Monday, August 2, 2010

Lemhi Pass – Part 2

by Karen on August 2, 2010

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As I mentioned in the last post of this high mountain pass we came to the Sacajawea memorial park at the top.  Here are the photos:


The guiding force behind the memorial:


another sign:


This is what Lewis and Clark called the “head of the Missouri River” they followed streams and I think this was the one they followed, it was later believed though that it is not the head of the river.  When we visited the area in the late 1970’s we have a photo of the girls straddling the stream to say they were at the head of the river.  We were looking for this spot and surprised that we found it this trip:


The first paragraph on this sign is from the journal of Lewis indicating they thought this was the beginning of the Missouri River.


Heading down out of the mountain – this is the road we followed:


More big horn sheep – we saw 9 of them this time.  This is almost back to the campground – just before we get to the mountains with the forests.


That is it for the mountain pass – hope you enjoyed it!

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Lemhi Pass Trail Road – Part 1

by Karen on August 2, 2010

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Yesterday on the 30th of July besides going to the state park of Bannack-ghost town we took a drive that was about 150 miles.  This was a loop drive (kind of) that first included our stop at Bannack.  By one in the afternoon we were heading to the pass.  We had not been on this very nice gravel road since 1977.  Beautiful!!!

Here is the sign we saw as we were ending our drive over the pass – this was if you came in the opposite direction from near Salmon Idaho.  We started on the Montana side as that is were we were.


As we started our drive we came across this rest stop – Clark Canyon Reservoir.  I wouldn’t have thought to see an island in this area:


A sign at the reservoir:


A map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition:


Pelican at the lake:


A sign of some flowers in the area – we didn’t see any bitterrott but we sure saw a lot of other flowers!


The top of the pass:


The rock with information:


At the top of the pass you are also at the Continental Divide:


At the top – what you see:




Sego Lilies:


The intersection – first we turn left for a 1/4 mile drive to the Sacajawea memorial park then back track and start down the pass taking the road to the right for about 20 miles ending up in Idaho and the drive back through Salmon and then into Montana to the park we are currently camped at.


This post on the Lemhi Pass will be in two or three parts as well. I didn’t realize I had so many photos Until I start to go through them!!


The Trip so Far:

by Karen on August 2, 2010

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Here is an updated map of our travels:


As you can see we are right above Yellowstone National Park – only about an hours drive away.   I have been asked which way are we going home – we will be going through South Dakota and Minnesota on the way to Wisconsin for a visit with our daughter and her family in mid-August. 

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Bannack Part 4

by Karen on August 2, 2010

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I think I am sharing way too many photos – you guys will be bored for sure looking at this old ghost town by now.


I was surprised to see the tatters of the old curtain up there – I wonder why it was there – no windows and it goes all the way across so wasn’t just a covering for the shelves – mystery


an old water barrel:


Love the fence, I can picture this painted white at one time:


The Old Jail, see that tiny window, not much air getting in and out of this place:


When making this ghost town ready for tourist they added some new outdoor toilets and made them look old on the outside but the inside were new (still outdoor –no water, but very clean and new)


Me getting a photo of the old bottles in the window – this is one of the buildings that was locked.  The reflection in the glass shows some of the town also.


Old wall paper that is actually in pretty good shape!


This little house was lived in when we came here in the late 1970’s.  I do believe that window at the top was probably added around that time don’t you – it looks like something from that time period.


And this concludes the tour though the old ghost town of Bannack – hope you all enjoyed it.