.  We will have to run the generator tomorrow evening and run the air for awhile to cool it off.


The dam and falls at Pathfinder

by Karen on July 15, 2010

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Before we packed up and left this park we drove over to where the dam was and looked at scenery – the falls and the rock canyon are beautiful and it looked like hardly anyone drove over there much to view – (no trash on the ground for one thing)

Before I get to the scenery though here is a photo of the star block I was working on the other day.  I will square it up once I get home.  I have another block prepped and ready to start working on.  Maybe this evening if I feel like it.


The scenery – the water coming out of the dam – you can see from this how desolate the country side looks here.


Looking the opposite way you can see the river that comes from this dam (the North Platte River) – see the bridge down there, we saw it and got back in the car and heading down to see the view from it.


Isn’t this gorgeous! such a view, over to the side where you can’t see there was one lone fisherman so I do believe there are fish in here.


A little further down the road is this canyon and the river starts moving faster.


I am scheduling this post for July 15 in the evening – today when I am writing is actually the 14th in the morning.  I need to get myself going this morning and get cleaned up and off of the computer – we need to pull out of here in a couple hours and get on the road.  Today we move on up the mountains – we are at about 6,000 feet elevation here at Dubois, WY and about 100 miles from Grand Teton National Park.  We are going to try to get a campsite there – I say try because from all we have heard the parks are much busier than normal this year.  If we can’t find a spot there we will look elsewhere! 


Snakes, oh my!

by Karen on July 15, 2010

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Yesterday (the 13th)was our last day at Pathfinder Reservoir – we had intended to stay until this morning (the 14th) but it was so windy and it had gotten so hot that we packed up and left at 2 in the afternoon.  We didn’t waste much money having already paid for the night, the sites were only $7 each night..

I am continuing to blog using windows live writer and then when I get a connection I can schedule the post to publish.  Some might get out of order but you will have a general idea of where we are.

The morning had started out nice – it was not very windy and it was in the low 70’s.  I took my chair and went down to the lake to sit and read and listen to nature :)


Doesn’t this spot look so nice!! Well it was for a little while – then I caught something out of the corner of my eye in the water:


This snake was coming out of the water very near where I was sitting – at the time I couldn’t tell what kind it was.  Y’all would be proud of me  – I did not leap up and screech, yell, or try to stand on my chair :)  LOL  I grabbed my camera which I had right next to me and got up slowly wondering which way was it going to go so I could head the other way!  I got these photos of it:


As it came out of the water I could tell it was a long one – this is called a “bullsnake” it looks a lot like a rattlesnake but doesn’t have the rattlers on the end.


I’m standing about 5 feet over to the side of it, it is heading to the grass behind my chair!


Here is a good one where you can see the markings on the body – it is a pretty snake but I do not care for snakes all that much!!  This is the same kind of snake that we saw at Scottsbluff and then later in the morning we took a drive to the dam to see the waterfall and we saw another one crossing the road.  (this happened on the 13th Tuesday)