Saturday, October 2, 2010

Next quilt for the frame

by Karen on October 2, 2010

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Some have asked what is going on the quilting frame next and did I have a top ready – always one waiting in line!  Just as I almost get caught up I fall behind :) Don’t we all?  By the end of the year I will have 1 for sure queen size ready and waiting in line (the Bow Tie Medallion quilt top)  and possibly two more by January or February – (the Star Crazy BOM and the Red and Green Traditional Applique, both queen size also).  Then I for sure need to get back to the second Dear Jane quilt – Insanity Revisited – I will have taken a long break from it and will need to get the border triangles finished.

Here is the next quilt hanging over the quilting frame right now.  I’m letting the wrinkles start to shake loose.  It has been folded up in a plastic zip bag (I keep those plastic bags with zippers on them that sheets and things come in) since last winter.  I think I finished it last January? somewhere around there anyhow – maybe March?

Here are several photos of it waiting for me to quilt it.  It’s a big one – I believe 100 x 100?  maybe an inch or more bigger.


and other:


and the corners:


This quilt is machine pieced with needle turn applique for the circles and waving vines– the circles are as I showed on a circle tutorial that is on my side bar if you want to look at it.  You get perfect circles which I then needle turn in place.  The quilting should go smoothly on this one.  I am not planning anything fancy but I can tell already that it will be one of my favorites for me to keep and enjoy – I love scrap quilts with white fabric – it will fit on my bed.  I am using the lightweight Quilters Dream Request Loft 100% cotton batting to quilt it.  I have my backing fabric ordered and should be arriving any day now.  It is in an aqua color – which I hope will match closely with the light aqua that is on the strip border and the same color is scattered throughout the quilt in the squares.

I have the binding machine sewed on the Christmas quilt and I will be hand stitching the binding down on the back over the next couple of days.  This is not a really large quilt – it is about 70 x 70.  I am not sure where I will put it for the holidays – I do not have a lot of large wall space.  One spot is a possibility in the living room hanging on the wall the couch is in front of – only problem is the bottom 8 inches or so will be in back of the couch, but so far I think that will be the best place to put it.  We will see!


Done quilting!

by Karen on October 2, 2010

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I had a half an hour left of quilting on the Christmas quilt to do today and I got it finished.  I have it off of the frame and y’all can wait to see a photo until the binding is done and it is washed.  I plan on getting to work on that this evening and for the next several days.

Thanks for all the opinions on the binding.  After thinking it over I cut a strip of both of the red colors and pined them to the top to see what it looks like and I prefer the one that matches the sashing – it just kind of pulled it together.  If I had used the backing fabric for some of the applique it would have looked good but because it was no where on the top I didn’t care for it as much.  I really liked hearing your opinions and the reason you would chose the color that you did – it helped in my decision.

I’m glad to be done quilting on this quilt and in the next day or two I will get my portable design wall put together and start playing with the arrangement of the Bow Tie Medallion quilt and get that top finished and put away to wait in line to be quilted.