A Block and more on the Park


By staying in this afternoon while Mike went through the nuclear museum I managed to finish the Cotton Boll block! That leaves me one more applique block to work on, about 6 star block for the BOM (wonder if I will get around to those?) I have the box of bow tie blocks to work on which I haven’t touched and I have the quilt to quilt.  I decided to get the quilt out and drape it over my table and get started on it this evening.

The Cotton Boll block – needs to be pressed and squared up but that will wait until we get home (little clear dots on the corner is reflection from window):


Twisted dead tree at the park – I loved the way this looked!


Lava Rock:


I love the look of these rock formations! The sky was so crystal blue clear today.  A perfect backdrop for these dark rocks.


Another twisty tree – except this one is alive.  One reason for the twisted trees is the wind.  It gets very windy out here.  In fact this campground that we are at is the first one that has included a “awning alert” in their rules. It warns you that you can have a quite windless day and it can change in a matter of minutes to gale force winds.  They tell you to put your awning away for the day when you are not here (for those of you who do not know camping, most campers have a shade awning above the door side so you can have some shade if there are no trees around).


A volcano cone.  You can walk to the top of this 2/10ths of a mile trail – all up hill – it felt like a mile to me at least!!  Wonderful view when you get to the top.


A pretty plant of some time.  Pretty reddish color flowers on it.


My camera battery had died when we got to the top of the volcano cone so I could not take a photo of the view.  Mike is going through his photos and editing some –(he puts in a program to make panorama shots) he will have some ready later this evening and I will put together a post tomorrow of some of his shots.

Tomorrow we are off exploring up the valley where we use to spend time on long day drives and picnics. We will be driving along the “Lost River Mountain Range” up to a town called Challis.  Pretty scenes – I have my battery charged! 🙂

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  • Caroline in NH Jul 25, 2010

    *LOVE* that Cotton Boll block!! Beautiful work! What is the BOM that this belongs with?

  • Crispy Jul 25, 2010

    Your block is beautiful as well as the scenery :0)


  • Becky in VA Jul 25, 2010

    Another beautiful blog. You have a great eye for composing great photos and your block is beautiful. Have a great day!!

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