Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yellowstone – Day 7 – Part 3

by Karen on August 14, 2010

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Finally the last installment of Yellowstone – you all must be tired of it by now.  Our last evening in the park we drove to a overlook where you could see the sunset over the lake.  It was not real far from the campground that we were staying at.

In this photo you can see the Teton Mountains in the distance.


The sun setting:


Getting lower – I don’t know why the photo is lighter just is!


About gone behind the clouds:


The morning of the 11th we left Yellowstone and this was the final wild critter we saw – we had pulled out to an overlook on the very curvy mountain road going out of the east entrance to the park and here is a Marmot on the rocks.  It actually seemed to be posing for us  saying goodbye :)


Another view – and here at this link you can see the close up that Mike got with his terrific zoom lens – mine just doesn’t capture the animals from a distance.


Thanks for all the interest I have had in my Yellowstone week – one more night in Wyoming and then on to South Dakota.


Buffalo on the move – video

by Karen on August 14, 2010

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Well I told you all that I had some good video of the buffalo – this is taken from the safety of the car.  All of these buffalo were just moving on down the road, I don’t know how many there were.  At the end of the video I was trying to get the buffalo in that were over by Mike’s side of the car – got Mike instead getting video on his telephone of the buffalo!

I have another lengthy video of buffalo at the Custer State Park campground, I will save that one for another day.


Yellowstone – Day 7 – Part 2

by Karen on August 14, 2010

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After the terraces we moved on for the day, taking a drive through the “back roads” of the park – less traveled.  We ended up at LeHardy Rapids.  A very pretty place – as you can see I think I much prefer the rivers and mountains then the terraces and hot mud pots!


Only problem was there were more darn steps to deal with!!  And of course that means going back up them as well.  My knees were wobbly by the end of the day :)


Another shot:


I was going to take a shot of this bird that was sitting on the rock, but just as I was taking the photo it decided to fly – it is half way between the rocks if you look closely you will see.


Pretty flowers along the way:


I found this flower to be a lot like Queen Anne’s Lace, but it is a much bigger variety I think.


What takes place at the rapids:


Now it is time to go back up those darn steps!


One more installment of Yellowstone and we will be moving on to other things!!


Yellowstone – Day 7 – Part 1

by Karen on August 14, 2010

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( I am connected to the internet today–the evening of the 12th and we are in Custer State Park in South Dakota.  I am trying to get caught up on Yellowstone before moving on to other things.  I will continue to schedule post because I know when we are at our daughters house in Wisconsin that I most likely will not be on the computer as much and it will be family visit and not the variety of photos that I have now to share)

Our last day in the park – we drove back up in the north end of the park to see the area called the terraces.   This is really the part of the park that I like the least – It just isn’t as pretty as the rest of it I think.  The walk is all out in the sun and it was a very sunny time while we were there.



I thought this spot to be interesting – how the trees died with the white travertine minerals surrounding them. So stark looking.


Looking out over the scenery.


Board walk through the terraces


Love the shape of the tree


Gosh, darn! more darn steps!!!


At the top of the terraces is a view of Mammoth – the park headquarters and an actual small town.


I think by this 7th day in the park I was ready to move on.  I was tired and ready :)