Karen on September 30th, 2010

Give me another 2 or 3 days and hopefully the quilting will be done!  If I stick at it that is. I have been so busy with outside things too that I haven’t spent more than an hour and a half on quilting today.

This is what is left to quilt:


As you can see it is coming to an end!  Thank goodness I am ready to work on another project.  I have barely touched anything else for a week.  I got the fabric out that I had put aside from this quilt for the binding.  I have the brick red type of color that matches all of the sashing and the gold color background fabric:


Now which would look good for the binding I wonder.  I have enough of either.  Or how about this one – this is the back of the quilt:


I have enough of any of them to use for the biding.  Imagine thin binding of course – not all of this print would be showing of course.  It has the gold and the red in it plus it is the backing.  Opinions please :)

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Karen on September 28th, 2010

I have had quite a few people ask me what is that long thing hanging on my quilting frame numerous times when I have had my quilting frame in a photo.   I thought I would show it close up and tell you about it.


This is made out of wood and it hangs on the bar that runs across the top of the quilting frame which originally was made to hang clamp style lights on.  This Goose Neck Notion holder hangs on this bar and you just gently pull it across to the section you are working on and it holds all of you little tools.

This is how it sets on the bar:


This is what it looks like off of the bar:


My quilting frame is hand crafted from oak.  I bought it back in 1996 from an old gentleman named Gene Turney in Omaha, Arkansas (very near Branson MO).  His shop was called the Turney’s Wood Shop (The Quilting Bee).  I was so pleased with the frame the moment I saw it that I took down all the information about it and then went home and measured the available space I had to see if it would fit.  It would with about 2 feet to spare!!  We drove back up to his shop the next month and I ordered it. He and his shop helper delivered it to me about six weeks later.  He had told me to have a quilt top ready and have batting and backing cut about 6 inches larger than the top and they would walk me through the set up.

A quilting on line friend of mine Joyce (no blog) is from Omaha and she had a frame of his also.  She saw a photo of mine several years back and got in touch with me to find out where I had gotten mine and it turned out it was the same place.  I believe she told me back then that she had lost hers in a house fire?  She also told me that Gene Turney had passed away and the shop was closed – she could not buy another.

So that is the story of my quilt frame – 14 years ago this frame cost me $630 including tax, delivery, and set up.  The goose neck notion holder was a gift that he tossed in with the purchase that he made and included with the price.  It has been a purchase that I have never failed to enjoy and so glad I spent the money on it – I wonder what something like this would cost now – I haven’t a clue.   It is a very sturdy piece of equipment.   It is 11 feet long and 3 feet wide.  It has steel rods for rollers not wood so they never bend.  It is the strongest 3 roller quilting frame I have even seen.

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Karen on September 27th, 2010

I am nearing the finish line for the Christmas quilt!!  Well in hand quilting terms that means maybe one or two more weeks :)  but really the end is very near in sight.  I put in a couple hours of hand quilting this weekend and gave the rollers another turn last night then quilted for another hour before saying enough and went to watch tv in the living room and started to applique on the Red/Green quilt.  That block is going to be a beauty I think.  I really like the flower in the center but I’m not going to show it until I’m done.

Here is what is left to work on the Christmas Quilt:


I would say about another 15 hours of work possibly – a week if my fingers can last otherwise it will be two weeks.  We’ll see how it goes :)  as you can tell I’m getting antsy to get it off of the frame.

I have been really good about not starting new projects and really trying to finish a lot that I already started this year – but I am ready to start working on some easy scrap quilts and get some of these scrap boxes emptied out for next year.

For the remaining months of the year I will finish the Star Crazy BOM and be close (possibly) to finishing the Red and Green Traditional Applique quilt – we will see on that – I might get tired of it and put it aside who can tell.  Other than that I will get the Bow Tie Quilt finished this year also (the top that is).  Remaining projects are the second Dear Jane – Insanity Revisited which I need to make most of the triangles for the border I will be working on that one next year in between other things of course.

The next to go on the large 3 roller frame is the quilt “Going in Circles” (link to photo on that highlighted word) that I made last winter.  Next year I will have a pile of quilt tops waiting in line to quilt so I think other then finishing the quilt tops already started I need to think small and just do some couch size or smaller for awhile.  The scrap pile should be plenty to work with and will have one more year of trying to not buy much in the line of fabric other than backings and background.  I did pretty well with not buying much this year and other than 2 bolts of background neutral fabric, a yard of pink moda marble  & one package of 8 fat quarters I do not remember buying much (fabric that is) – but of course I might be blocking my memory somehow – I’m getting forgetful as I age LOL

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Karen on September 26th, 2010

I just finished one more block.  I picked out one of the easiest last week – I wanted easy for a change :)


Look at this fabric I used for the orange/peachy color:


Occasionally I will use the wrong side of fabric because I like how it looks.  A few years ago I got a good sale at Hancocks of Paducah, they had a fabric called Key West Batiks and they were closing out on them.  I think I got something like 15 half yard cuts for $15 or something like that, I’m not sure on the price or how much fabric – it was at least 3 years or more ago.  Turned out to be a heavier batik than I have normally seen.  In this piece this part of it is orangey colors – on the same cut it is also pink, and greens:


Here is the back side of this section, this is what I used in the appliqué project:


The whole bundle of fabric was wonderful and I still have a lot of it left.  I find that I have been using the back of the fabric more than the front although I did make a whole quilt using the front side of the fabric.  I have been tending to use it a lot for applique now and cutting pieces out here and there were I want a certain mixture of color that these have.  It really turned out that I liked the back of the fabric more than the front – this ever happen to any of you?

