Friday, August 6, 2010

Yellowstone – Day 2

by Karen on August 6, 2010

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The Brink of the Lower Falls – again I got this on video also, but no fast speed internet connection right now.  Later I will have to go back though the short videos I took and do several post on them.  Until then photos will be it.


I believe this was supposed to be a 1/2 mile to the overlooks – what they don’t tell you is it is all switchback trail going steeply down hill – which of course means uphill all the way back – I did it really slow and managed to do it and even passed up some people who kept going fast and then getting short of breath and stopping to rest.


The beginning of the trail down to the overlooks:


Part of the Canyon that you see before you see the falls:


The River:


More of the trail – see what I mean about steep!


The head of the falls – this water is moving fast and it is deep:


the water pouring over the falls:


Look at that water go – such a beautiful river too:


Look at the spray of the water as it hits the walls and the river below.  You can see green moss and grasses growing on the sides of the canyon walls from it.


Some pretty bluebells growing on the side of the overlook, clinging to the top


(written Aug. 5th evening – to be posted soon)


West Thumb Geyser Basin

by Karen on August 6, 2010

in quilts

First I will show the stars that I finished for the Star Crazy BOM for July.  I actually finished them on the last day of July I think. They all need to be pressed better and squared up, I will do that when I get home.  They are all hand pieced. 


On our first day in the park we drove to an area called West Thumb Basin where there are hot pools of water that are the most beautiful of colors.

On the drive to the pools we saw a gorgeous elk – I had the camera ready and while Mike was driving got a really nice photo of this one:


I also got a video of a buffalo that was walking in front of traffic while crossing a road.  I couldn’t quite focus properly at first because we were moving but also because I do not have a tiny view finder on my camera to look through – it has a screen on it and the sun makes it hard to see at times.  I will post the video as soon as I am able to – here is a picture of the buffalo from the car while we follow it until it is safe to pass it.  We had a line of more than 10 vehicles in back of us and the other lane was not moving until it was out of the way.



So clear – so deep – and so hot!


In the basin area a lot of trees die because of the conditions.  I though this tree looked so stark against the blue background.


This is lake Yellowstone in the background of the above photo.  On the edges of the lake in this area you can see where there are occasional geysers.  This one is just a short way from shore – I do not believe it goes off often.


What a lovely shade of blue this pool is!


When you are on the boardwalk above the these pools some of them send off so much steam that you can just feel the heat from them.

(this area seen on August 4th and written on August 5th – posted hopefully on the 6th)