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Bannack Part 3

by Karen on August 1, 2010

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So many buildings.  I am having a hard time going through them deciding what you all might like to see.  I certainly can’t post them all!  I think I took close to 200 photos yesterday between the Bannack Ghost Town and the Lemhi Trail. 

More buildings and farm type of equipment that is out and about the town:


I think this was some sort of cart missing some of the wooden pieces:


Old house:


This building was a church – I think it said Methodist:


This hinge was on the inside of the church door – I thought it was really interesting for some reason – you don’t usually see one with the design etchings on it.


Inside of one of the houses:


Another old sink:


An old kitchen most likely from the 1930’s or so I think from the look of the kitchen sink:


Old linoleum flooring:


Well that is is for Part 3 – I will have a part 4 and 5 at this rate.  That is ok though because I will schedule these post for the time we do not have internet.  I think while we are in Yellowstone I will find internet part of the time, but doubtful that I will have it every day.  I’m pretty sure when we visit the Old Faithful area that if I bring my computer with me I will be able to post from there – I remember I had cell phone connection there last time we were there.


Closer to Yellowstone

by Karen on August 1, 2010

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We are now 40 miles north of Yellowstone.  We will spend the next two days getting caught up on laundry once again and get stocked up on grocery’s.  Anyone who has been to Yellowstone will tell you to get grocery’s before you go to the park.  They do have supplies but talk about expensive grocery’s.  I would rather get them here then pay more there!

I am going to be posting several post a day for the next several days to get caught up on everything from the last 3 or 4 days from when I had no internet.

Thank you all for all your comments.  Some said it sounded like we are on the road a lot – yes we are. That is the whole point of camping to us is seeing things.  We do not spend much time at the camper.  Normally we are here only in the morning first thing and in the evening and spend the rest of the time exploring.  I have over 100 post on my google reader to catch up on – I have a feeling I will not get caught up – those that normally hear from me – that is why – I will read what I can, when I can –

This area 0 Livingston Montana is pretty.  I do not know how much we will see though while we are here as it is a pit stop kind of place for us to get ready for a week in the national park.

I took one photo today while on the road – this shows what traveling in an RV is like at lunch time.  Everyone heads to large parking lots it seems so they can make and eat their lunch.  No rest area around.  We are in a large lot by a Target store, across the street was a Border’s Book Store so after we ate we got in a little exercise and walked to the bookstore and stocked back up on books that were for discounted prices.  I now need to go through some of my old paperbacks that I have finished and drop them off at the laundry room here at the campground – a lot of people do that – they eventually get read by someone else:


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Bannack Part 2

by Karen on August 1, 2010

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So many buildings!  There must have been at least 20 that one can go through and about 30 to 40 structures all together that are still there.  Some of course in worse shape than others.

In the last post I showed you a photo of the hotel that started as a court house – here is the article from the pamphlet on it.  With your $5 charge per vehicle to go in to see the town you also purchase a booklet for $2 that tells of all the buildings.  A very interesting little “book”.


And of course in a town that is full of men, there are a few “loose” women as well –


But in this little town there were also family’s and women of high moral standings.


The bottom floor of this building was the school – the upper floor for the Free Mason group.


The old fashioned Merry Go Round:


I remember our girls getting on this ride back when they came with us to this place in 1977 (or was it 78?) they had fun!


I’m sure when they were making sure the school structure was sound for visitor’s someone added writing on the board.  I can’t believe rule # 6 if you married you were dismissed as a teacher!


I wouldn’t think all of these desks had been left in the school from the 30’s but who knows  maybe?


The sign on the school house:


Well save more photos for part 3 this is long enough!

(written on the 31st from day trip on the 30th)


The Ghost Town of Bannack Montana (Part 1)

by Karen on August 1, 2010

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We spent a good two hours or more at this ghost town yesterday morning the 30th of July.  There is so much to see of history in this area that we were away from the campground all day.  Bannack is such a large ghost town that is was taken over by the state back in the 90’s and made into a state park to preserve it.  It is not a touristy, commercial town, it remains looking much as it did in the late 1800’s, although people lived in the town through the 1930’s and even a few more remained until the 1970’s.  We visited this town for the first time around 1977 and a few of the cabins had people living in them.  There is a camp ground next to the town and that is where we tent camped with our girls back then.  Over the years they have developed another small campground enlarging the area to camp a bit.

I took so many photos there is no way I can post them all so I think I will try to pick out the best and do about 3 or 4 post of this town to share with you.  If you are ever in southwest Montana (very near the Idaho border – look for Bannack State Park on your map and visit – it is $5.00 per car).

The tour begins now :)


The very first thing I saw as I entered the visitor’s center was this!  How appropriate for a quilter to be greeted with this antique:


Leave the visitors center and here is main street with houses on both sides of the street with board walk side walks:


Some of the houses are locked so you can’t go in them, others are not and you are welcome to explore and look at the structures.  A few have a few items left in them, like stoves, sinks ect.  Keep in mind too that these houses were lived in well into the 1930’s –


Bits of wall paper were still on the walls in this house!


This one was locked and could only be seen from outside.


A wonderful 2 story building that you could wander through the entire thing.  It used to be the courthouse and then turned into a hotel:


The grand stairway – gorgeous!


A sign in the hotel:


A cooking stove left in the kitchen:


The stairs in the kitchen leading to the second floor:


The hotel kitchen sink:


Another big cooking oven/stove in the hotel kitchen:


In the beginning:


More to follow – so many photos to go through (written July 31st)