I have picked out the next block to make –  I think I might go through some of this same fabric above and see if I can find spots in it that have more yellow for this one – I bet I have a piece that has some pinkish color in it to for the second large center ring of the flower.


It is 62 this morning and windy – a north wind by the feel of it.  It is not a constant wind but nice gusts.  I think when I am outside today I might actually have long sleeves on for a change, we are to only get in the low 70’s today.  I have had the windows yesterday and last night – it feels nice in the house right now.

I’m taking a week or so off from working on the Bow Tie quilt.  I think I have come up with a plan for using my portable design wall.  My quilting frame can be tilted to be in a more upright position and I am almost done with the Christmas quilt that is on it.  I think I will finish that quilt first then when it is empty tilt the frame so it is in a more upright position (I will take a photo then) and stand the design wall up in front of it and place the Bow Tie blocks on it.  It is close to the sewing machine and we all know I do not like to sit for hours sewing.  With the design wall in here I can take my time and not have to walk around the design wall in the living room (and neither will Mike) – I will be able to take my time sewing the blocks and then the rows together and it won’t matter if the quilting frame stands empty for a week or two and it will be nice for me to take my time with it.

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Karen on September 25th, 2010

I feel like I was barely home for the last two days.  On Thursday I drove into North Little Rock to meet my daughter for lunch and shopping.  We went to a Greek place, my son-in-law wanted to come to lunch too so he joined us for short while then he went his way and my daughter and I spent the day wandering from shop to shop.  Mel is the “queen” of bargan shopping.  She loves going through the “Good Will” type of stores and can find bargains like you wouldn’t believe.  She has a jacket that she bought last week at a store called Savers (a used clothing store) that still had the tags on it – it was brand new and someone donated it – the tag said it was $320.00 from Saks Fifth Avenue and she got it for under $10. a really nice black short jacket.   We didn’t find any deals like that on Thursday – I thought I found a good one for a short while a really good pair of jeans that I know sells at $80 and they only wanted $5 and didn’t look like they had even been worn but they were too big and I am not good at altering jeans :(  I did find a new pair of Capri’s on sale at Belks for $4.98 marked down from the original $40 – I grabbed those after I tried them on and they fit!

On Friday I went to the all day quilting group a combination of three different quilting/sewing groups were there.  But it rained and rained and I think a combination of weather and sickness kept some people home so we topped off at 10 people.  Because of that we did all of our sewing in the small room and used the big room next door to lay out all of the quilts to see what people had.

I don’t have names of who made what but here are some of the quilts:





#3, I love this wild looking print of the black, red and white. this one just needs the binding on it now.


#4 another of the same type of design – a lot of times the Friday morning group all work on the same pattern and change little bits here and there to suit them.


#5, this is a mystery quilt that some of the ladies have been working on – I believe there were two more being made at the tables while we were sewing but I didn’t get photos.


#6 – the work area as you can see from the sewing machines.  We ordered pizza and went into the large room next to us to eat.  If we had a larger group we would have set up in that room instead or over flowed into it.  My stuff is in the lower right hand corner.  I brought my little featherweight machine with me and worked on the final 20 blocks for the Bow Tie Medallion.  Glad to report that I am finished with those blocks – now I just need to square them up a little.  Featherweights are quite popular it seems :) (I wonder why :) ) one on both sides of me although one was still in it’s box, I wish I would have remembered to take a photo – she had a pretty lime green painted one.


All of the blocks stuffed in my box – I sure hope I have counted right and they are all here!!  I do not want to cut more but I’m glad to say I still have a little bit of fabric leftover.


All in all it was a good day but I can’t sit and sew all day, my back was killing me by 2 and I was getting stiff, I excused myself and went and got my grocery shopping done as the rain had stopped and got them home and plenty of time to stretch out a bit before we went out to supper.

Today it is working around the house and yard with Mike and I do not know if I will even touch any sewing until this evening!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and happy birthday to those of you who share the same day or very near to it!

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Karen on September 22nd, 2010

I have been really busy this past week working on the bow tie blocks.  I am now done with the large bow tie blocks and need to get the 20 blocks cut that I had miscounted and had run short of and then sew them together.

Here is how I work on these blocks – I do not necessarily like assembly line work but sometimes it is a lot faster to do it that way then work on one block at a time.  I keep all of my colors in order so that each step goes quicker.

First I attach all of the little “knots” for the bow tie:


The long string of work – this will end up making 36 blocks:


Trim the access off and square up if necessary:


Get the assembly line going again.  It makes it much, much easier if you keep your colors stacked up exactly how you need them to assemble the final blocks.


Get busy sewing:


After you get done with this part, press to the color side and using one pin I’m ready for the final steps.


Press the final blocks open and you are done!!


Well  other than the miscounted 20 blocks that I am missing I am done – so that means I am not done! darn it :(  I will bring that fabric and cutting equipment with me on Friday.  Two sewing groups are combining on Friday for an all day sew in at the church where the Friday morning quilters sew – I use to go to that group on a really regular basis, then I got side tracked and have not gone to it in over a year or so – maybe even two at the rate time seems to fly.  The other group meeting is the group that meets the first Thursday night of the month which I go to most every month. I believe that it is possible that some of the guild members might show up too – how many I do not know – I will bring my camera as there are certain to be some nice eye candy to share.

Tomorrow will be a day off of sewing as my daughter that lives in North Little Rock gave me a call and wanted to have a “girl day” – she is off work tomorrow so I am meeting her at her house and we will go to lunch ( a treat for my birthday a day early) and do some shopping.  Better to do it now because as it gets closer to the holidays I do not see much of her as she is one of the assistant managers at J.C.Penney and they work them hard as the holidays get closer!

I will get the design wall out next week and start figuring out color placement and design layout.

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