Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Red & Green Block

by Karen on October 1, 2010

in quilts

First of all before I forget – Happy Birthday to the Best Granddaughter ever –  Ciera – your 8th birthday will be great I’m sure and I hope you like how your mommy has redone your bedroom – glad we got to see you in August.

I picked out a fairly easy block to make this week for this quilt and it was a breeze as some blocks go.  That gives me 6 out of the 12 needed for this quilt (plus an extra large center block of course).

The one that just got done.


All six:


I think I have the next block picked out to make but I will look it over again this weekend.  I might get that block prepped in between other things.

Some help you all were for helping me pick out the color of my binding for the Christmas quilt :) it was 5 for dark brick red(sashing color) and 5 for the backing red with the swirls of gold – none for the background fabric so I think I will be deciding between the two reds!!  I will cut a small piece of each and pin it to the quilt when I am done with the quilting and see which pops out at me the most.

I have the Star Crazy BOM October instructions printed out but they will be put aside to work on until I have finished the Christmas quilt – it will only be put aside for a week or so – I won’t get behind as I’m sure I will finish them this month, just not right now.