Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area

Joseph’s Coat

July 7, Wednesday

What a neat park this is.  We camped at this park 32 years ago.  We were living in Idaho at the time and my youngest brother and sister ages 12 & 14 stayed with us for 2 months visiting.  When it was time for them to go back to Arkansas my parents met us at this park to pick them up – it was about half way and neither of us had time to go all the way to either pick them up or bring them home 🙂  We spent a day or two camping here if I remember right.  Our two girls were about 5 & 2 1/2.  I wonder if they remember it – we never camped here after that – plans just never worked out for it.  The park is exactly as I remember it from back then.

Very tall cotton woods are throughout the park, it is also on a lake which is much higher than normal this year – but luckily no flooding right here.

our campsite among the trees

another view of the park.

another view of our site - love that curved tree.

The day started very cloudy and dark once again, it rained heavily for a time last night.  Thought it might rain again today during the day but it didn’t.  Might rain this evening but it almost looks like it is clearing up finally.  I had a sweat shirt jacket on almost all day – only got up to 68!!  Tonight to dip to 54 wow – what a relief from the heat earlier in the week.

Here is a photo of Mike and his dad.  The next time we visit him they will be in Oregon, they had their house up for sale for sometime and it sold the morning of the day we got there.  They will be moving in a month to Oregon where 3 of their children live and the youngest daughter and her family will be moving back there as well at the same time.  (they being Mike’s dad, his step-mom, youngest sister and her family).

Mike is the tall one 🙂 (younger too LOL) he sure is a lot taller than his dad - his mom too. Supposed to be some tall ones on his mothers side of the family somewhere - all I have met on dad's side are short! Mike and his dad both have the same nose though and I guess the same hair too!

We will be at this campground tomorrow too and will drive around and see some sites.  Mike spent a bit of time in his childhood in and out of this area and wants to look at some places he remembers.  Also we are close to Ash Hollow and will check it out – it has been years since we had been there.  We are going to be visiting all kinds of historical places this trip that have to do with the Oregon Trail and this is one of them – photo’s tomorrow 🙂  I guess next visit to his dad will cover more Oregon Trail territory – we have been over part of it but not for a long time.

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  • CJ Jul 8, 2010

    Wow the weather you’re having sounds great, it’s still hot here in Arkansas! We’re getting a bit of rain, but most of it is going around… my house anyway. LOL

    THe campground looks great, nice and quiet and spacious!
    .-= CJ´s last blog ..Sick and sicker =-.

  • Vivian Jul 8, 2010

    I think wearing a sweatshirt outside right now would be so refreshing. It sounds like you are having a great, relaxing time. Love the campground. We are staying at an rv park that is wall-to-wall. But, we are moving to Mountain Home on Friday and will be at more of a campground (I hope).
    .-= Vivian´s last blog ..A LIttle Work and A Little Play =-.

  • Crispy Jul 8, 2010

    A lovely park to rest at. Are you following the Oregon Trail on the is trip?


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