August 2010


by Karen on August 31, 2010

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I do not know when it rained here last but this morning it rained!  For over an hour – maybe it was even closer to two hours, I wasn’t really looking at the clock all that much.  I was busy enjoying seeing the rain. With all those leaves on the ground it looks more like fall – and sad but most of those leaves have fallen since we got home last week and have watered the yard several times.


I went to the fitness center this afternoon and when I got home some of the ground cover was actually greener and there we several patches of green grass here and there – it sure was soaking in the water quickly.  Now if we could just get several days of this :)


Christmas Baltimore Album

by Karen on August 30, 2010

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I appliquéd this Christmas quilt last year – I put it on the quilting frame last November and I feel like I have barely worked on it since.  Here and there, 30 minutes here, 15 minutes there – 90 hours later and 10 months later I finally see the last border as I gave the quilting frame a roll down this evening!  The end is in sight thank goodness.  I really want to put it out for Christmas this year as a nice decoration.

This is what is left to finish:


An angle of the whole width and length left to do:


For those that do not know the quilt pattern is called “Christmas Memories” and it is from Apple Blossom Quilts by Connie Sue Haidle  follow the links on the blue highlighted words for information on it if you are interested.


A Few Plants and Feeders

by Karen on August 29, 2010

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When we got home last week after being gone for 7 weeks we of course no longer had all the birds hanging around that we normally do at this time of year.  I always put food out for them and of course none had been out for a long time.  I got busy and filled the bird feeder.  Boy it looks like winter out there with all that dried grass.


Soon a nuthatch came to visit and about 4 more in the tree as well although they have not eaten much seed – maybe a lot of dried up seeds out there from all the dried flowers and such?


I have hung up the hummingbird feeder and have a pair of hummingbirds coming and going. I couldn’t get a close up though of the hummingbirds feeding without the photo coming in blurry.


I got some flowers to pot and the butterflies are coming back (not in this photo though – didn’t have the camera with me at the right time).


I have watered plants off and on all week and I have some coming back and the ground cover is perking up in places.  Now if we could just get some rain things would start looking like it was back to normal.  I’m not sure when it rained here last.


More Stars

by Karen on August 28, 2010

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Well this morning I finally finished the August Star Crazy Blocks.  These little blocks really shouldn’t have taken the 3 days that it took me but my sewing skills kept running into problems and I had other things to do!  I’m so glad to have this months blocks done because the September blocks instructions come out in just a couple days.  I have been trying to stay caught up on these and not fall behind.


3 different kinds of stars and 3 of each –

Besides the stars this week in the evening I have been working on my quilt that I had brought along on our travels to quilt and then didn’t work on it.  It is coming along nicely.

The quilting so far.  What I do with the quilts lines is as I get some quilting done I use a little water to “erase” the lines – I do not do the whole thing I have quilted so that the blue lines that I still need are still there – I will wet up to about 2 inches away from the areas that need quilting still.  I do not recommend you doing this if you have never used the blue pen before.  You have not be careful to not use too much water.  I just do it if I want to really see what the quilting is actually looking like without the blue lines to interfere with it.  (the quilt will still need to be washed several times to get all the blue out as I did not use a lot of water, just kind of dabbed at it with a wet cloth.)


The whole quilt – well actually you can see the strip border on it as I have it folded in to prevent raveling.  As I get to the border I will unpin it. I didn’t straighten it out completely on the floor – it is not bunched up like that but does lay flat.



Star Crazy BOM

by Karen on August 27, 2010

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Finally got around to taking a photo of my July Stars – all pressed and squared up as well as they can be. I always find that I am a little off no matter how careful I am.


My yellow on the large block is a little light I think but with the print that is in it maybe it will work out ok.  I will decide later when it is time to put the top together.  There have been several over the months that I wasn’t sure about and decided awhile back to decide when I put it on the design wall – you can never tell sometimes with scrap quilts when you lay it all out it looks just fine.

I have been working on the August blocks off and on since yesterday but things have not been going well.  I have not gotten back into my “sewing groove” if you know what I mean.  I will get part way through and run out of bobbin, then the thread acts up and I need to rethread the machine – then I will notice I cut something a little off and need to replace – I have 3 more stars to make and 4 half square triangles for the border.  No Irish Chain blocks this month – I haven’t looked ahead to see if I make some of those for September – it will be a surprise I guess.

Today got rather warm after a couple cool nights and yesterday was nice and only in the mid 80’s out here.  Today was in the low 90’s and humid enough to feel uncomfortable after awhile on the porch.  I was out there for awhile reading a book I picked up at Barnes and Noble when we were traveling and had never gotten around to reading it. It is called “Die For You” by Lisa Unger.  I don’t believe I have ever read her books and I really like this one.  I think I will be writing her name down in my notebook and look for her others at the library soon.  ( I write down names of authors on a tiny notebook I keep in my purse as I am always forgetting the names when I go to the library to look)


Back to Piecing

by Karen on August 26, 2010

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Finally today I got back to on getting some piecing done.  I got my July blocks for the Star Crazy BOM squared up and pressed and I am now working on my August blocks.  Two down and 7 more to go.  I will try to do a photo tomorrow.  Might be Saturday or Sunday – I would like to get them all finished and then do a photo of the two months together.

Good news on my little hydrangea’s – all 6 or is it 7 plants – have little new leaf buds growing – all of the dead stuff has fallen off.  I’m really surprised to see new leaf buds already – I have watered the plants almost every day since we got home – maybe we got home soon enough to save them?  I’ll take a photo of them tomorrow also.

This morning though was a bad start to sewing.  I felt like I had forgotten how to sew at the sewing machine.  Do you ever feel like that after you are away from your machine for awhile?  Nothing was going right.  I started and about 20 minutes later I tossed everything down and said to heck with it I will try later.  I have finally finished two stars this evening and maybe tomorrow will go better – hope so!

Thanks for all the advice on EQ7 – yes I am getting it although I most likely will wait until it is a little closer to my birthday before I order it so it will be for my birthday :)  And yes I will use my discount from American Quilters Society.  It is the lowest price I have found.