Monday, July 26, 2010

Updated Map:

by Karen on July 26, 2010

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We are on to the national forest today (Monday the 26th) we will be someplace between Stanley and Boise – but closer to Stanley :)


We will be in that area for 3 days then move a little northeast to the Salmon Idaho area for another couple days.  Then we will be touching into southwest Montana, then move to Yellowstone by the 4th of August.  After Yellowstone we will be heading home which will take us about 2 weeks or so from Yellowstone – a slow trip as you can tell.

(I scheduled this to post Monday evening the 26th)


This is the type of scenery and road that we traveled on Sunday for our picnic up in the mountains outside of Arco to the north:


The highest peak in Idaho – Mount Borah 12,662 feet in elevation the peak is next to that white cloud in the sky:


Another view of the Mount Borah:


Three years after we left this area an earthquake happened.  Up the valley from Arco – about 40 miles north in 1983.  We had heard about the earthquake and when we visited the area in 1987 we learned more about it and found out that the high school in Arco had structure damage from it and had to be torn down and a new school built.  It was lucky it happened in a remote area or it would have been worse than it was.  The map on this sign might give you more of a general idea of where in Idaho we are if you do not have your map of Idaho handy!  LOL


Another sign – by this fenced in area you can see the fault line where the ground shifted still to this day.


Do you see the lighter color soil that runs along the top of the sage brush where the mountains start to form? That is the fault line where the ground shifted out of place.


Another sign about it.  It was interesting in that when we first saw the sign we hadn’t noticed the fault line, but after reading the sign we could look up and down the valley and see the fault line for miles.  It says that it goes for 21 miles. For 21 miles you see that lighter shade of soil along the bottom of the mountain.  Kind of a wavy line.


This last campground in Arco we were at was nothing special.  We are camped in the sun with little shade.  The sky looked like it was going to storm and it got quite windy Sunday evening for awhile, but it passed us on by.:


Our little shade tree with our wind chimes hanging up:


We bought this wind chime last year when we were in Virginia at Virginia Beach – a cute turtle – his head goes in and out of the “shell” when the wind moves it:


This map indicates our trip up to Idaho Falls.  Mike will do another updated map soon and I will include that next chance I get.



(this post written Sunday night the 25th, and scheduled to post Monday afternoon)