Saturday, August 7, 2010

More on Day 2 of Yellowstone

by Karen on August 7, 2010

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We saw the falls in the morning that I posted earlier about.  Then we headed back to Mammoth – the park headquarters and a little town.  We thought they might have a good enough cell signal to get on our blogs and check mail and we eventually found a spot that we could hook to in one of the parking lots! Modern age camping :)  We saw several other people doing  the same thing – at picnic tables and in their cars LOL

One of the many park signs that you see throughout this park.  This park must be 100 miles long and I probably about the same in width. From this point you are already in the park by about 5 miles.  When you get to Old Faithful you have close to a 40 mile trip to get to the edge of the Grand Teton Park.

Notice the little sign in white with some red on it:


Fall is rutting season for the Elk – in this town of Mammoth the elk tend to gather for a week or two and take over the town.  We saw a video on it and it is amazing – they just are all over the place.  Tourist tend to get to close at times and incidents happen.  Tourist are chased by the elk males – tourist jump in their cars, hide behind trees – all of course while trying to take photos – we saw these signs almost every ten feet in places – on all the corners of town, in between corners, posted just about every place they could think of – wonder if the tourist will get the message?


We didn’t see any elk today but we saw the most beautiful hanging flower baskets at the hotel in town:


And ice cream shops – although the temperatures are not as hot here as they are at home being up higher in altitude makes it feel hot just the same-


Not a large selection at this shop but some “Moose Tracks” sounded good to both of us!


Another water fall a short way out of the town of Mammoth and we are now heading back to the middle of the park and our campsite:


A little detour to see a Petrified Tree -


A close up of the sign if you can’t read it from above:


A close up of the tree – now protected from the tourists:


One more traffic jam before we get back to Fishing Bridge – our campground.


All the wildlife we saw today were buffalo and two beavers this evening.   I didn’t have my camera along on that walk this evening after our meal – we walked about a mile down to the bridge and there off of the bridge were two beavers swimming – Mike got photos I will try to get them later.

(written evening on the 5th – will try to schedule post for the 6th or 7th- we are going to Old Faithful area tomorrow the 6th and feel we should have a good signal there so will take the computers along)